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Hallmark Vintage Christmas Doll Set - Hallmark Porcelain Doll Collection

The Little Drummer Boy Musical - Marked on porcelain on the back of doll, "1984 Hallmark Cards" The Drum contains a musical movement which plays "Carol Of The Drum." The Doll's head, hands and feet are made of hand painted fine porcelain. He stands 15 inches tall, comes with orignal hang tag. He wears a green felt hat with patches, tan pants with patches and worn out waist, blue shirt and maroon vest. He wears sandles and the music movement in the drum still operates!

"Christmas Carol" - Marked on porcelain on the back of doll, "1984 Hallmark Cards Inc. Limited edition of 2750". The Doll's head, hands and feet are made of hand painted fine porcelain. Comes with original hang tag also marked limited editon of 2750. She is 15 inches tall, her red dress, beautifully accented in green satin ribbon and white eyelet, gives her a festive holiday look. She has white stockings, green shoes with light green ribbon and silver bells, white eyelet pantaloons, and a green ribbon in her light brown hair.

Both dolls are in beautiful shape for 20 year old items!

$195.00 for the set. (sold out!)

[Image My First Hot Wheels Light & Motiion #7279 Hallmark Orn]

Hallmark My First Hot Wheels Light and Motion Keepsake Ornament. Handcrafted - Dated 1995. A unique ornament - the Hot Wheels cars loop 'round and 'round the track, to the delight of all on Christmas morning. Not Removed From Box. Found in inventory. Box in near mint condition. Item #7279. $49.95. (1)

[Image Enesco 56 Ford P/U Orn. 128813]

Enesco Ford '56 Ford F100 Truckin'Ornament. Item #128813. Designed in a moldable poly material called Artplas, each is hand painted and crafted. NRFB. Box is in good condition. $29.95; sold out!

[Image Murray Champion Kiddie Car Orn. 21329 Hallmark]

Hallmark Murray Champion Miniature Kiddie Car Classics. Cast Metal - Dated 1995. NRFB. First in the Miniature Kiddie Car Classics series. $24.95. (1)

[Image Murray Fire Truck Mini Orn. Hallmark 28520]

Hallmark Murray Fire Truck Miniature Kiddie Car Classics. Cast Metal - Dated 1996. NRFB. Second in the Miniature Kiddie Car Classics series. Sculpted by Don Palmiter. This Keepsake Miniature is based on the 1955 Murray Fire Truck. Box has a small dent on the front. $19.95. (1)

[Image Hallmark Ornament Murray Fire Truck Large #17661]

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Murray Fire Truck. Keepsake Ornament. Second in the Kiddie Car Classics Series. From the 1940's through the 1960's brightly colored pedal cars - running on kid power - turned neighborhood sidewalks into highways to adventure. Cast Metal - Dated 1995. Box does have some type of blue marking hue on the back and side. $24.95. (1)

[Image Hallmark Ornament Rodney Moose #QXC4129]

[Image Hallmark Ornament Santa Cool Cola #QXC4457]

[Image Hallmark Ornament Fishing Fun #QXC5207]

[Image Hallmark Ornament Collecting Memories #QXC4117]

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collector's Club Ornaments 1995 - $49.95 set.

Never Removed From Box. All boxes in near mint condition except Fishing For Fun which is crushed in the front of the box; ornament is MINT.

Ornaments are:

  • "A Gift From Rodney" (Moose) - dated 1995
  • "Cool Santa" (Coca-Cola)
  • "Fishing For Fun" (1995 Keepsake of Membership)
  • "Collecting Memories" (1995 Keepsake of Membership)

[Image Holiday Bunny 1996 Miniature KOCC]

[Image Rudolph's Helper Hallmark Miniature KOMembership]

[Image Rudolph Reindeer Light Magic 1996 KOMembership]

[Image Santa 1996 Keepsake of Membership KOCC Orn.]

1996 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collector's Club Membership Kit Ornaments - The Theme for this Year 1996 was centered around Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - $49.95 set.

Ornaments unopened; still in original plastics. Hallmark Keepsake Collector's Club Year 1996.

  • "Holiday Bunny" (Miniature)
  • "Rudolph's Helper" (1996 Keepsake of Membership Miniature)
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Light (Magic - 1996 Keepsake of Membership)
  • Santa (1996 Keepsake of Membership)

[Image Norfin Troll Christmas Stocking #61250 Smithy Access.]

Norfin Troll Christmas Stocking. Not sure of the year this came out but it was about 15-20 years ago. Item #Y1250. It measures about 22 inches long. Across the face including the ears is about 8 inches wide. Not displayed; mint with tags (hangtag & sewn tag). $39.95. (1)

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