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Disney Beanbags; these are MWMT* Beanbags/Disney Stores. *Mint With Mint Tag! We also have assorted Disney Books, Ornaments, Color Books, Sticker Books and more listed on this page!!

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[Image Halloween Pooh, Tigger, Piglet Set 23218]

Halloween Pooh Beanbag Set. By Mattel/Disney. Dated 1999. Fisher-Price toys. You get Tigger, Pooh, & Piglet dressed up for Halloween Trick or Treating. Winnie the Pooh is even dressed up in a pumpkin outift! Piglet looks like he's in a Dracula/Bat type outfit. For all ages. They are wonderful beanbags for anytime of the year or even create a scene! They come in this carry-all package. NRFB. $24.95. (1)

Disney Country Bears 5 Teddy Bears Set!


Disney Country Bears!

[Image Country Bear Beary Disney 15 inch Plush]

[Image Country Bear Beary Disney 15 inch Plush]

[Image Country Bear Beary Disney 15 inch Plush]

[Image Country Bear Beary Disney 15 inch Plush]

[Image Country Bear Beary Disney 15 inch Plush]

Each is 15 inches tall and some holding their plush instruments. They are wonderfullly dressed and can stand on their own. They even have vinyl like claw toes & noses. Some even have vinyl hand claws! Set of 5 special Bears. Disney Store. One set only available.

  • Country Bear Beary
  • Country Bear Henry
  • Country Bear Fred
  • Country Bear Ted
  • Country Bear Tennessee

Bug's Life Watch Collection. Disney Pixar. Still in boxes. By McDonald's 1998. $74.95. This is the full set of 3 they put out in 1998. You get:
  • Clip-Tock Bug Eye Spy
  • Leafy Ant-Ticks
  • Pop Topper

[Small Image Toy Story Burger King Toys]

Toy Story Burger King Toys (larger image unavailable on this item). You get all 6 original Toy Story 1 Toys mint in packages. You get Buzz, Woody, Rex, Potato Head, Vehicle, Soldiers. Dated 1995 on paper that's shown inside. $89.95.

Snow White, Prince, Witch, & 7 Dwarfs 10 Beanbags Set

Includes: Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy, Doc, & Dopey, Snow White, Witch, & Prince. They measures about 8 inches tall each. From the Movie Snow White.


[Image Mary Poppins Beanbag Disney Tagged]

[Image Bert Mary Poppins Beanbag Disney Tagged]

[Image Fox Mary Poppins Beanbag Disney Tagged]

[Image Penguin Mary Poppins Beanbag Disney Tagged]

Mary Poppins, Bert, Fox, Penguin Set. From the Movie Mary Poppins. $29.95 set; sold out!

[Image Disney Doug, Porkchop Dog, & Patti Beanbag Set]

Doug, Porkchop, & Patti Beanbag Set. $24.95. From the Disney Show Doug. The bottom price flap was not on these 3 for it got shipped to us that way. Otherwise tags are all mint & attached; sold out!

[Image Disney Toy Story 5 Beanbag Set]

Buzz, Woody, Alien, Rex, & Hamm Beanbag Set. From the Movie Toy Story. 7-9 inches tall each. $29.95 set; sold out!

[Image Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Beanbag Disney Tagged]

Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty. $9.95; sold out!

[Image Pain/Panic Beanbag Disney Tagged]

Pain/Panic Beanbag. $8.95. (1)

[Image of Goofy Beanbag Ornament Disney]

1999 Christmas Goofy Plush Ornament. A Christmas To Remember 1999 Star Tag along with the regular Disney tag. He's holding a white cake with embroidered red/green around the edging, embroidered Merry Christmas 1999 with a green tree is on the top of the cake. He wears a chef's hat and green scarf. He measures about 7 inches tall counting his hat and he does have a loop in back for hanging him on a Tree, etc. $14.95. (1)

[Image of Goofy Beanbag Disney]

Goofy Marleys Ghost. Wonderful detail on this wonderful two colored blue beanbag; chains, keys, piggy bank. 8 to 9 inches tall. $19.95. (1)

[Image of Goofy Beanbag Disney]

Goofy Goofenstein. Bolts in Neck, Red Patch on pants, 8 inches tall mini beanbag. $19.95. (1)

[Image of Goofy Beanbag Disney]

Chef Goofy Beanbag in original Plastic Bag. He's called Goofy's Kitchen! Disneyland Resort Hotels. Since he is mint in plastic it's hard to tell but he looks to be 8 inches tall. $14.95. (1)

