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Miscellaneous Stock from TK's Toy Stand! Mohair Teddy Bears, Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears, & more!

[Image Emma & Ellie Gund Barton's Creek Set]

Gund Barton's Creek Emma & Ellie Set. Designed by Rosalie Frischmann. $84.95. Sold out!

Emma is an Angelic 14" Teddy Bear: Fully jointed; pellets; suede paw pads; simulated mohair; french embroidery thread.

Ellie is a playful & curious 6" Kitty Cat. Fully jointed; wobble joints; suede paw pads; simulated mohair; french embroidery thread. Ellie is the cat's meow! So soft and cuddly, you'll swear she's purrrfect.

[Image Bolivar Teddy Bear Barton's Creek Gund]

Gund Barton's Creek Bolivar Teddy Bear. He's accompanied by his own miniature teddy bear and wears a charming green top.

Bolivar is a 16" Gund Bear. Designed by Lenore DeMent. Features suede pawpads, simulated mohair, french embroidery thread, pellet filled, and fully jointed. This Teddy Bear is wearing flannel pajamas and a nightcap and comes with a small teddy bear and an antique finish resin top toy. Limited to 4,800 pieces. $74.95.

[Image Tosha & Tiggs Barton's Creek Gund Set]

Gund Barton's Creek Tosha Teddy Bear & Tiggs Rabbit Set. Sold out!

Tosha is dressed in blue with a white floral pinafore and bow and is joined by her rabbit Tiggs. Tosha is a 22" Teddy Bear and Tiggs is a 9" Rabbit. Designed by Rosalie Frischmann. Features suede pawpads, simulated mohair, french embroidery thread, pellet filled, & fully jointed.  Limited to 1,000 pieces.

One Set Only!

Classic Collecticritters Jewel Series 5 Teddy Bears - limited to 10,000 - $87.50 set

"Limited Edition" embroidered in black thread on one foot of each Teddy Bear! Overstuffed with beans. Each measures 9.5 inches tall. Also includes are Collector Trading Cards #11-15. This was the first set ever made in this Jewel Series for Classic Collecticritters. Not sure if it was ever continued. Year 1999. Each comes with hangtag protected in plastic tags. Each numbered.

  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Amber
  • Topaz
  • Turquoise

Most items shown below are by Ensemble which is a Hallmark Company! These are retired USPS Celebrate the Century products from Gift Shows!

[Image Teddy Bear USPS Keychain 50034]

Celebrate the Century Teddy Bear Keychain USPS. This Keychain came out to celebrate the stamp history 1900-2000 from the U.S. Post Office. Mint on cards. If you love Teddy Bears this is a fun one to collect! From 1998. $16.95 each. (sold out!)

[Image Teddy Bear Magnet USPS]

Celebrate the Century Teddy Bear Magnet USPS. This Magnet came out to celebrate the stamp history 1900-2000 from the U.S. Post Office. Mint on cards. If you love Teddy Bears this is a fun one to collect! Nice and large magnet! From 1998. $16.95 each. ( in stock)

[Image USPS Teddy Bear Metal Buttons Set #70022]

Celebrate the Century Teddy Bear Metal Buttons Set. Contains 2 Teddy Bear Buttons Mint on Card. From 1998. $19.95. (in stock)

[Image USPS Teddy Bear Jumbo Bookmarks #90016]

Celebrate the Century Teddy Bear Jumbo Bookmarks. Contains: 6 Jumbo Bookmarks (2 each of 3 designs). $19.95. (in stock)

[Image Teddy Bear Collectible Pin USPS]

Celebrate the Century Teddy Bear Pin USPS. This Pin came out to celebrate the stamp history 1900-2000 from the U.S. Post Office. Mint on card. If you love Teddy Bears this is a fun one to collect! From 1998. $14.95 each. (in stock)

[Image Mohair Sebastian Teddy Bear Kit by Pam Holton]

Sebastian - a 10 inch Old Fashioned Bear Kit. Sebastian & Cable Knit Sweater Pattern included! By Pam Holton Designs; individual originals! You get the Mohair Fabric, Bead Eyes, Perle Cotton, Washers, Cotter Pins. You will need Polyester Fiberfill or Pellets & optional 3" Doll Needle for Eyes.

For the sweater you will need sport weight yarn and #4 or #6 needles.

Last kit left in stock! $59.95.

