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Themed Families: Country Rooster, Grape Harvest, Vegetable Patch!


[Image Boyds Bearybloom Tugalong #654114]

Bearybloom Tug Along #B654114 Black-Eyed Susan Collection - 1.25" tall; This cheerful lil' pot of blooms features black eyed Susan details on its wheels and a garden trowel handle. Hand decorated cast resin coordinates with the Black Eyed Susan Collection!

[Image Boyds Cornucopia Tug Along #654110]

Cornucopia Tug Along - Resin cornucopia tug along features fine detailing of horn and veggies and even includes a squash as a pull handle! #B654110; sold out!.

[Small Image Boyds Tug a Long  654104]

Grape Harvest Tug Along - Beardeaux Grape. 5"L. Dress us your Grape Harvest display with this intricately sculpted grape cluster pull toy, which is cast in resin.

#B654104; sold out!

Desk Signs - @$9.95 ea.; sold out!

Desk Signs

sold out!

  • [Image Desk Sign Boyds Ms. Supply #4136]Ms. Supply... Tell Me What You Need Desk Sign #B4136 - This resin desk sign features a wise old supply bear, keeping track of the accounts. Front reads, "Tell me what you need..." and the back reads, "and I'll tell you how to get along without it." 2"H x 5"W.
  • [Image Boyds Desk Sign Ms. Perfect #4137]Ms. Perfect... I'm Not Always Right Desk Sign #B4137 - For the office know-it-all! This resin desk sign will make your girlfriends giggle! Front reads, "I'm not always right..." and the back reads, "but to save time let's assume I am." 2"H x 5"W.
  • [Image Boyds Rudy Desk Sign #4145]Rudy... Today Is Not Your Day Desk Sign #B4145 - "I Can Only Please One Person A Day..." Pleasin' folks is a very valuable ya gotta conserve it, right? 5"W.
  • [Image Boyds Percy Desk Sign #4146]Percy... Be Reasonable Desk Sign #B4146 - "Be Reasonable". Whatta simple solution! 4.5"W.

Desk Signs

; sold out!

  • [Image Maxwell Desk Sign Boyds #4150]Maxwell... Secret Job Desk Sign - "My Job Is So Secret" & on back "Even I Don't Know What It Is" We'd guess that has to have some sort of job security built into it! 4.5"W. Order #B4150.
  • [IMage Timer Desk Sign Boyds #4152]Timer... Give Me Patience Desk Sign - "Lord Give Me Patience" & on back "And Hurry It Up!" For some's a virtue. For others it's a goal to be attained! 5"W. Order #B4152.

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