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Bratz Dolls, Bratz Kidz Dolls, Fashion Angels Dolls, Bitty Buttons Doll, Moxie Teenz Dolls, Rescue Pets, Liv Dolls & Littlest Pet Shop!


Bratz Basic Promo Dolls - 10th Anniversary - 10/10/10:

@$19.99 each

[Image Bratz Liliana 10th Anniv. Doll]

Liliana; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Liliana - My friends call me "Dazzle" cuz I'm a total charmer!"

[Image Bratz Leora 10th Anniv. Doll]

Leora; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Leora - My friends call me "Sizzles" cuz my style is super hot!"

[Image Bratz Tyla 10th Anniv. Doll]

Tyla; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Tyla - My friends call me "Stage Star" cuz I'm a star performer!"

[Image Bratz Joelle 10th Anniv. Doll]

Joelle; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Joelle - My friends call me "Sunshine" cuz I'm super bright!"

[Image Bratz Shadi 10th Anniv. Doll]

Shadi; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Shadi - My friends call me "Trailblazer" cuz I'm all about adventure!"

[Image Bratz Shira 10th Anniv. Doll]

Shira; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Shira - My friends call me "Drama Mama" cuz I'm all about attention!"

[Image Bratz Ashby 10th Anniv. Doll]

Ashby; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Ashby - My friends call me "Miss Fit" cuz I'm a total sports star!"

[Image Bratz Lydia 10th Anniv. Doll]

Lydia; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Lydia - My friends call me "Night Owl" cuz I never sleep!"

[Image Bratz Carrie 10th Anniv. Doll]

Carrie; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Carrie - My friends call me "Coconut" cuz I'm tough but sweet!"

[Image Bratz Adri 10th Anniv. Doll]

Adri; sold out!

"Hi, I'm Adri - My friends call me "Bookworm" cuz I love to read!"

Bratz Party

Bratz Party Dolls - 10th Anniversary - 10/10/10.

Endless Fashion combinations! Now with 100's of poses! $24.99 each.

[Image Bratz Party Yasmin Doll 2010]

Yasmin - My friends call me "Pretty Princess" cuz I rule!; sold out!

[Image Bratz Party Jade Doll 2010]

Jade - My friends call me "Kool Kat" cuz I have funky style! ; sold out!

[Image Bratz Party Sasha Doll 2010]

Sasha - My friends call "Bunny Boo" cuz I love hip hop!; sold out!

[Image Bratz Party Cloe Doll 2010]

Cloe - My friends call me "Angel" cuz I'm perfectly sweet!; sold out!

Bratz Kidz

[Image Bratz School Bus with Doll by MGA]Super Secret Arts & Crafts Bus - Gas Tank becomes Pencil Sharpener. 2 in 1 School Bus Playset hides Art Center for you! Roof holds tape, scissors, eraser, 5 colored pencils, 3 markers, 6 crayons, 15 stickers, 10 sheets of writing paper. Exclusive Bratz Doll Lilani. Age 4+.

Bus - 19"L, 14"tall, 10"W in box.

One School Bus with exclusive Lilani Doll & 4 Bratz Kidz School Dolls shown in images below

[Image School Cloe Doll by MGA]

Cloe; sold out!

[Image Bratz Yasmin School Doll by MGA]


[Image Bratz Meygan School Doll by MGA]

Meygan; sold out!

[Image Bratz Sasha School Doll by MGA]

Sasha; sold out!

Bratz Kidz School - The Kids with a Passion for Fun! Each box has: 1 Doll with two complete outfits. Includes Bonus Bratz Kidz School Stuff, 5 crayons, 4 coloring pages 3" x 4". Back of package of all Dolls says "Bratz Kidz think school is cool". 6.5"tall dolls, made by MGA.

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Fashion Angels Doll - They're plushy with the cutest embroidered faces. Don't tell anyone but their do's are wigs; Their wardrobe is to die for! They stand 15" tall and are fully poseable; Embroidered faces.