[Image Calvin Mohair Teddy Bear]

Calvin Mohair Canterbury Fine English Teddy Bear. He is entirely made of a lt. rosy-brown semi-long mohair with brown eyes, brown floss nose and mouth, lt. brown leather pawpads, and wears a leather collar. This traditional English jointed bear is hand crafted in workshops near the ancient walled city of Canterbury. Bears are made to last a lifetime and you will find that they make faithful dependable and loving friends. They are quite simply unique in the bear world. Calvin is a limited edition bear of 300 pieces. He comes in a numbered box and the bottom of one of his footpads is numbered and a sash that says Canterbury Bears England 1995. On the other footpad is signed "The Blackburns". Presented by Maude & John Blackburn; made for the Spiegel Christmas catalog for year 1994/1995.

Only removed from box for IMAGE. $299.95. He measures about 13.5 inches tall and comes with his tags & his travel box

[Image Spats Teddy Bear by Julia Rueger Exclusively Yours]

Spats Mohair Teddy Bear by Julia Rueger. Limited to 500 pieces, Numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Spats is the local reporter. Everyday his little friend, Robin, comes and tells him all the news of the day. When someone asks Spats how he gets his information, he smiles and says, "a little bird told me so!"

Since this was shipped without a robin bird which may have been part of his package we have reduced the price in half.

By Julia Rueger for Exclusively Yours. $49.95; sold out!


Dean's Collectors Club Membership Pin Badge (Maroon & Gold) from 1997, The Dean's Times Autumn 1997, The Club Reporter Issue 10, July 1997, Dean's 1997 Catalog, Membership information introducing Horace Teddy Bear, The Dean's Rag Book Company Complete Series of 16 Postcards for year 1997:
  • Rufus & Jimmy Bean, No. 01
  • Welsh Lady (Maid of Wales)
  • Branigan (A Good Read)
  • Mr. Mainwaring
  • Philip & Eddie (Dear Mum......)
  • Little Rascal & Tug (Conkering Heroes)
  • Tom, Dick, & Harry (The Last Drop!)
  • Sam & Bruno
  • Alex & Kevin (United Fans)
  • Lloyd, Stefan and Paul & Timmy (Watch the Teddy!)
  • Lloyd (Here's To You!)
  • Joey the Clown
  • Stefan by Candlelight
  • Barry and Yellow Bear (Always Together)
  • Grandma Doris, Grandpa Terry, Buttons & Mini Eddie (Bedtime Stories)
  • Geoff & Geraldine (Thanks A Bunch!)

[Small image of item]

This pure snow white Teddy Bear comes in the most wonderful tin! It shows the Teddy Bear in the snow with a fox, squirrel, mouse, birds, raccoon, bunnies, penguins, reindeer, porcupine, more teddy bears, and more animals. They are having fun in the snow!! This teddy bear comes with a knitted scarf of red and green and he has flexible legs to display or even put away in his tin when the winter season is over! He measures about 17 inches tall. The tin measures about inches tall and comes in a box in average shape. It says Cuddly Collectibles on his sewn tag and on the top of the tin. He feels so very soft and cuddly!!! He has a big black nose and black/maroon eyes. $39.95 ea. (in stock)

[Small Image of Theodora Bear]

Theodora Cameo Dement Teddy Bear Ashton Drake

This is Theodora Cameo Dement Teddy Bear. She is a first teddy bear issue in the Yesterday's Bears collection that was designed by Lenore Dement and hand-crafted under the hallmark of Gallery Teddy Bears (Ashton-Drake Galleries).

She is jointed in five places, and created from Ashton-Drake's own exclusive fur that duplicates the look and feel of well-worn mohair. In fact, you'll even find places where it appears that some of her fur has been "loved" right off! The nose and mouth are hand-stitched. She comes in a wonderful black/tan checked dress with velvety collar and faux cameo pin attached. She also has a velvety bow on her head between her 2 big ears. She is too gorgeous for words! She is fully jointed, with moveable arms, legs, and head so you can pose her in many different ways. Much like a treasure that might be found in Grandma's attic, comes a new generation of teddy bears filled with old-fashioned charm. Comes with a little story about her and a numbered certificate of authenticity. Comes in original white plain box and only removed for this picture; new and mint. She is about 17 inches tall. $74.95. Box is in near mint condition. Did not come with a Stand. $49.95; sold out!

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