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Owls, Beautiful Quotes, Wildlife Greeting Cards & Tins

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Great Outdoors - Owls - Printed in the USA; warm greetings without warming the planet; Greeting Cards @$2.95 ea.

Greeting Cards

Three Owl Moon embossed noteables Tin #TFR76048

[Image Tree-Free Owls Tin]

50% recycled/15% PCW cards; recycled steel reusable tin; 100% PCW recycled envelopes; Paper printed with soy based inks.

Tin Set contains 12 Notecards (4"x6"), 4 of each owl, and 12 signature tan envelopes.

Artists: Carol Cavalaris, Jeremy Paul.


Owls Greeting Cards @$2.95 ea.

Barn Owl

[Image Tree-Free Owls Barn Owl #12464]

Blank inside.

Artist Jeremy Paul.


The Great One

[Image Tree-Free Owls The Great One #90096]

Blank inside.

Artist Rosemary Millette.


Snowy Owl

[Image Tree-Free Snowy Owl #12480]

Blank inside.

Artist Jeremy Paul.


Snowy Owls

[Image Tree-Free Snowy Owls #10158]

Blank inside.

Artist Jeff Tift.


Wise Eyed

[Image Tree-Free Wise Eyed Owl #11482]

Blank inside.

Artist Jeremy Paul.


Great Horned Owl

[Image Tree-Free Great Horned Owl #12471]

Blank inside.

Artist Jeremy Paul.


Three Owl Moon

[Image Tree-Free Three Owl Moon #12483]

Blank inside.

Artist Carol Cavalaris.


Tawny Owl

[Image Tree-Free Tawny Owl #12482]

Blank inside.

Artist Jeremy Paul.



Wildlife Greeting Cards @$2.95 ea.

A Rare Friend Wildlife - Elephant

[Image Tree-Free Elephants #11429]

"You should be on some sort of protected list. That's how rare you are. Thanks for being so thoughtful."

Jeremy Paul.


You Lift Me Up Wildlife - Orangutans

[Image Tree-Free Orangutans #11385]

"You lifted me onto your shoulders and suddenly there was no limit to how far my heart could see" "Thank you for everything."

L. H. Bissell Wildlife Art.


Encourage Wildlife - Giraffes

[Image Tree-Free Giraffes #14139]

Blank inside.

Jena Della Grottaglia, of Durwaigh Studios.


Listen Wildlife - Elephant

[Image Tree-Free Elephants #14140]

"Today the world is singing for you! Happy Birthday"

Jena Della Grottaglia, of Durwaigh Studios.



Beautiful Quotes Greeting Cards @$2.95 ea.

Contented Heart

[Image Tree-Free Contented Heart #12842]

"A Contented heart Is A Calm Sea In The Midst Of All storms"

Blank inside.


Into The Light

[Image Tree-Free Into the Light #12843]

(Quote by Rumi)

"What I Was Hiding Deep Inside, You Brought Out Into The light."



[Image Tree-Free Compassion #12844]

(Quote by Chogyam Trungpa)

"Acts Of Compassion Are eternal; They  Live FOREVER Shining Their Rays Throughout The universe."

Blank inside.


Your Smile

[Image Tree-Free Your Smile #12849]

(Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh)

"Because Of your smile, You Make Life More beautiful."

Blank inside.



[Image Tree-Free Home Life #12850]

(Quote by Dalai Lama)

"A Loving Atmosphere In your home Is The Foundation Of Your life."

Blank inside.


Some People

[Image Tree-Free Some People #12851]

(Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

"Some people, Like Flowers, Give Pleasure Just By being."

Blank inside.


Happiness Grows

[Image Tree-Free Happiness Grows #14032]

(Quote by Buddha)

"Thousands of candles Can Be Lit From A Single Candle, And The Life Of The Candle Will Not Be Shortened... happiness Never Decreases By Being Shared."

 Blank inside.


Life Sustains

[Image Tree-Free Life Sustains #14033]

(Quote by Kahlil Gibran)

"Oh heart, If One Should Say... That The Soul Perishes... Answer That The Flower Withers But The seed remains."

"In deepest sympathy for your loss"


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