Fashion Angels Living Dolls - Debo, Lulu, Bebe and Izzy. Like true fashionistas, the Fashion Angels wear real shoes that are made in a real shoe factory! Each doll wears a wig, which you can interchange with other dolls. They can share each other's outfits. Their bodies move and bend, so they can strike lots of poses.

  • Fashion Angels Living Doll - "Lulu" - Lulu is the All-American who loves athletic wear.
  • Fashion Angels Living Doll - "Izzy" - Izzy is the Asian-American who was voted best dressed for her funky, revamped outfits.
  • Fashion Angels Living Doll - "Debo" - Debo is a Latina chick who aspires to be a fashion designer.
  • Fashion Angels Living Doll - "Bebe" - Bebe is the musically talented African-American who loves to belt out tunes.

They’re plushy with the cutest embroidered faces…They’re poseable with a full body armature… They stand 15 inches tall and pose from head to toe… Don’t tell anyone but their Do’s are wigs and are interchangeable with each other…New do’s sold separately. Last but not least, their wardrobe is to die for… and the proof is in the details. They have great jewelry, accessories, and shoes (made in a real shoe factory!). The Fashion Angels… hip, sweet, intelligent, and soulful.

Fashion Angels Doll Set - 15+ piece set!

Fashion Angels Living Doll - Lulu Total Glam Collection - $149.99

Includes: Poseable Doll, Wigs & Wig Stand, Wardrobe, Handbag, Hangers & more! Ages 6+.

Wardrobe: Robe, Fuzzy Slippers, Plaid Skirt, Black Blouse with Dog on front, Large Black Handbag with strap, Shoes, 3 Hangers, Blonde Wig with Clips.

Also includes: Lulu Doll wearing a pretty pink dress, jean jacket, blue denim baseball cap & Fashion Angels Long Beach Sneakers!

Lulu stands approximately 15" tall.

Fashion Angels Doll Set - 15+ piece set!

Fashion Angels Living Doll - Bebe Total Glam Collection - $149.99

Includes: Poseable Doll, Wigs & Wig Stand, Wardrobe, Handbag, Hangers & more! Ages 6+.

Wardrobe: Pink silky pants, white/pink short blouse with "Fashion Angels" on front, silver handbag, fancy black netted long pants, black short blouse, black shiny shoes with glitter, black/pink wig with hair clips, 3 hangers.

Also includes: Bebe Doll with fancy denim skirt with silky ribbons, long neon pink ribbon at waist, glittery pink blouse, arm bracelets to match, matching hat, fancy sneakers, long black curly hair.

Bebe stands approximately 15" tall.

Fashion Angels Doll Set - 15+ piece set!

Fashion Angels Living Doll - Debo Total Glam Collection - $149.99

Includes: Poseable Doll, Wigs & Wig Stand, Wardrobe, Handbag, Hangers & more! Ages 6+.

Also includes: Debo Doll wearing a pretty gingham dress with pink tulle, tweed jacket and cap & pink large handbag, stylish Sandals! Hair clips in her stunning red hair!

Wardrobe: Green sun dress,  Long black wide-legged pants, striped hooded jacket, red shirt, black sandals with sparkles, 3 hangers, Blue Wig with Clips.

Debo stands approximately 15" tall.

Fashion Angels Doll Set

Fashion Angels Living Doll - Izzy Total Glam Collection - $149.99

All you need for a totally glam doll set! Fashion Angels doll Izzy now comes in a whole set! She can stand and pose and model great clothes! She's wearing a blue denim cowgirl-style jacket with brown tassels and pretty flowers on the front. On the bottom, she wears colorful striped pants and cool pink leather shoes. Izzy has long, straight, black hair adorned with fun plastic clips and brown eyes, red lips, and rosy cheeks embroidered on her beautiful face. Her hair is a wig so she can try on other styles like the long, dark curly wig in this set! Also included is another wig with long, curly black hair, hair clips and its own stand, and two extra beautiful outfits - one Chinese red flowered traditional pants outfit and a strapless belted evening dress, all with matching shoes and accessories. This set even comes with hangers! Ages 6+.

Doll: 15", Box: 22''x17.5''x4''.

