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Boyds Teddy Bears

[Image Boyds Evan Bernard Bear #510822]

Evan Bernard Teddy Bear Heirloom Series #B510822. Go know you want to give him a big ol' squeeze! Evan Bernard is a beige, short chenille, fully-jointed poly and bean filled bear with paw print-embroidered foot pads. He wears big, floppy green spring-print bow around his neck. 14".

[Image Boyds Norbert Beariman Teddy Bear 510816]

Norbert D. Beariman; 14 inches tall. Heirloom Series.

No bear compares to Norbert! This two-tone teddy features a beige muzzle, belly, and inner ears.

Order #B510816.

[Image Boyds Mother's Day Plush #82544]Mama Bearsworth Plush Bear #B82544 - Pink roses, hearts and quilted accents highlight Boyds Mother's Day Collection for 2006. Mama Bearsworth features a rose print bow, rose foot pad embroidery and a heart shaped quilted pillow with "Thanks for being My Mom and My Friend" embroidery. She's fully jointed, 14"H and poly and bean filled with light gold plush fur. $24.99 ea. Retired!

[Image Boyds Mother's Day Plush #82545]Mama Mia Plush Bear #B82545 - Pink roses, hearts and quilted accents highlight Boyds Mother's Day Collection for 2006. Mama Mia wears a delicate rose print dress with handmade satin rosette accents. She has heart-shaped foot embroidery that reads "#1 Mom" and is fully jointed, 10"H with poly and bean filling and off white plush fur. $24.99 ea. Retired!

[Image Momma McHugs Boyds #82540]Momma McHugs - She's not just your mom...she's your best friend! Momma McHugs let's her know how you feel! A 12"H jointed white chenille with poly and bean-filling, matching springtime floral print paw pads and neck bow, and heart shaped pillow with embroidered with "Beary Best Mom Beary Best Friend." $24.99 ea. Order #B82540; Retired!

Patty Duke Bears

[Image Joshua Boyds Patty Duke Bear #92004-04]Joshua - Joshua features distressed, antiqued fur that gives him a well-loved, time-worn look of a real antique teddy bear. Fully jointed & 10" tall; he features white angel wings and gold cording. Order #B92004-04. $24.99 ea.

[Image Pansy Boyds Patty Duke Bear #92004-05]Pansy - Charming lavender color and a floral accented neck bow make Pansy as pretty as the flower after which she is named. Pansy is fully jointed, 9" tall, and made of soft plush fur. Order #B92004-05. $24.99 ea.

  • [Image Boyds U.B. Fuzzyfleece #552033]U.B. Fuzzyfleece "Down on the Farm Series" Lamb #B552033. 14"H. A lil' lambie to cuddle and hold close! This white cotton chenille lamb is bean-filled and features velvet paw pads, a velvet snout, and velvet-lined ears. $24.99 ea. RETIRED!
  • [Image Boyds Wooley Fuzziefleece #552035]Wooley B. Fuzziefleece "Down on the Farm Series" Lamb #B552035. 10"H. Here's a sheep definitely worth countin'...well, more of a lamb, actually, but you know what we mean! Wooley features lots of curly and fuzzy plush fleece in white with black accents. Wooley is fully jointed and poly and bean filled. $19.99 ea. RETIRED!
  • [Image Bouds Lulu Fuzziefleece #552034]Lulu Fuzziefleece "Down on the Farm Series" Lamb #B552034. 14"H. So'll never wanna stop huggin' and squeezin' Lulu! Silky-soft, fleece-like fur and a big ol' floppy flowered bow make this white lamb absolutely adorable! She's jointed and stuffed with poly and bean filling for extra squeezability! $24.99 ea. RETIRED!
  • [Image Boyds Fleecie B. Ewe Lamb #552032]Fleecie B. Ewe #B552032 - Fleecie's a loveable lamb and a brand new ewe! This grey swirly lamb features black velvet paw pads, black velvet-lined ears and tail, and bean fillin'! 14"H. $24.99 ea. RETIRED!

[Image Lullabye Basket Blue #810150 Boyds]

Lullabye Blue Bear Basket - Boyds #B810150

For The Nursery

Fill this high-glaze ceramic basket with powder and pins, lotions, and notions-the perfect baby shower gift! 7.5"H x 9.5"W

$19.99 ea. Retired!

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