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Patty Duke Mohair Teddy Bears - Handmade of 100% German Mohair with hand blown glass eyes. The head of each bear has a special "Bobble" joint that moves when the bear is moved. This movement is intentional. By Patty Duke & Ann Inman-Looms.

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Faith, Hope & Charity Mohair Teddy Bear Set. Every teddy bear is made of imported mohair, 11 inches tall, with hand blown glass eyes. They are fully jointed and wonderfully detailed down to the handstitched nose. Each bear will be wearing a charm to symbolize their name, with a small collar. Each Teddy Bear Signed & Same Numbered as a set. Click on each image to the left to see all 3 Teddy Bears.

Faith is a heavenly white bear made wearing a charm to symbolize faith and devotion, the charm is an Angel with hands clasped in prayer.

Hope is a radiant creamy sunshine color symbolizing a new beginning to every day - there is always a way out of the darkness. The charm is of the Sun - to warm your soul.

Charity is symbolized by a heart. True giving comes from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

Each and every one of this premier edition, is personally signed by Patty Duke. What a very beautiful gift to give to one friend or family member or 3 different gifts; one for each person. $749.95 for the set.

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Santa Bill Teddy Bear is 11 inches tall, fully jointed, mohair with plush trim. A very special Elf!! $199.95.

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Glory Patriotic Teddy Bear is 11 inches tall. He's made of beautfiul red wavy mohair with flag ribbon feet. He wears a white and blue ribbon ruffle. $224.95.

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Homer Angel Teddy Bear is 5 inches tall, fully jointed, with sparse mohair. Wispy wings, ribbon & bells. Very special indeed! $124.95.


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