The Fashion Angels Total Glam Collection has cool stuff that you can use to dress up the dolls, like clothes, shoes, bags, hats and wigs! Have fun designing your doll's wardrobe!

Fashion Angels Trunk

Trunk includes:

  • Lulu Doll

  • Light-up runway, mirror, and 5 cool fashions

  • Includes handbag & Fashion Angels croquet pad, swatch book, design folder, newsprint pad, tracing paper pad, color theory guide and fabric swatch guide

  • Includes hat, 3 hangers, 10 VIP tickets, 10 announcement cards & VIP pass

  • Includes 5 credit cards, podium, changing screen and show sign

Fashion Angels Boutique

Light Up Boutique

Ages 6+

Dolls & Clothing sold separately

Attention all shoppers! Your own FA Boutique is now open! This Boutique set is fun, portable and includes all props for your doll's shopping experience. It's great for play and storage of your doll's wardrobe. Light-Up Boutique includes mirror, sound player, garment rack, mannequin, cash register, counter, changing dressing screen, sign, shopping bag, 5 credit cards, play money, sale receipts, 3 hangers and instructions. Doll and clothing not included. Dimensions: 12.25" w x 16.5" h x 6" d.

Alphabet Beads

Fashion Angels Chronicles

Fashion Angels Wig & Stand

Fashion Angels Heavenly Paper Dolls

The Fashion Angels Design A Heavenly Wardrobe kit is a modern day spin on the old classic paper dolls.

In this version however, the dolls are made from thick laminated press board and the clothes are cut from fabric.

The set include five different dolls, including one boy, clothing and accessory patterns, design guide, a variety of fabrics, ribbons, glitter glue, sequins, puffy stickers, buttons an more.

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Studio Set

Fashion Angels Design A Heavenly Pet Wardrobe Paper Doll Fashion Design Kit. Ages 8+. Make 100+ cool fashions. Design Clothing & Accessories for 5 Dogs!

Contents: 5 Paper Dogs, 100+ Patterns, Fabric Buttons, 3 Glitter Paints, Patches, Stickers, Sequins, Glass Beads, Ribbon, Gems, Pipe Cleaners, Glue, & Instructions.

Fashion Angels Glamagrams Stationery Set (25 Sheets of Fold & Mail Stationery); shaped like Purses!


  • 25 Fold 'n Mail Glamagrams
  • 1 Sheet of Sticker Seals
  • 1 Sheet of Decorative Stickers
  • 1 Glam Pen

Fashion Angels Desk Set - 39 piece Set. Fashion trends today - Glam, Pink, Sparkles, Rainbows, Stars, Flowers. Ages 8+.


  • 12 Markers
  • 12 Month Calendar
  • 10 Magnets
  • Mousepad
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Dry Erase Desk Pad
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Notebook

Heart 2 Heart Jewelry Set. Inspire, Believe, Love, Hope, Dream.

Fashion Angels 10 piece Interchangeable Jewelry Set. For You and Your Doll! Made with Austrian Crystal. Wear your jewelry multiple ways on you and your doll!

Ages 8+.

Moxie Teenz

Moxie Teenz Dolls, Fashions, Wigs, & Accessories. Interchangeable wigs! Hundreds of poses! Free Poster inside doll box!

What is Moxie? 1. Positive attitude and confidence. 2. The courage to go for it. 3. Energy in everything you do. A Moxie Girl is full of energy and self-confidence. She's unique, bright, empowered, brave, and stylish. Moxie Girlz can do anything!

Click image!


[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Melrose]

Melrose is the brainy and beautiful college girl who always stands up for her beliefs. She has rockin' sense of style and a passions for songwriting.; sold out!


[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Arizona]

Arizona is the starry-eyed singer bound for broadway. She's super talented and strives for perfection.; sold out!


[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Bijou]

Bijou is the photographer who dreams of saving the world. She's a vegetarian who's all about feeding the hungry and traveling the globe.; sold out!


[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Tristen]

Tristen is the artist with an eye for style. This fashion designer's taken an exciting job with a high-end fashion company for a chance to live out her dreams.; sold out!

