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All are Retired so get them while you can!!

[Small Image Boyds Stickers]

Boyds Stickers - 2.5" x 9" Sheet! Lignin and Acid-Free. 2 Sheets per package. $4.99 per package; retired.

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Gift Bags

Large Gift Bags - Holds a big gift or is great to stuff with an assortment of goodies like a basket! About 15.5" tall x 12.5 " across.

[Image Lilac & Lily Boyds Gift Bag #786091]

Lilac & Lily...Basket of Friendly Wishes Large Gift Bag - A wonderful way to give a friend a special friend a gift! #BGB786091

[Image Mickey Fuzzy Boyds Gift Bag #786083]

Mickey... Warm 'n Fuzzy Greetings Large Gift Bag - Send a gift wrapped up in a warm and fuzzy wish! #BGB786083

[Image Boyds Jennifer Bloom Gift Bag #786079]

Jennifer... In Full Bloom Large Gift Bag - Perfect for a gift blooming with wishes for happiness! #BGB786079

[Image Robin Tweeter Daisy XLG Gift Bag Boyds #78668]

Robin T. Tweeter Daisy Gift Bag. Shaped like a potted plant bag. Sized just right for bouquets and other unique everyday gifts! 9"H x 9.75"W.

Order #BGB786068

[Image Rosanna's  XLG Gift Bag Boyds #78667]

Rosanna's Rose & Lace Large Sized Gift Bag. Features Boyds Hat Girl, Rosanna Dubeary, a light beige beauty wearin' a rose-covered hat.

Order #BGB786067

[Image Dean Bearsalot XLG Gift Bag Boyds #78659]

Dean Bearsalot Teddy Large Sized Gift Bag. Archive bear, Dean S. Bearsalot, stars in our adorable "up close and personal" gift bag, perfect for any gift-givin' need!

Order #BGB786059

[Image U. Bee Happy's Honey XLG Gift Bag Boyds #78655]

U. Bee Happy's Honey Large Sized Gift Bag. U. Bee Honey's got something sweet for your gift-givin' needs. This giftbag, featurin' a buzzin' fella from Boyds!

Order #BGB786055

[Image Day in Daisy Field Xlg. Gift Bag Boyds]

Day in Daisy Field Large Sized Gift Bag. Featuring Boyds Daisy Fields gal, Stacey Daisydew; bag is complimented by soft shades of blue and yellow...and fields of daisies!

Order #BGB786035

[Image Bumbley Bear Honey-Sweet Gift Bag #78631 Boyds]

Honey-Sweet Bumbley Large Sized Gift Bag. When you've got a honey of a gift, who better to deliver it than Boyds very own Bumbley B. Bear, who's featured on Boyds Honey-Sweet Bumbley gift bags...perfect for any occasion.

Order #BGB786031

[Image Stars & Stripes XLG Gift Bag Boyds #78627]

Stars & Stripes Large Sized Gift Bag. Three cheers to the red, white, and blue with this all-occasion gift bag, featurin' Bailey and Emily Babbit.

Order #BGB786027

[Image Flower & Sunshine XLG Gift Bag Boyds #78623]

A Bouquet of Sunshine & Flowers Large Sized Gift Bag. Dubley's picked a fresh bouquet of sunshine and flowers for your gift-givin' needs.

Order #BGB786023

[Image Bruin 'n Blooms XLG Gift Bag Boyds #78608]

Bruin 'N Blooms Large Sized Gift Bag. Boyds mohair bear Cleveland G. Bearington stars in this cheery bag; features an ecru cord handle for easy carryin'.

Order #BGB786008

[Image Bearamerican XLG Gift Bag #78605 Boyds]

Proud To Be A Bearamerican Large Sized Gift Bag. T.J.'s Best Dressed darlins Gloria Bearsevelt & Eleanore Bearsevelt star in this patriotic gift bag; features a matchin' red cord handle.

Order #BGB786005

[Image Funny Face Bear XLG Gift Bag Boyds #78602]

Yer Funny Face Teddy Bear Large Sized Gift Bag. Archive bear, Griffin W. Bearsley, stars in Boyds adorable "up close and personal" gift bag; features a matchin' coffee cord handle.

Order #BGB786002

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