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Always a Springtime

"Poems of Hope and Renewal"

Inside are sensitive poems, filled with hope, because they spring from the heart of a poet who counts hope and faith as intimate friends. The theme of this collection is that with God there are always new beginnings.

These poems deal with such topics as prayer, devotion to God, patience, faith, and comfort in the face of death. Encouragement to those who are ill, lonely, depressed, or bereaved.

Copyright, 1987


A devotion to uplifting meditations that will delight both the eyes and heart! Brighten your day with Bouquets!

When someone does a kindness it always seems to me That's the way God up in heaven would like us to all be...For when we bring some pleasure to another human heart, We have followed in His footsteps.... By Helen Steiner Rice.

Copyright, 1990

Everyone Needs Someone

Serving to remind us that people need each other; love, marriage, and friendship. Caring and sharing! To love and be loved is a blessing from above; Love's value is greater than money; rewards are everlasting!

Words of wisdom and comfort, expressing the warm, richness and joy of all who love, who need people and friends.

Copyright, 1987

Heart Gifts

A joyous volume of poetry that reminds us of God's continual presence and loving guidance.

For those whose hearts are heavy, Mrs. Rice's vibrant, soothing verses will encourage and comfort. A thoughtful gift of cheer as well as a beautiful book for your coffee table or home library.

Copyright, 1987


"Poems for all seasons"

Something special for each season of the year.

Copyright, 1987


Devotions that will invigorate and stir the soul!

When the way seems long And the day is dark, And we can't hear the song Of the thrush or the lark, And our hearts are heavy With worry and care And we are lost in the depths of despair. That is the time when faith alone Can lead us.... By Helen Steiner Rice.

Copyright, 1989


A devotion of warm, comforting thoughts of God on the cold days of winter.

God, open my eyes so I may see And feel your presence close to me. Give me strength for my stumbling feet As I battle the crowd of life's busy street,....By Helen Steiner Rice.

Copyright, 1990

Showers of Blessings

Even in in the midst of life's most trying times, God's blessings are evident. Helen Steiner Rice reminds us of God's promises of everlasting love and abiding joy.

This collection captures the very essence of the many forms of love: love of the Lord and His everlasting love for all His children; love among all men and all women; love of life and the wonderful world around us.

Copyright, 1988

Stepping Stones

Devotions as fresh and inspiring as a soft spring breeze will rekindle your faith.

So we may know God better And feel His quiet power, Let us daily keep in silence A meditation hour -- For to understand God's greatness....By Helen Steiner Rice.

Copyright, 1989

Sunshine of Joy

Sunshine of Joy! All about the comfort and gladness that sunshine brings into our lives. Our need for sunshine to the need our hearts have for the light of God's Son.

Just as a warm, sunny spring day renews our strength, these poems will refresh and invigorate you. Come and bask in the warmth of God's love.

Copyright, 1988

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