Moxie Teenz; sold out!

Moxie Teenz Fashions:

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Fashion Party Dress]Moxie Teenz Fashion Pack - Party Dress - Super Stylish Fashion in Party Dress theme & Stylish shoes

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Pajamas Fashion Pack]Moxie Teenz Fashion Pack - Pajamas - Super Stylish Fashion in Pajamas theme & Stylish shoes

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Winter Fashion Pack]Moxie Teenz Fashion Pack - Winter - Super Stylish Fashion in Winter theme & Stylish shoes

Moxie Teenz; sold out!

Moxie Teenz Jewelry Sets:

Click image!

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Jewelry Set Punk style]Moxie Teenz Jewelry Set - Punk - Shoes, Necklace, Earrings, Sunglasses, Belt, Purse, Rings.

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Jewelry Set Hip Hop style]Moxie Teenz Jewelry Set - Hip Hop - Shoes, Necklace, Earrings, Sunglasses, Belt, Purse, Rings.

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Jewelry Set Girly Style]Moxie Teenz Jewelry - Girly - Shoes, Necklace, Earrings, Sunglasses, Belt, Purse, Rings.

Moxie Teenz; sold out!

Moxie Teenz Wigs:

Click image!

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Wig Afro Curl]Moxie Teenz Afro Curl Wig Pack

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Wig Straight Hair]Moxie Teenz Straight Hair Wig Pack

[Image Moxie Teenz Doll Wig Wavy]Moxie Teenz Wavy Wig Pack

Click image!

[Image Bitty Buttons Bea Spellsalot Lalaloopsy]Bitty Buttons Doll - Bea Spells-a-lot - Lalaloopsy Doll :

Bea Spells-a-lot was made from a school girl's uniform.

She is a real smartypants, who always follows the rules and loves to talk...a LOT!!!

She has a pet owl.

Sewn On Date: October 16th (Dictionary Day) $124.99.

Liv Dolls

Liv Dolls - It's My Nature & Outdoor Dolls & Horses

The Liv girls are real teenage girls with trend-setting styles and cool features like easy to change wigs, 14 points of articulation so you can create lots of great poses, and real glass-like eyes that add to their amazing look!

Set!; sold out!

[Image Liv Doll It's My Nature Campfire Gift Set]Liv Girls "It's My Nature" Gift Set.

We had such a good time on this outdoor adventure! After a fun filled day we roasted marshmallows and sang songs by the campfire. Even our furry friends joined in! Who knew the outdoors could be so fun.

Dolls included are: Sophie, Katie, Alexis, Daniela.

4 Dolls, 2 Dogs, 1 Bunny, 1 Coffee Pot, 4 Mugs, 2 Skewers with Hotdog, 2 Skewers with Marshmallow, 1 Guitar with strap, 1 Campfire, 1 Hairbrush, 1 Pair of Glasses.

Light up campfire. Changeable wig. Total poseability.

Lodge!; sold out!

[Image Liv Doll It's My Nature Maple Lodge]Liv "It's My Nature" Maple Lodge.

Liv it up in the lodge! Our new BFF Hayden organized a cool school adventure to the Maple Lodge! For a whole weekend we explored the great outdoors! We were so excited when Nutmeg the horse joined us! We just love horsing around! Who knew a school trip could be this fun!

Contents: 1 Lodge Playset, 1 Sleeping Bag, 1 Hammock with stand, 1 Campfire, 2 Skewers, 2 Pots, 1 Pot Rack with 2 Hooks, 2 Plates, 7 Silverware, 1 Bowl, 2 Mugs, 1 Coffee Pot, 2 Tree Stump Chairs, 1 Table, 1 Camera, Muffin Tin, 1 Milk/Egg Carton, 2 Magazines, 1 Gameboard, 2 Placemats, 2 Hands of Cards.

Lodge opens into playset!

Rescue Pets

Rescue Pets - MGA Entertainment; sold out!

These sweet little strays need a place to stay! Pet me...I move my head, wag my tail and whimper! By MGA Entertainment. About 7 x 11 x 12 inches; Ages 3 and up.

