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[Image J.B. Bearyproud Votive Holder Boyds #27768]

front view

[Image J.B. Bearyproud Votive Holder #27768 Boyds]

back view

J. B. Bearyproud and Pals...United We Stand Patriotic Bearstone Votive Holder. "Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong." - James Bryce. 3"H.

A precious votive holder with a patriotic twist! This accessory features intricately sculpted figures and is a great piece to display during patriotic holidays and special occasions! $24.95 each.

Order #B27768 - Boyds Collection! Sold Out!

[Boyds Breezy Pastime B228436]

Becky and Benji... Breezy Pastime Patriotic Boyds Bearstone. 5 1/8" tall. "The most important thing in our lives is what we are doing now." - Anonymous.

Becky and Benji are flying a kite of red, white and blue; flag flutters.

This precious Americana piece will warm your heart! Becky is helping her lil' one fly an American flag kite. Just give the flag a tap to watch it flutter!

Order #B228436 - $18.95 ea.; sold out!

[Boyds Yankee Doodlebeary B228436]

Yankee Doodlebear... Stars & Stripes Forever Patriotic Boyds Bearstone. 2 7/8" tall. "God Bless America" - Irving Berlin.

Yankee's proud to be a Bear in America! This patriotic piece is just right for folks in the armed services and any person who's feelin' the patriotic spirit!

Order #B2277921 - $13.95 ea.; sold out!

[Boyds Bearmerican I Pledge AllegianceB227787]

Sammy Bearmerican... I Pledge Allegiance Patriotic Boyds Bearstone. 4" tall. "No one loves his country for its size or eminence, but because it is his own." - Seneca.

Sammy's proud to be a Bearmerican and so grateful to live in the land of the free and the brave! This little Bearstone is stoppin' to say the Pledge of Allegiance and wears red, white, and blue wherever he goes!

Order #B227787 - $17.95 ea.; sold out!

[Boyds Yankee Doodlebear Ornament B257048]

Yankee Doodlebear Christmas Resin Bearstone Patriotic Ornament. 3" tall. Create a patriotic tree with this adorable ornament, which features a patriotic bear cub seated on top of an antique-style Americana drum.

Order #B257048 - $16.95 ea.- RETIRED

[Image Russ McBearsley Bearstone #2277948 Boyds]

Russ Q. McBearsley... Unsung Hero Fireman Bearstone. 4.5"H. For some folks, touchin' lives is just all part of a day's work...they don't do it because they're lookin' to be heros...they do it because they're special...and that's what makes 'em worthy of bein' heros!

All In A Day's Work Resin Series. Boyds Collection!

Order #B2277948; $16.50 ea.; sold out!

[Image GI Bruin Stand Up for Freedom #228387 Boyds]

Boyds GI McBruin...Stand Up For Freedom Soldier Bearstone. 4"H. "We defend and we build a way of life, not for America alone, but for all mankind." Franklin D. Roosevelt.

A tribute to our American heroes here and overseas! This brave Bearstone is protecting libearty wherever he goes...a great gift for your favorite G.I.! Features include an inspirational quote on the base!

All In A Day's Work Resin Series. Boyds Collection!

Order #B228387; $19.95 ea.

[Image Honor Bearstone]

Boyds McBruin...To Serve with Honor Soldier Bearstone. 5.25"H. "Let us have faith that right makes might; and in that faith let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it." Abe Lincoln.

A great piece to give your favorite folks in the armed services! McBruin is ready to defend freedom and is flanked by the American flag.

All In A Day's Work Resin Series. Boyds Collection!

Order #B2277923; $29.95 ea.

[Image EMT Bearstone]

Boyds E.M.T. Bearsley with Carey...To The Rescue Bearstone. 4"H.

Carey took a lil' spill and E.M.T. is bandaging the boo-boo! This Bearstone, a great way to thank an emergency professional, is dressed in an E.M.T. uniform with medical bag-he's lettin' Carey play with the stethoscope to calm her nerves!

All In A Day's Work Resin Series. Boyds Collection!

Order #B228416; sold out!

[Image Boyds Mike Rescuebear #903110]

Mike B. Rescuebear Thinkin' of Ya Series Hardworkin' Folks - Boyds Collection! Rescue the heart of a special EMT with Mike B. Rescuebear, a rust bear with an embroidered EMT sweatshirt and a medical kit! Order #B903110; $16.95 ea.

[Image Hero Bearstone]

Boyds Patrick and His Hero...When I Grow Up Fireman Bearstone. 4.25"H. "Nurture your minds with great thoughts, to believe in the heroic makes heroes." Disraeli.

Celebrate your local fireman with this special Bearstone(r) tribute piece, which features a firefighter showin' a lil tyke the ropes...set on a sculpted "cobblestone" base! Celebrate your local fireman with this special Bearstone(r) tribute piece, which features a firefighter showin' a lil tyke the ropes...set on a sculpted "cobblestone" base!

