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Below are Cookbooks for collecting or just for fun! These are in Good to Above Average Condition; inquire within! All pages present and not torn.

Betty Crocker Recipe Cards Library from 1971!

The Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library.

Copyright 1971 by General Mills, Inc.

Comes with Section Recipe Card & all recipes within that section.

Near Mint Condition.

$349.95 complete.

That's about $14.58 per section and it comes with the Recipe Box.

Seasonal Favorites Section American Classics Section
Budget Casseroles Section Salads For Every Occasion Section
Men's Favorites Section Children's Parties Section
Come For Coffee Section Entertaining On A Shoestring Section
Dessert Spectaculars Section. International Favorites Section.
Recipes For Calorie Counters Section. Gifts From Your Kitchen Section.
Snacks Around The Clock Section. Favorite Family Desserts Section.
Fondues Section. Crowd-Size Entertaining Section.
Convenient Oven Meals Section. Outdoor Entertaining Section.
Hurry Up Main Dishes Section. Impromptu Party Fare Section.
Family Breakfast Brighteners Section. Gala Menus from the Betty Crocker Dining Room Section.
Foods That Go Places Section. Recipes Children Can Make Section.

Eat & Stay Slim "Better Homes and Gardens" Hardback Cookbook. Menu plans and 90 Recipes help you shed pounds without ever counting calories. $14.95.(1)

Large Format edition, Fourth printing, 1984. ISBN 0-696-01115-8.

Casual Entertaining "Better Homes and Gardens" Hardback Cookbook. Party Planning, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Snacks & Beverages, Basic Bar Guide, Wine Guide, & Index. Cover features Sausage Sandwich, Bacon-Wrapped Fish Kebabs, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Cooler & Fresh Fruit. $14.95. (1)

Large Format edition, Fourth printing, 1984. ISBN 0-696-01135-2.

Hamburger & ground meats recipes "Better Homes and Gardens" Hardback Cookbook. Patties, Loaves, & Meatballs, Soups, Sandwiches, & Pizzas, Casseroles & Oven Favorites, Skillet Dishes & Other Specialties. $14.95. (1)

Large Format edition, Third printing, 1984. ISBN 0-696-01225-1.

More From Your Wok "Better Homes and Gardens" Hardback Cookbook. Understanding the Wok, Main Wishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Snacks & Appetizers. $14.95. (1)

Large Format edition, Fourth printing, 1983. ISBN 0-696-01125-5.

The Magic of Microwave Cookbook. Magic Chef. Microwave Cooking Techniques. Microwave Menus, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Soups & Beverages, Fish & Seafood, Beef, Ground Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb, Bacon, Sausage, & Specialty Meats, Poultry, Casserole Cookery, Eggs & Cheese, Vegetables, & More!

By Golden Press. Hardback Book. ISBN 0-307-49265-6. $14.95. (1)

Low-Fat Favorites Better Homes & Gardens Shaklee Heart Cooking Ideas. Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts. Meredith Corporation 1990. Softback. $14.95. (1)

The Doubleday Cookbook (Jean Anderson & Elaine Hanna) Volume 1. All pages present; edgewear; marks on front of book due to age. Teaches you the fundamentals of Cooking!

Copyright 1975. Red/white. $19.95 each or buy both this one and the one below for $34.95.

The Doubleday Cookbook (Jean Anderson & Elaine Hanna) Volume 2. All pages present; edgewear; marks on front of book due to age. Teaches you the fundamentals of Cooking!

Copyright 1975. Red/white. $19.95 each or buy both this one and the above below for $34.95.