Each includes:

  • 1 Rescue Pet
  • 1 Collar
  • 1 Collar Tag
  • 1 Sticker for Name Tag
  • 1 Adoption Certificate
  • 1 Hobo Pack

1st Series:

[Image MGA Rescue Dogs Pets 1st series]
Brown/White Dog


Item #290230

Reddish Brown/White Dog


Item #290261

Black/Gray Dog


Item #290254

Cream/Brown Dog


Item #290247

$29.99 ea.

Bratz Board Games - $34.99 ea.

Bratz Petz Purr-isian Adventure Board Game (Catz) #289661


  • Game Board
  • 4 Catz Player Pieces
  • 4 Stands
  • 36 Action Cards
  • 54 Clothing Cards
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions

The Catz are running fashionably late to the Paris Fashion Show, and now they're rushing to get from the airport runway to the catwalk!

Race through the streets of Paris, collecting chic fashion items and dodging the obstacles in your way!

Be the first to arrive at the fashion show with the most purr-fect fashions, and you win!

Ages 6 & up; 2 to 4 players; sold out!

Bratz Babyz Stylin' Scavenger Hunt Board Game #303329


  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Bratz Babyz Player Pieces
  • 4 Player Stands
  • 72 Game Cards
  • 1 Instruction Manual

The Bratz Babyz have left their stuff all over town! Gather the Bratz Babyz lost gear before they go ga-ga!

Ages 6 & up - 2 to 4 players; sold out!

Bratz Rockin' Chic Board Game #287117; sold out!


  • 1 Game Board

  • 5 Player Pieces

  • 4 Character Stands

  • 1 Spinner

  • 18 Outfit Cards

  • 18 Bling Cards

  • 18 Music Cards

  • 1 Instructions

It's a race to stardom at the biggest rock concert of the year! Take a spin to create a stylin' wardrobe!

Gather rockin' music and stock up on lots of bling! The right combination will land you onstage, where you win the game - and you rock the spotlight! Ages 6 & up - 2 to 4 players

Bratz Rock Angelz World Tour Board Game #300656; sold out!


  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Bratz Player Pieces
  • 4 Player Stands
  • 52 Game Cards
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Travel the globe, perform in rock concerts and earn big bucks to save your magazine! The first person to earn $10,000 wins!

Ages 6 & up - 2 to 4 players; Based on the Bratz DVD movie!

Bratz Passion for Fashion Game #40886; sold out!


  • 19"x19" Gameboard with revolving "closets"

  • 4 Pawns & stands

  • 20 tokens

  • 4 Fashion scoring boards

  • 4 Plastic push pegs

  • 2 Dice

  • Label sheet

  • Instructions

Will you be the first to mix 'n match the hottest fashion looks and make it home to win the fashion game and be Bratz beautiful?

Ages 7 & up - 2 to 4 players; Year 2002

Bratz Formal Funk Boyz Koby Doll - Limited Edition Prom 2003; #261230; $49.95; sold out!
  • Four-piece Funky Formal-Wear!
  • Three-piece After-Party Outfit
  • Two Pairs of Shoes
  • "Cool Threads" Fashion Mannequin
  • Collectible Bouquet for the Bratz
  • Tons of Stylin' Accessories

Bratz Formal Funk Jade Doll - Limited Edition Prom 2003; #260431; $49.95; sold out!
  • Funky Formal-Wear!
  • After-Party Outfit
  • Two Pairs of Shoes
  • "Hot Threads" Fashion Mannequin
  • Exclusive Memory Book & Bratz Pics
  • Collectible Prom Corsage
  • Beauty Wrap & Gloves
  • Two Bratzpack Handbags
  • Tons of Stylin' Accessories

Bratz Boyz Doll & Motorcycle, Cade #264620; $39.95; sold out!


  • 2 Helmets
  • Cool Top
  • Jeans
  • Snap-on Shoes
  • Jacket
  • 2 Bracelets
  • 2 Necklaces
  • Stylin' Sunglasses
  • Blazin' Cool Accessories

Headlight & Taillights light up! One of a kind! Every motorcycle's got a different license plate number! Features kickin' cool 'vroom-vroom' sounds! Fits 2 Bratz or Bratz Boyz comfortably! Ages 6 & up.Year 2003!

