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Thinkin' of Ya

Boyds "Thinkin' of Ya" Series Teddy Bears

[Image Carin Angelmom Thinkin' of Ya #903200]

Carin Angelmom

Carin, a tribute to Moms, features a buttercream coat of plush, gold-thread-quilted wings, a bit of bean filling, and a gold satin ribbon bow, and holds a "Moms Are Angels In Disguise" embroidered velvet heart pillow. 8"H.

#B903200 @$19.99 ea. - Retired!

[Image Bestest Teacher Boyds #903112]

Bestest Teacher Thinkin' Of Ya Series - For Life's Special Moments School Dayz. Let your favorite teacher know you think they're the pick of the bunch with a gold bear holding a '#1 Teacher" apple pillow!

#B903112 @$19.99 ea. Retired!

[Image Ashley Tippytoes Boyds Bear #903111]

Ashley K. Tippytoes Thinkin' of Ya Series - For Life's Special Moments Other Special Moments. Cast the spotlight on that special ballerina with Ashley K. Tippytoes, a white bear with a pink ballet outfit.

#B903111 @$19.99 ea.

[Image Boyds Mike Rescuebear #903110]

Mike B. Rescuebear Thinkin' of Ya Series Hardworkin' Folks. Rescue the heart of a special EMT with Mike B. Rescuebear, a rust bear with an embroidered EMT sweatshirt and a medical kit!

#B903110 @$19.99 ea. - Retired!

[Image Boyds Sammy Stork #903107]

Sammy Stork - Thinkin' of Ya Series - For Yer Family... For Mom & Baby.

Sammy's bringing the lil' bundle to someone special!

White stork holds a bundle with a lil' baby Boyds Bear in his bill.

Sammy is about 10" tall with dangly legs; Baby is about 3.5" tall.

What a great Baby Show gift; gift for New Mother or Mom-to-Be!

#B903107 @$19.99 ea. Retired!

[Image Momma Bundles w/Joy Boyds #903106]

Momma Bundles with Joy - Thinkin' of Ya Series - For Yer Family... Just for Mom!

Celebrate a momma's love!

Momma Bundles is a gold bear in a plaid jumper holding Joy in a "Bundle of Joy" bib.

#B903106 @$19.99 ea.; sold out!

[Image Mary & Beth Boyds Bears #903105]

Mary and Beth - Thinkin' of Ya Series - For Life's Special Moments Other Special Moments.

When you've finally found that special friend, let 'em know your're lookin' forward to a long relationship with this pair of bears featuring an embroidered mini message quilt!

"A friend is like a four leaf clover - hard to find... lucky to have"

They are sewn together with their arms around each other's backs; each with a bow at their ears! Jointed. Each about 6" tall.

#B903105 @$24.99 ea.

[Image Friend Lee Bear Boyds #903104]

Friend Lee Bear Thinkin' of Ya Series - For Life's Special Moments Other Special Moments. Tell a good friend that they've touched a special place with this mixed taupe bear with a mini embroidered message quilt. #B903104 @$19.99 ea. - Retired!

[Image Miss Caresforall Thinkin' of Ya #903098]

Miss Caresforall

Some folks just have that special sumptin' that makes 'em good with the wee ones! Let that special person know ya think they're great. 8"H jointed rust bear holds pillow with "Daycare Extraordinaire" embroidery.

#B903098 @$19.99 ea. - Retired!

[Image Gramps & Grams Thinkin' of Ya #903097]

Gramps and Grams

Who can ya always turn to when ya need 'em? Uh-huh...Gramps and Grams. Let your grandparents know how special ya think they are! Set of two 6"H bears hold "World's Greatest Grandparents" award ribbon. 6"H.

#B903097 @$24.99 ea. - Retired!

[Image Smiley B. Bear Boyds #903094]

Smiley B. Bear - 8" tall; For that special someone!

Jointed light brown chenille bear holds embroidered felt card that reads "You make my heart smile..." Life's Special Moments Series.

#B903094 @$19.99 ea.

[Image Momma Homespun Thinkin' of Ya #903091]

Momma Homespun - A lil' reminder, no matter where you live, of where your home (and heart) really is! 8"H.

Jointed light gold bear holds a house-shaped pillow with "Home is Where Your Mom is" embroidery.

#B903091 @$19.99 ea.

[Image Nurse Trueheart Thinkin' of Ya #903075]

Nurse Trueheart

A special thank-you for your favorite healthcare professional! Our mocha nurse bear wears a paw-print jacket, a "#1 Nurse" T-shirt, and pantaloons (Updated and modern uniform design reflects current healthcare fashions!). 8"H.

#B903075 @$19.99 ea.

[Image Granny B. Bear Thinkin' of Ya #903074]

Granny B. Bear

A great gift to give Grandma (the least you could do for all those wonderful hugs, heartwarming stories, and fresh-from-the-oven sugar cookies!). This light beige bear features a floral-print ear bow with flower button and a floral-print message square with "Beary Best Grandma" embroidery! 8"H.

#B903074 @$19.99 ea.

[Image Live Well Bear Boyds #903073]

Happy Livewell Teddy Bear. He holds a big heart that says: "Live well, Laugh often, Love much". Special Occasions Teddy Bears series.

Made of cotton chenille. 8" H.

A simple country bear to brighten someone's day! Happy, a brown cotton chenille bear, features gingham paw pads to match his cheery bow and comes with an embroidered message heart!

#B903073 @$19.99 ea.

[Image Boyds Hug Me Bear #903069]

Hug-A-Me Teddy Bear. Comes in a purple/blue sweater that says: "A HUG can turn your day around". Special Occasions Teddy Bears series. 8" H.

