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Boyds Musical Globes - great gift idea for any time of the year or for the Holidays. Globes are clear in color; colors shown are a reflection in the glass.
  • [Image Boyds Mary Patricia Music Resin #270620]Mary & Patricia Cross Stitch Musical Water Globe #B270620; 5.75"H. Celebrate friendship with these two lil' cross stitching friends who have the spirit of what it means to be friends all sewn up! Features warm messages of friendship and a wind up music box that plays "Clair De Lune" Great gift for a cross stitching friend! Retired!
  • [Image Santa Bear Globe Boyds #270523]Santa Bear with Jingle, Jangle and Joe...Northpole Pastimes Water Globe #B270523 - Tune: "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" A wonderful globe to display at Christmas time! Inside Santa and his elves enjoy a ride on a candy cane seesaw (rocks back and forth!). Details include a snowy base and candy cane fences! 5.5"H. Retired!
  • [Image Boyds Bethany Sanditoes Globe #270574]Bethany Sanditoes...A Day At The Beach Water Globe #B270574 - Tune: "Happy Days Are Here Again" - For those who love the seashore! This water globe features a silver sand bucket base with starfish rim and, inside, a lil' bear cub dressed in sailor suit and building a sand castle. Give it a shake to fill the globe with iridescent sparkles. 5.75"H. Retired!
  • [Image Boyds Billy Bearyproud Globe #270528]Billy Bearyproud (All In A Day's Work!) #B270528 - Tune: "The Star Spangled Banner" - They may be some big shoes to fill...but one day Billy knows he's going to be a soldier just like his ol' dad! Wind-up musical waterball plays "The Star Spangled Banner." 5 5/8"H. Retired!
  • [Image Boyds St. Nickleberry Globe #270525]St. Nickleberry with Atlas (Christmas Time Is Here) #B270525 - Tune: "Toyland" - While we're sure ol' Santa appreciates the navigational help...we'd be he's rather not have the extra load in his bag of goodies! Wind-up music box waterball plays "Toyland." Retired!

[Image Mom Bearybake Bearstone #270526 Boyds]

Momma Bearybake with Cookie Bearstones for All Occasions "For Mom...Cuz She's The Greatest". Gingerbread house-shaped musical waterball brings back warm and delicious memories of helpin' mom make all those yummy holiday treats...and sneakin' one fresh from the oven! Wind-up music box plays "My Favorite Things." 6 3/8"H.

Boyds #B270526; Retired!

[Image Boyds Audrey Fallsbeary Resin #228457]

Audrey Fallsbeary... Quiet Time Bearstone Fall Autumn. Spend a few peaceful moments with Audrey as she swings away on a bright and crisp autumn afternoon! Order #B228457; 7.5"H. Retired!

[Image Boyds Audrey Fallsbeary Globe #270527]

Audrey Fallsbeary Bearstone Musical. Swing the day away with Audrey on a bright and crisp autumn afternoon! Wind-up musical waterball plays "Beautiful Dreamer." Order #B270527; 5.5"H. Retired!

[Image Liz Bearsley Globe Boyds #270612]

Elizabeth Bearsley Water Globe #B270612 - Tune: "English Country Garden" Bring your love of gardening indoors no matter what the season! Waterball features a well-watered garden with proud gardener Elizabeth. Wind-up music box plays "English Country Garden." 6.25"H.

Boyds #B270612; Retired!

[Image Elizabeth Bearsley #2277940 Boyds]

Elizabeth Bearsley Garden Time Bearstone. Take a lil' time to stop and smell the flowers! A charmingly detailed garden scene that brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Bearstones for All Occasions - For Those With Green Thumbs. Cold cast resin; 4.75"H.

Order #B2277940; Retired!; sold out!

[Image Elizabeth Bearsley Garden Boyds #27770]

Elizabeth Bearsley Garden Time Votive (Bearstones for All Occasions For Those With Green Thumbs). Aglow with pride over her beautiful flowers! It's Boyds resident gardenin' bear Elizabeth and she's brought a big ol' buncha garden beauty indoors with a glass votive holder for you to burn your favorite candles in. 3.25"H.

Order #B27770; Retired!; sold out!

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