[Image Biggest Littlest Pet Shop Hasbro]Biggest Littlest Pet Shop - After a day of shopping for treats and toys, pets can go upstairs and relax in their comfy quarters, or play games in the spinning tower. There's always something fun to do...and lots of friends to play with! Lots of fun accessories! Includes: guinea pig, push 'n play kitty, double food dish, teddy bear, sardines, bones, cookies, carrots, collar with leash, shopping bag, bag of pet food, rope toy, toy mouse, fish food, cans of kitty food, collar, brush, food dispenser, cash register and a sticker sheet. Pets contain magnets. 2 Exclusive pets, Press Kitty's head and she licks her paw. Ages 4+.

23"L, 16"tall, 6"D LPS, made by Hasbro, 3 levels of spinning fun, folds up for easy storage. $44.99 ea.; sold out!

More Littlest Pet Shop soon!

sold out!

[Image MGA 4-ever Friends PJ's Dolls] 4-Ever Best Friends Pajama Party Dolls. Includes 2 Best Friends Dolls & Pajama Party Charms! Secret Envelope Inside! Includes 2 Best Friends Bracelets For You & Your Best Friends! Best Friends actually hold hands! This one contains Noelle Redhead Doll & Calista Brunette Doll. Ages 4 & up. $29.99; sold out!

Inside of the roomy, heart-shaped carrier with the satin handle, the "Best Friends" playset includes everything required for a memorable, bonding sleep-over. Both of the included 9.5-inch dolls wear stylish PJs and over-sized slippers that can be shared.

This specially shaped box contains:

  • 2 Pajama Outfits
  • 2 Pairs of Slippers
  • 2 Fuzzy Phones
  • 2 Diaries
  • 2 Best Friends Bracelets
  • 2 Collectible Pajama Party Charms
  • Tons of Fun Accessories!

sold out!

[Image 4-Ever Best Friends Phys. Ed. Outfit] 4-Ever Best Friends Physical Education (P.E.) Fun Fashion Pack. Fits the 4-Ever Best Friends Dolls. Ages 4 & up. $17.50; sold out!


  • 2 Tops
  • 2 Jogging Pants
  • 2 Pairs of Tennis Shoes
  • 2 Jackets
  • 2 Collectible Phys. Ed Fun Charms

sold out!

[Image 4-Ever Best Friends School Outfit] 4-Ever Best Friends School Is Cool Fashion Pack. Fits the 4-Ever Best Friends Dolls. Ages 4 & up. $17.50; sold out!


  • Skirt
  • 2 Tops
  • Cargo Pants
  • 2 Pairs of Tennis Shoes
  • Jacket
  • 2 Backpacks
  • 2 Collectible School Is Cool Charms

sold out!

Bratz Petz Dogz - Abby, Kali, Pillar, Shae - $24.99 ea. (All Sold Out!)

Say hello to Bratz Petz four cool Dogz, with distinct personalities that capture all the fashion-forward style that their cool counterparts, the Bratz, are known for. With mix ‘n’ match fashion looks to dress ‘em up, poseable legs to show ‘em off, and super-soft plush to hold ‘em close, these pets are both lovable and fashionable! Reow! Ages 2 & up.

[Image Bratz Petz Dog Abby]


#274117; sold out!

[Image Shae Bratz Petz Dog]


#274087; sold out!


#274100; sold out!

[Image Bratz Petz Dog Kali]


#274094; sold out!

These very special puppy dogs will put a smile on your face and are for the dog lover in you!

Each Dog includes:

• 1 - 10" Long/Tall Bratz Petz Animal each in their own box

• Stylin’ Mix ‘N’ Match Fashion Outfit


• Poseable Legs and Tail

• Superstylin’ Soft-Feel Plush

• Mix 'n' Match Removable Fashion Outfit Lets You Create and Put Together Stylin' Fashion Looks

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