[Image of Goofy Beanbag Disney]

Goofy Dad Plush - Tool belt, Yellow Tie w/Green Dots. About 16 inches tall. He even has two different colored shoes on, two different colored socks, holds a brush and a wrench, has plush type tools in his belt and on his shoulder. $29.95. (1)

[Image Winnie the Pooh Valentine Beanbag Disney]

Winnie the Pooh Lovebug Firefly Beanbag. Has 2000 embroidered with hearts on the bottom of one foot. He also has in pink embroidery Love Bug on the front of him. There is a "Press Here" removable tag on the front but it doesn't seem to do anything. So, if you are a collector of Winnie the Pooh this is a great addition to your collection. $14.95. sold out!

[Image Millennium Bug Pooh Bear Disney]

Millennium Bug Pooh Bear Beanbag. Year 2000. This is a special 7 inch Pooh in silver molded on outfit and silver wings and antlers. Foreign writing inside tag. if you are a collector of Winnie the Pooh this is a great addition to your collection. $24.95. sold out!

Winnie the Pooh Red Sweater/White Heart in the center, 8 inches tall. $14.95. sold out!

Tigger as Pooh, 8 inches tall. $14.95. sold out!

[Image Disney Bumblebee Winnie the Pooh]

Bumble Bee Pooh, 8 inches tall. $14.95. sold out!

[Image Winnie the Pooh & Cupid Eeyore Valentine's Day Set]

Winnie the Pooh Red Sweater/White Heart & Cupid Eeyore Set. Pooh is 8 inches tall & Eeyore is 9 inches tall. $19.95 set. sold out!

[Image Classic Pooh Beanbag Set Disney Art Classics]

Classic Pooh Beanbags Set. You get Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, & Eeyore. These are not the standard type beanbags with hangtags. They have sewn tags on with Disney. They are unusually soft and measure about 7 inches tall each. $19.95 set. sold out!

[Image Piglett Pig Disney Art Classic lineBeanbag]

Piglet Beanbag Disney Art Classics line. This is the last one left in this series we sold in our Store. These did not come with hangtags but sewn Disney tag only. This was a promotional beanbag for buying Disney Figurines. $6.95.  sold out!
Listed Below are other Disney Products in our inventory:

[Image Disney's Lion King Lithograph dated 1995]

Lion King Lithograph 1995 Exclusive Commemorative. Got shipped to us with creases. Special Price of $19.95. (1 only)

Image Soon!

Hunchback of Notre Dame Lithograph. $20.00. Smaller than the 101 Dalmatians Lithograph or Pocahontas Lithograph.

Image Soon!

Hunchback of Notre Dame Lithograph. $20.00. Smaller than the 101 Dalmatians Lithograph or Pocahontas Lithograph.

[Image Pocahontas Watch in Plastic Fantasma]

Pocahontas Lenticular Holographic Watch in plastic package. Fantasma. Looks like plastic or vinyl. Shows on the armband: Pocahontas, Capt. John Smith, Meeko, Flit, & Percy. Pocahontas is in a holographic image on the face of the watch. In blues & Yellows. Never Removed From Package. $29.95. (1)

[Disney Lithograph Pocahontas Exclusive Commemorative 1995]

Disney's Pocahontas Exclusive Commemorative Lithograph 1995. It shows Pocahontas & Capt. John Smith grasping hands. It also shows Meeko & Flit. Pink & Blue leaves are swirling about the couple. Gold seal on bottom right to show authenticity. Comes in original envelope. $34.95. (1)

[Image Pocahontas Disney Special Edition Lithograph HV 1995]

Disney's Pocahontas Special Edition Lithograph. Produced exclusively for Walt Disney Home Video 1995. Shows Pocahontas, Capt. John Smith, Meeko, Flit, and Mother Tree. Gold seal on bottom right (Special Edition) to show authenticity. Comes in original envelope. $34.95. (1)

[Image Pocahontas Disney Destiny Calls Book HB]

Pocahontas Destiny Calls, A Mouse Works Picture Window Book. Join Pocahontas and John Smith along a very special path that leads to a laughter, adventure, and life-long friendship. The exquisite cel-like paintings on acetate windows transform from scene to scene as the story comes to life before your very eyes! Peek through the magical picture windows and enter a world that's pure Disney enchantment! $14.95. (1)

[Image Pocahontas Painting with the Wind HB Book Disney]