All In A Day's Work Resin Series. Boyds Collection!

Order #B227796; RETIRED; ; sold out!

[Boyds Kringlebear B919832]

Samuel T. Kringlebear with George "Mocha Santa Stocking Bear". 16 inches tall. Fall 2004 Limited Edition.
  • A patriotic set that complements collections of Americana!
  • Samuel wears a quilted Americana coat with faux-fur trim, a thermal top, striped pants, and a removable Santa beard.
  • Samuel's Americana stocking holds George, a mini bear friend!
  • Set comes with numbered hang tag complete with VP of Stuff Liz Smith's signature stamp!

Order #B919832 - $59.95 ea. - Boyds Collection! RETIRED

Cookie Jars

Boyds Cookie Jars - All Cookie Jars shown are Retired!
  • [Image Cinnabar Boyds Cookie Jar #62435]Cinnabar Cookie Jar - 11 inches tall; Sturdy stoneware jar is dishwasher-, microwave-, oven-, and freezer-safe. Elegant design is so versatile-use in the kitchen or as home decor! Boyds Cinnabar Tabletop Collection. #B62435.
  • [Image Boyds Bears Garden Cookie Jar #810007]Bears in the Garden Cookie Jar - 10.5 inches tall; Inspired by vintage pottery and decorative vases, this cookie jar features a "grass"-covered lid with bear topper and a filigree and flower-decked jar with scalloped rim. Hand wash only. Bears in the Garden Collection. #B810007.
  • [Image Kitty Cookie Jar Boyds #810307]Kitty Cookie Jar - 11 inches tall; Stash sand tarts and sugar cookies in this handy ceramic jar-pull the tail-shaped handle to pop off the lid! Hand wash only. Boyds Home for Springtime; Here Kitty Collection. #B810307. ; sold out!
  • [Image Homespun Boyds Cookie Jar #85545]Homespun Cookie Jar - This vintage-style design deserves a prominent spot in any kitchen! Shaped like a Two-Story House. 6"Wx11"H. Stoneware design features script on base that reads: "May the song of love and laughter fill your heart and home." Boyds Home for Springtime; Ticking Collection. #B85545; sold out!
  • [Image Leaf & Berry Boyds Cookie Jar #86609]Leaf & Berry Relief Cookie Jar - 11.5 inches tall; This high-glaze crackled stoneware jar features a leaf and berry embossed design and a unique scalloped pumpkin design! Boyds Home for Fall & Winter; Harvest Collection. #B86609.

[Image Boyds Pear Tree Teapot #65623]

Under the Pear Tree Teapot

7"W x 4"D x 5"H.

Holds two cups of tea! Time for tea with pear tarts, hearty harvest bread, and pear jam!

This ceramic two-cup tea pot features a hand-painted pear design and complements pieces from the Boyds Under the Pear Tree collection!

#654623 - Retired; sold out!

[Image Boyds Pear Tree Bowls Set #65625]

Under the Pear Tree Bowls (set of 3)

1 - 1.5"H. These ceramic nesting bowls are hand-painted and designed for display with our Under The Pear Tree friends!

#654625 - Retired; $15.95 set

[Image Boyds Pear Tree Cup/Saucer Set #65624]

Under the Pear Tree Cup / Saucer  9 piece Set

Cup 3"W, Saucer 4" dia. Displayer 7"H.

Hand-painted! Grab a seat and enjoy a cup of hot tea with friends from our Under The Pear Tree Collection.

This set features four hand-painted mini tea cups and saucers, displayed in a wire rack.

#654624 - Retired

[Image Cup Boyds]

Caffeina's Cuppa Joe House - 3.5"H

A Roadside Coffee Shop Resin piece with a wonderful figure inside.

Each cottage includes removable lid, miniature bear character, & inspirational message on the inside.

Need a shot of caffeine to keep you alert while yer travelin' cross-country? Make a pit stop at Caffeina's coffee shop on Route 33 1/3.

This coffee mug-shaped eatery features a coffee bean-covered roof and potted flowers and greenery overflowin' from the window boxes!

Smellin' a smoky brew? Lift off the roof to find Caffeina herself raisin' her mugga Joe for a toast!

Back of collectible box reads:

Travel a little down yonder, past ol' man Peterson's petrol station, and you'll come across a fork in the road. Travel due west and yer on the bypass, veer right and yer headed down Route 33 1/3... ya may not get yer kicks, but you'll save a bundle on the toll! Things aren't what they seem on Route 33 1/3... if you have time for a leisurely drive (ya better, 'cause the speed limit's only 25!), you'll notice odd cottages along yer way... roadside attractions that stop folks dead in their tracks! Like what? Houses shaped like apples and fire hydrants, a wedding chapel with a service book roof, and even a bakery built in the shape of a three-tiered birthday cake! Inside of each dwelling lives a little Bearstone (lift the figure out to read the special message chiseled in the floorboards!) Welcome to Route 33 1/3... a road that gets ya nowhere quick but is well worth the trip!

