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Mikasa. June Splendor. A7054. Bone China. Heritage Mint. Cows. Mice. Owls. Morehead Mug. White Goose. Magnets. Princess House. Wedgwood Crystal. Department 56. Dept. 56.

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Since the items below are mostly vintage and not replaceable, all sales are final!

[Image Princess House Lead Crystal Bear 1995]

[Image Posselt - Kristall Crystal Teddy Bear]

Lead Crystal Teddy Bears - Both made in Germany. Both made of 24% Lead Crystal.  

Top one is from Princess House, measures about 3 inches tall and is retired and includes original box and paperwork. Year 1995. Never used or displayed. $84.95 ea

The other is a paperweight and is by Posselt - Kristall (Made in Germany) and measures about 3.25 inches tall. Includes box. Never used or displayed. $84.95 ea.

[Image Spiegel Wedgwood Vase West Germany]

Wedgwood 6" Vase. Full Lead Crystal. Made in West Germany. Box says for Spiegel. Bottom of Vase says Wedgwood that seems to be within the crystal. The sticker on one side says full lead crystal, Wedgwood, West Germany. This has never been used or dispalyed. It measures about 6.25" tall. $99.95. (1 only and comes with the plain box)

[Image Wedgwood Crystal Round Dish]

Wedgwood Crystal Round Candy Dish with Lid. Seal on bottom says Full Lead Crystal Wedgwood West Germany. 4 inches in diameter. Image shown at left is with the lid cradling open to show both pieces. $74.95. (1)

[Image Crystal Candle Holder]

Princess Heritage Crystal Candle Holder. From Princess House 1997 or earlier? This is two wonderful pieces; nice and heavy. The two pieces are the top which lifts off so you can use them separately if you like or use as a replacement. Mint condition. $64.95.

[Image Porcelain Lambs Set]

Lefton Lambs H-4546. They both have some kinds of sticker residue on them. A little of the brown painting at the toes is faded but I would say these are in above average condition with no breaks and no chips. Not sure of the age of them. $39.95 set.

[Image Brass Bear]

Brass Colored Bear - Measures 5 inches tall, made of brass colored sheet metal, label on back reads Made Exclusively for Department 56. Has red ribbon for hanging and also decorates the neck. Age is about 15 to 20 years old. $49.95 (1)

[Image Brass Duck]

Brass Colored Duck - Measures 5 inches tall, made of brass colored sheet metal, label on back reads Made Exclusively for Department 56. Has a red cord for hanging. Age is about 15 to 20 years old. $49.95 (1)

[Image Cow Wall Hanging Ceramic Antique]

Cow Ceramic Wall Hanging. It measures about 11.5 inches tall; pan measures about 6.5 inches across. Pan has Sigma the Tastesetter etched in the ceramic & MCM..... Ceramic high closs glaze finish. Mint condition. From Year 1981; 23 years old. $99.95.

[Image Cow Ceramic Butter Dish Sigma]

Cow Ceramic Butter Dish. It measures about 6.75 inches long by 4.25 inches tall . 2 separate pieces. No markings. From 20-25 years ago. Mint condition. $49.95.

[Image Magnet Bird Vintage]

Magnet White Goose Vintage. Hard Plastic Resin. Mesaures about 1.5 inches tall x 1.25 inches wide. $9.95. (1)

[Image Magnet Floral Fan Resin Vintage]

Magnet Floral Fan Vintage. Hard Plastic Resin. About 3 inches long x about 1.75 inches tall. $9.95. (1)

[Image Floral Tulips Friends Forever Vintage Magnet]

Magnet Floral Tulips "Friends Forever" Vintage. Hard Plastic Resin. Figi Graphics, 1991. 3.5 inches tall by about 3 inches wide. Nice & heavy magnet. $19.95. (1)

[Image House Thermometer Resin Magnet Vintage]

House with Thermometer Resin Magnet. About 2.75 inches tall x about 2 inches wide. This is an estate sale magnet never used and only stored away. $9.95. (1)