Microwave Meats Step-by-Step. Litton Microwave Cooking School. Contents: Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb, Liver, Sausage, Poultry. Hardback Book. ISBN 0-442-24846-6. Copyright 1979. $14.95. (1)

Adventures in Microwave Cooking. Montgomery Ward. Hardback Book. Defrosting, Heating, Utensils, Appetizers, Beverages, Soups, Breads, Sandwiches, Cereal, Rice, Pasta, Meats, & More! Copyright 1983. $14.95. (1)

Betty Crocker's Cooky Book. A Complete Collection - for All Occasions, for Every Taste. Cooky Primer, Holiday Cookies, Family Favorites, Quick 'n Easy Cookies, Company Best Cookies. Twenty-fourth printing, 1978. Hardback Spiral Book. $29.95. (1)

The Family Home Cookbook. Culinary Arts Institute. By Lexicon. Original Title: The American Peoples Cookbook. Copyright 1973 by Lexicon Publications. 632 pages. $34.95. (1)

American Christmas Crafts & Foods. Better Homes and Gardens. Handcrafted Classics, Dolls & Toys to treasure, Storybook Presents for Children & more! $24.95. (1)

First Edition, Second printing, 1984. ISBN 0-696-00585-9. More than Near Mint!

Casserole Recipes All-Time Favorite. Better Homes and Gardens. Home-style Casseroles for the Family, For One or Two servings, for Entertaining, International Specialties, Rounding out the Meal.

Large Format edition, Fourth printing, 1984. ISBN 0-696-01105-0. $14.95. (1)

The Gingerbread Book. 54 cookie-construction projects for party centerpieces and holiday decorations, 117 full-sized patterns, plans for 18 structures, over 100 color photos, recipes, cookie shapes, children's projects, history, and step-by-step how to's. Copyright 1984. Hardback Book. Dust jacket a little torn in places. By Allen D. Bragdon & Arco Publishing. $29.95. (1)

The Encyclopedia of Fish Cookery. By A.J. McClane. Entries on worldwide varieties; all methods of preparation and cooking; salting, smoking and freezing. 695 color photographs throughout, with scores of step-by-step sequences and other how-to information available in no other book. 352 supreme recipes, many contributed by the world's foremost seafood chefs. Copyright 1977; First edition. 511 pages.

Worn edges; name on inside cover; otherwise all is perfect inside! Hardback Book. $39.95.

The Smart Shopper's Cookbook. Copyright 1972. By Loyta Wooding; illustrations by Ann Bruce Chamberlain. Hardback Book. Name on inside cover. Good condition. $14.95. (1)

Ford Times Cookbook. Recipes compiled & tested by Nancy Kennedy. The ideal guide to American Restaurants and their best recipes. A collection of recipes for the adventurous home chef and a guide to good eating for the explorer on America's highways. (Sentiment on inside front cover) $14.95. (1)

Copyright 1968. Hardback book.

Mexican Cookbook. Better Homes and Gardens. Hardback Book. 167 Recipes - with delicious sample menus, step-by-step how-to for tamales and tortillas, and photos to help you identify and buy 30 Mexican ingredients. $14.95. (1)

Large Format Edition, Third printing, 1983. ISBN 0-696-01030-5.

Pies 169 Recipes! All-Time Favorite. Better Homes and Gardens. Hardback Book. Favorite Homemade Pies, Fabulous Fruit Pies, Satiny-smooth Cream Pies, Classy Custard Pies, Refreshing Refrigerated Pies, Never-better Ice Cream Pies, Pie Crusts and Toppers. $14.95. (1)

ISBN 0-696-01335-5. Large Format Edition, Second Printing, 1983.

The Woman's Day Book of House Plants. By Jean Hersey; illustrations by Harry Marinsky. (Written sentiment inside cover). 191 House Plants for indoor plant care.Copyright 1965. $14.95. (1)

The Ultimate Grill Book. By Sunset. Lane Publishing Co. Featuring over 300 Recipes; Bastes & Marinades; Charts for Grilling; Aromatic woods; Party ideas; Barbecue techniques; Smoke-cooking; Spit-roasting. Hardback book. First printing, April 1989. Spiral inside. $14.95. (1)

Mary Ellen's Best of helpful hints. Fast, easy, fun ways of solving household problems. Softback book. Warner Books Edition. Revised edition copyright 1979. Average condition. $14.95. (1)

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