Hand-cast; hand-painted House; Boyds #19907 - RETIRED!

[Image Stove Boyds]

Aunt Becky's Cast Iron Stove with Biscuit McNibble - Resin 2"W x 2.25"H.

Each box includes a lift-out tray, inspirational message on inside lid, McNibble mouse character, & tons of nifty details. Aunt Becky's bakin' up a holiday treat! This old-fashioned cast iron stove pops open to reveal a special bakin' message on the inside lid; a lift-out tray filled with baking supplies; and, underneath, Biscuit McNibble, a chef mouse stirrin' his own secret cheese-filled batter.

Uncle Bean's Treasure Box. Outside of box says: (The Risks Involved... We wouldn't feel right passin' things off as pretty (harmless) collectibles without tellin' you the inside scoop. Yer takin' a risk by bringin' the McNibbles into yer home. They're mischievous little mice who Live in wonderful little resin boxes. But they can venture out the tiny hole in the back... and we can't predict what they'll get into next.)

Other side of outside box says: (So Whattaya Do With These Things? Don't have a place to store those little do-dads, thingamajigs, and whozeewhats? Well there's always room for Treasure Boxes... whimsical hinged boxes designed with all the detail of our larger resin figures. Peek inside to find the stars of our show, members of the McNibbles family, who chew their way out of each and every box we put them in!)

Boyds #392130 - RETIRED!

[Small Image Ryan Post-It Note Holder]

Bubba's Gumball Machine with Bubbles McNibble. Resin 2"W x 3.25"H. Each box includes a lift-out tray, inspirational message on inside lid, McNibble mouse character inside, & tons of nifty details.

A lil' mini masterpiece! This adorable gumball opens to reveal a mini mouse, blowin' a record-breakin' bubble!

Order #B392134

[Image Basket Boyds]

Julia's Gourmet Basket. 4"W x 5"h. Resin decor. Got alotta fancy spatulas, spoons, and other nifty kitchen gadgets that you don't want to lose? Stash them in this fancy resin utensil holder, which is sculpted to look like basket weave and features a bakin' bear swinging from the handle.

Julia is sitting on the handle mixing something in a bowl with a bag of flour next to her!

The whole Basket is Resin. The bottom right decor shows a Boyds Diner Menu (Roasted Viddles w/Bearnase Sauce, Lumpy's Mashed Taters, Honey Glazed Carrots, Bluebeary Pie).

The bottom of the Basket says: "It's bad manners to talk with your mouth full, except when you're praising your Hostess' cooking." Anonymous.

Goes great with the Resin Recipe Box we have listed above named "Boyds Mixter's Bear Favorite Recipes"

This wonderful Resin Basket can hold Napkins, Measuring Spoons, Plastic Utensils, Kitchen Gadgets.

What a great Collectible for Kitchen Decor! Same quality as other Boyds Bearstones! $29.95 ea.

Order #B4117; RETIRED!

  • [Image Sally's Basket Boyds #4118]Sally's Catch-All Basket Around the House Kitchen Aides #B4118 - The perfect place to store your car keys, loose change, and other lil' items you need to keep close at hand. This catch-all basket features a sweet lil' Boyds Bear propped on top! 7"H x 4"W. $26.95 ea. Retired!
  • [Image Travis Boyds Tea Light #651351]Travis... Green Acres - Around the House "The Tart Bearies" #B651351 - The perfect accessory for your country kitchen! This sturdy ceramic tart burner features a distressed finish and Boyds farmin' artwork; will hold one tea light (not included). 4"H. $14.95 ea. Retired!
  • [Image Carolyn Tea Light Boyds #651352]Carolyn... Backyard Friends Are Best - Around the House "The Tart Bearies" #B651352 - A colorful addition to your home decor. This floral tart burner is made of sturdy ceramic and features a distressed finish and a Boyds gardenin' artwork. Will hold one tea light (not included). 4"H. $14.95 ea. Retired!

[Image Basket Boyds]

Hannah's Catch-All Basket. 2.25"W x 5"H. Perfect gifts for Teachers, & Hard-Workin' Professionals. Notes, paper clips, tape measurer, safety pins, a few chocolates to tied you over during the work day...keep 'em safe and sound in this hand-sculpted resin desk basket, which is topped with a hard-workin' Boyds Bear, checkin' her list of things to do!

Resin Basket; lid with a Teacher at the top. Bottom of basket reads: "I have a simple philosophy. Fill what's empty Empty what's full" - Alice Roosevelt Longfellow. The Teacher holds a "To Do Today List" & a Pencil.

Order #B4122 - Retired!

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