[Image Precious Moments Joyful Noise Magnet]

Precious Moments "Make a Joyful Noise" Wood Magnet. 1988 Samuel J. Butcher Precious Moments Collection tag on back. 3.5 inches long x 2.75 inches tall. $24.95. (1)

[Image Resin Kitty Cat in Dress Vintage Magnet]

Elegant Kitty Cat Vintage Magnet. Back says: Handmade by Vicki Lane & '90 for year 1990. $34.95. (1)

[Image Country Kids Watkins Inc. Mug]

[Image Country Kids Vintage Mug]

Country Kids Collector's Mug & Coaster Set. "Moms are Special". Copyright 1990 Watkins Incorporated. Mint condition. (Both sides of this wonderful Mug  & Coaster are shown at the left) $49.95. (1)

[Image Mug Blessed Morehead Mug]

Blessed Are Ye Mug. "Lord, help me to see things through Your eyes!" Designed by Ruth J. or Bill D. Morehead. $49.95. (1)

[Image Giftco Goose Mug]

White Goose Mug & Coaster Set. Giftco, Inc. Mint condition. $29.95. (1)

[Image White Goose Canister Set Antique Retired]

White Goose Duck Tin Canisters Set of 3 Estate Beautiful.

Large measures about 6" tall, medium measures 5.25" tall, small measures about 4.5" tall. They even fit inside each other. They are Goose Ducks with navy blue bows at the neck and white flakes around each can. Design is on 2 sides of each can and on the lid of each. Made in Taiwan. R.O.C.

These were put out 20-30 years ago. Near mint to mint; only stored and not used from Estate. $99.95.

[Image Vintage Relish/Candy Dish Purple Roses]

Candy/Relish Dish. This beautiful dish is Made in Germany. It measures about 9 7/8 inches long by 3.75 inches across the top. It has purple/pink roses inside with leaves and buds. All Around the rim inside is green/lavender shiny hue; near mint condition, no breaks, etc. No identifying marks of age; between 1900 to early 1950's. Round seal etched in dish on bottom. Made in Germany.

[Image Christmas Tins Set of 3 Houses]

Christmas Tins Houses set of 3. This wonderful set of 3 tins was made 15-20 years ago. They measure about 3.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches across each and there is a different image on front and back. Click on image to see the set of 3 still in plastic and in vinyl box. $34.95. (1 set only)

[Image Teddy Bear Tins Christmas Teddy Tum Tum Lowry]

Christmas Teddy Bear Tins Teddy Tum Tum set of 2. Patrick Lowry Michael Woodward Creations Limited 1996. This may have been included in baskets we once carried. Last in stock. They each measure about 2.5 inches across by 2 inches tall. $15.95.  Click on image to see both styles. (1 set only)
[Small Image Mouse Pair] Lefton Mice set. One has a Ladybug atop her head & the other holds a Strawberry. They have the stamped Lefton stamp on each bottom & number 8277. Trade Mark Exclusives Korea. They each measure about 2.75 inches tall each. $99.95. (1)
[Small Image Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers] Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers Set. Slight chip on the bottom of her foot. He has on the bottom his name of Oliver. They both have round oval stamps Japan. They measure about 3 inches tall each. $49.95. (1)

[Small Image Christ Knocking Plate]

Christ Knocking at the Door Plate. "God Bless our Home" Warranted 22K Gold. Sanders Mfg. Co. USA Nashville Tenn. Copyrighted. First Edition. Plus it looks like some type of number on the bottom; not sure if that is the year, but I know it's close to 50 years old. Near Mint condition for it's age. Measures about 9.25" in diameter. $499.95. (1)

[Image Horse & Carriage Trivet & Recipe Cards Set]

Horse & Carriage Trivet and 6 Recipe Cards. Trivet shows a snowy scene with a Horse & Carriage, Ice Skater, Antiques Shop, House, Snow, Decorated Trees. It measures about 4.25 inches tall by 4.25 inches wide and has a corking on the back so not to scratch your counter or other surfaces or to keep in place. It comes with six matching Recipe cards that has a horse & carriage theme. The recipe cards are 5 inches across by 3 inches tall. $29.95. (1 set only)

Purses made of a bead finish.