Hug-A-Me knows how to turn that frown upside down! This mocha bear wears a sweatshirt embroidered with the special message, "A Hug Can Turn your Day Around!"

#B903069 @$19.99 ea. Retired!

[Image Mom & Baby Hugs Thinkin' of Ya #903058]

Mom and Baby Hugs

For Mom's Day, a baby shower, or just to warm Mom's heart! 8"H.

This rust bear features a floral print ear bow and sundress and blue bloomers and holds her mini baby bear with a satin-trimmed "Mom and Me" embroidered bib.

#B903058; sold out!

[Image Boyds Bea A. Goodfriend Bear #903067]

Bea A. Goodfriend Teddy Bear. Holds a pillow that says: "Olde Friends". Special Occasions Teddy Bears series. 8" H.

Bea knows that old friends are the very best friends! This scruffy brown, mohair-style bear holds a plaid "Old Friends" message square.

#B903067 @$19.99 ea. - Retired!

[Small Image Miss Understood Teacher Bear]

Miss Understood Teacher Teddy Bear. Off-White Teddy Bear; 12"H.

In honor of National Teacher Day in May...features "#1 Teacher" heart embroidery! Instead of an apple, give the teach' this sweet lil' bear. Our cream teachin' bear features a plaid ear bow, an ol' fashioned teacher's dress, and tan pantaloons with "#1 teacher" heart embroidery.

Boyds Thinkin' Of Ya Series; For Life's Special Moments; School Dayz

#B903066; Retired!; sold out!

[Boyds Angie B. Loved Think Ya #903059]

Angie B. Loved "Daughters are Angels" Teddy Bear.

White sparkle bear features purple star-print quilted wings and a satin ribbon bow and holds a satin star with "Daughters are Angels" embroidery. 8" tall & poseable.

#B903059 @$19.99 ea.

[Image U. Bee Happy Boyds Bear #903055]

U. Bee Happy - 8" tall; Ya can't help but smile when you receive U. Bee Happy, a bee bear that's spreadin' good vibes wherever he goes!

This sweet bee features posable antennae, a shaved muzzle, velvet posable wings, and black velvet paw pads, and holds a velvet "Bee Happy" embroidered honey pot. Life's Special Moments Series.

#B903055 @$19.99 ea.

[Image Manny Thanks Thinkin' of Ya #903053]

Manny Thanks "Thank you from the bottom of my heart" Show yer gratitude with Manny Thanks, a light gold bear who holds an embroidered corduroy heart and features a bit of bean fillin' in his belly. 8"H.

#B903053 @$19.99 ea.; sold out!.

[Image Ima Late Thinkin' of Ya #903048]

Ima Late "Baby on board" Give the mommy-to-be a big chuckle with Ima Late, a mixed gold bear expectin' a lil' cub any day now! She features a floral-print bow, an appliqued sweatshirt, and pants. 8"H.

#B903048 @$19.99 ea.

[Image Miss Muffin Boyds]

Lil' Miss Muffin - "Professions & Pastimes" Mocha Plush Teddy Bear.

8"H, holds a kitchen mitt and her apron says: What's Cookin'.

Thank a great cook in the family with Lil' Miss Muffin, a cinnamon bear that puts alotta luv in everything she bakes!

She wears a headband with red-check bow and a cotton and red-check-trimmed apron with "What's Cookin'?" embroidery. She comes complete with her very own heart-embroidered oven mitt!

Boyds Thinkin' Of Ya Series; Hardworkin' Folks

#B903046 @$19.99 ea.; Retired!

[Image Bea Wise Bear Boyds]

Miss Bea Wise "Professions & Pastimes" Rust Plush Teddy Bear.

8"H, holds a chalkboard with #1 Teacher. End the school year on a high note with Miss Bea Wise, a teddy designed to thank teachers! This cinnamon bean-filled cutie features a cotton check bow and holds an embroidered "chalkboard" pillow.

Boyds Special Occasions & Holiday Stuff ; Teacher's Day

#B903045 @$19.99 ea.; Retired!

[Image Miss Hugaby Thinkin of Ya #903038]

Miss Hugaby

Who can resist a bear hug, especially from Miss Hugaby, a gold bear who wears a velvet bow and velvet jump suit with flower and heart embroidery, and holds a velvet and felt heart purse with "hugs to you" embroidery. 8"H.

#B903038 @$19.99 ea.; sold out!

[Image Stella Missingya Thinkin' of Ya #903037]

Stella Missingya

Express yer feelings of longing with Stella, an adorable snow-white bear who wears floral-print ear and neck bows, holds a satin hankie with lace trim, and features "I Miss You" embroidery on her foot pad. Express yer feelings of longing with Stella, an adorable snow-white bear who wears floral-print ear and neck bows, holds a satin hankie with lace trim, and features "I Miss You" embroidery on her foot pad. 8"H.

#B903037 @$19.99 ea. Retired!

[Image Grammy Thinkin of Ya Bear #903034]


For all those cookies, and hugs, and kisses, treat Grandma to sumptin' special...Grammy bear, a mocha teddy that is bean-filled and features an embroidered heart pillow, a matching bow, and heart embroidery on the foot pad. 8"H.

#B903034 @$19.99 ea.; sold out!

[Image Mia Goodfriends Thinkin' of Ya #903027]

Mia Goodfriends - Mia's the best friend any bear could have! 8"H.

This light beige teddy features flower embroidery on her foot pad and a "Friends" embroidered floral pillow.

"Friends Are Flowers That Never Fade Away"

#B903027 @$19.99 ea.; sold out!

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