Pocahontas Painting With The Wind, by Teddy Slater, Illustrated by Ed Ghertner and Del Thompson. From the trail of yellow leaves that floats past Pocahontas on a soft breeze to the deep blue stream to the bright orange butterfly that lands on Meeko the raccoon's nose, the colors found in nature are a feast for the eye. Green grass, purple berries, pink flowers, and a bouquet of other colors fill the pages of this lyrical picture book based on Disney's animated film Pocahontas. Accompanied by a gentle rolling text, these lush images evoke all the spirit and beauty of both the film and Pocahontas herself. $19.95. Hardback. (1)

[Image Disney Pocahontas Large HB Story Book]

Disney's Pocahontas Classic Series. A Disney Mouse Works Hardback Book. $12.95. Hardback; 96 pages. (1)

[Image Disney Pocahontas Hide & Squeak Meeko HB Book]

Pocahontas Hide and Squeak, Meeko! Where has Meeko hidden everyone's things? Youngsters can play along with the mischievous racoon by squeezing him to give clues whenever they see the word, SQUEAK! $14.95. Boardbook. (1)

[Image Pocahontas Disney Little Library 4 Book HB]

Pocahontas Little Library. Four friendly board books tell the story of Pocahontas in simple words and beautiful Disney art. Just the right size to fit in this colorful slipcase, and perfect for little hands to hold! Includes A Lesson in Friendship, When Two Worlds Meet, A Proud People, and Setting Sail. $14.95. Hardbacks. (1)

[Image Pocahontas Disney Meeko's Busy Day HB Book]

Pocahontas Meeko's Busy Day (Pop Up Pals). Pocahontas's favorite forest friends pop up in the silliest places; Meeko jumps in or a swim with the otters; Percy pops out of a hollow log; And Flit flutters high above it all. $14.95. (1) Hardback.

[Image Pocahontas Sparkling River HB Book]

Pocahontas The Sparkling River. Brilliantly colored foil makes the ever-changing wonders of nature come alive, page after page, as Pocahontas and her friends journey along the sparkling river. $19.95. Hardback. (1)

[Image Disney Pocahontas Computer Stationary Hallmark]

Pocahontas Stationery Computer Friendly 30 sheets. This is Pocahontas Stationery that is compatible for use with sheet-fed laser, dot matrix and ink jet printers, photocopiers, or you can just write on it! You get 30 sheets and 31 designed envelopes. It shows Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko, Flitter. $24.95. Hallmark. (1)

[Image Disney Pocahontas Hallmark 4 Cards Set]

Pocahontas Card Set. This is Disney's Pocahontas character Collector Set Greeting Cards (Blank Inside). Four Different Pocahontas Card Designs and Four Envelopes. $24.95. Hallmark Cards. (1)

[Image Disney Hallmark John Smith Meeko Ornament]

[Image Disney Pocahontas Hallmark Percy Flit Meeko Ornament]

[Image Pocahontas Ornament Hallmark Pocahontas]

[Image Pocahontas Hallmark Orn. Pocahontas & Capt. Smith]

All Ornaments have not been removed from their boxes. Sold as a set only! From 1995. $99.95. (1 set)

Hallmark Disney Pocahontas Captain John Smith and Meeko Keepsake Ornament. The clever, ever-hungry raccoon named Meeko knows just how to get a biscuit treat from Captain John Smith! In Disney's animated film Pocahontas, the English soldier explores the Virginia forest with the daughter of the Powhatan Indian Chief and learns to appreciate the woodland creatures, as well as the customs of the Native American people.

Hallmark Disney Pocahontas Percy, Flit and Meeko Keepsake Ornament. In Disney's animated film Pocahontas, Percy is the pampered pooch who accompanies Lord governor Ratcliffe from England to the Jamestown settlement. The snobbish pug soon discovers a New World of his own with the help of two woodland pals - Meeko, the masked prankster, and the brave little hummingbird, Flit.

Hallmark Disney Pocahontas "Pocahontas" Keepsake Ornament. In Disney's animated film Pocahontas, the beautiful daughter of the Powhatan Indian Chief is encouraged to "find her own path" by listening to her heart. Spirited, intelligent and independent, Pocahontas has a love of the Earth that touches everyone she meets. Flit, a busy little hummingbird, is just one of her woodland companions.

Hallmark Disney Pocahontas "Pocahontas and Captain John Smith" Keepsake Ornament. In Disney's animated film Pocahontas is a tale of love's power to show us the path of peace. Beautiful, spirited and independent, the daughter of the Powhatan Indian Chief loves the Earth; while the fearless and intelligent English soldier has come to the New World to tame the land. Their meeting will change their lives and the lives of their people forever.

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