Blue/Purple "Top" purse has inside label that says Made in Belgium Expressly for The Emporium and measures about 8.5" in lenth by 5" tall. This purse has a top closure with faux clear gems on the top.

Dark Coral "Bottom" purse has Joseph Magnin label inside and Richere Bag by Walsoro and Japan. It measures 7.75" in length by about 4.5" tall. It has a mirror inside that may say JANA on it? This purse has a snap closure.

No missing beads so above average to near mint condition on each due to some dust settling for being in storage; I have no idea on how to clean them so AS IS. No date labels.

ESTATE. $27.50 ea.

[Small Image Kittens on Couch]

Kittens on a Couch Figure. #6056; not sure the letter at the end of this number. It also has a capital N with a capital C over it on the bottom. One kitten has browns and the other blacks. The age is 45 years old & up. $499.95. (1)

[Small Image Lambs]

Precious Moments Lambs set. Porcelain. $34.95. (1 set)
[Small Image Bird/Squirrel Set] Current, Inc. RETIRED Bird & Bunny Set. The Bird measures about 2" tall & the Bunny about 2.75" tall. These are about 20 years or more old. They were possibly from Current, Inc. No chips or breaks. $34.95 set. (1)

Mikasa Bone China June Splendor A7054 Design (45 pieces) - $899.95:

This beautiful set is a discontinued style. It has not been used. It was put in a hutch a month ago after being in boxes for years. Estate; never used. We will not break this up into by the piece. No breakage or wear! PRISTINE!!!
8 - Plates - Dinner

[Image Mikasa June Splendor Dinner Plates in a set]

8 - Plate - Salad 7.75"

[Image Mikasa June Splendor Salad Plates in a set]

8 - Cup & Saucer Set

[Image Cup & Saucer Sets Mikasa June Splendor]

8 - Plate Bread & Butter

[Image Bread & Butter Plate Mikasa June Splendor in set]

1 - Platter Oval 14.875"

[Image Mikasa June Splendor Platter Oval 14.875" in a set]

1- Sugar Bowl and Lid

[Image Mikasa June Splendor Sugar Bowl & Lid]

1 - Creamer

[Image Creamer Mikasa June Splendor in a set]

1 - Serving Bowl Round 8.875"

[Image Mikasa June Splendor Round Serving Bowl 8.875" in a set]


[Small image of item]

Holiday Traditions Jafra 1994; Limited Edition Tapestry Cosmetic Travel Roll

Was available only September 1 through December 30, 1994.

Closed it measures 8.75 inches up and down and 8.75 inches across. Opened it is 25 inches long. It has a zippered pocket inside that is clear and the middle has a clear pouch that snaps, and the bottom has a zippered maroon pouch. This is a great accessory for your cosmetics to carry in for travel and I've not seen another like it. $35.00 each. (2 in stock); never used; still in plastic bag it was shipped in. It was to be a Hostess gift at that time.

[Small image of item]

Holiday Traditions Jafra 1994.

Royal Almond Ceramic Bath Set $25.00.

Was available only November 1 through December 31, 1994.

Includes Bath Cup, Soap Dish, two 1.5 oz. Royal Almond fragranced soaps (still in plastic) & an orange sponge with a loop for hanging in your shower.

[Small image of item]

Holiday Traditions Jafra 1994; Limited Edition Tapestry Cosmetic Travel Bag $25.00.

Was available only September 1 through December 30, 1994.

Measures 7.5 inches long and 5.75 inches up and down.

You could use this as a small purse for it opens up wide and is lined in a maroon type vinyl about 6 inches across the top. This is a great accessory for your cosmetics to carry in for travel or inside your purse or carry bag and I've not seen another like it. (1 in stock); still in plastic bag it was shipped in.

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