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Inspirational Gifts - Plush, Resin, Angels

[Image Boyds Insbearations Sarah #94842]

Sarah Teddy Bear "God is as near as a prayer" Light Gold Bear with Star Pillow; 8"H; $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94842

[Image Boyds Luke Insbearations #94841]

Luke Teddy Bear - Trust in the Lord is the message lil' angel bear Luke carries on a cross-shaped embroidered pillow. Poly and bean filled, Luke features silver quilted wings. 8"H; $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94841

[Image Boyds Insbearations Issac #94840]

Issac Teddy Bear "God's Love Makes Everything Perfect" Gold Bear with Quilt; 8"H; $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94840

[Image Smiley Boyds Bear Inspire #94839]

Smiley Insbearations Teddy Bear - An inspired way to tell a friend that you share a special bond! Light brown chenille bear holds a smiley face pillow embroidered with "God smiled the day we became friends." $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94839

[Image Anna Boyds Inspire Bear #94836 Plush]

Anna - An 8"H off-white bear holding a lavender and floral print, heart-shaped pillow with "I Love You Jesus" embroidery. Insbearations Series. $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94836

[Image Miriam Boyds Inspire Bear #94835 Plush]

Miriam - An 8" gold bear holding a miniature quilt with house-shape and "Our home is open to God, sunshine and friends" embroidery. Insbearations Series. $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94835

[Image Faith Inspire #94830 Boyds Plush]

Faith - 8" tall; bear that reminds folks to keep plugging even when the going gets tough! Faith features gold-thread-quilted wings, a gold cord halo, and a felt cross with inspirational script! Insbearations Series. $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94830

[Image A. Promise Inspire Boyds #94818 Plush]

A. Promise - 10" tall; A. Promise, inspired by a beloved church hymn, will brighten a friend's day in so many ways! This gold bear features a bow tie and a velvet rainbow pillow, embroidered with "What A Friend We Have In Jesus." Insbearations Series. $18.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94818

[Image Boyds Beary Goodfriend Angel #94816]

Beary Goodfriend Angel Plush with wings & holding a pillow "Friends like you are heaven sent"

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94816 @$13.95 ea.; Retired!

{Image Mary and Martha Think Ya #94813]

Mary and Martha Insbearations Teddy Bears Set - 6.5" tall ea. They hold a pillow "God made us Sisters, Hearts made us Friends"

Bears joined together; White Bear/Tan Bear.

Boyds Teddy Bears #B94813 @$18.95 ea.

[Image F.R.O.G. Inspire Boyds #94812 Plush]

F.R.O.G. - 8" tall; Sunday School friends will chuckle when they see F.R.O.G., a gold Boyds bear in a froggy disguise. Check his costume for the heart-embroidered message... "Forever Rely on God." Insbearations Series. $11.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear Frog #B94812

[Image I. Learnedalot Boyds Bear #94811]

I. Learnedalot - 8" tall; A special present for someone receiving First Holy Communion! This precious lil' bear features a voile, star-print bow, holds a "Holy Communion" booklet, and comes with a "gold" prayer cross. Insbearations Series. $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94811

[Image John Insbearations Bear Boyds #94808]

John - 10" tall; Words to live by! This traditional-style mocha bear comes complete with a decorative medallion imprinted with a famous passage from the Holy Gospel According to Saint John. An insbearational gift for the ones closest to you! Insbearations Series. $18.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94808

[Image U. R. Loved Boyds Bear #94807]

U.R. Loved - 10" tall; U.R. makes a great gift for a pastor, religious instructor, or luved ones in your life! This mocha teddy holds a velvet smiley face pillow with an embroidered message that's guaranteed to make you smile! "Smile... Jesus Loves You!" Insbearations Series. $16.95 ea. Retired!

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94807

[Image Paul Teddy Bear w/Heart #94805 Boyds]

Paul Teddy Bear with Heart "God is Love" Insbearations Teddy Bear. 8"H. $13.95 ea.

Inspire a close friend or relative with Paul, a brown chenille bear who features a red satin ribbon bow and holds a red velvet pillow with insbearational embroidery!

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94805

[Image Peter Insbearations Boyds Bear #94804]

Peter - 8" tall; A great gift to give a new homeowner or neighbor! This precious lil' Boyds bear holds his own mini patchwork quilt, which is embroidered with a home design and the script, "God Bless This House." Insbearations Series. $11.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B94804

[Image Boyds Angela Angelfaith #903402]

Angela Angelfaith "When In Doubt Look Up!".

Angela has been sent to lift your spirits! This mixed-gold angel bear features posable, quilted satin wings; a star-print voile bow; a gold-embroidered velvet star pillow, and star embroidery on her foot pad! 8"H.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B903402 @$13.95 ea.; Retired!

[Image Boyds Insbearations Chrissy #903116]

Chrissy Teddy Bear - A sweet keepsake for Baby's Christening or Baptism. Off-white bear wears a lace-trimmed baby bonnet and bib with "God Bless This Baby" embroidery. 8"H; $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B903116

[Image Angelstar Boyds #903076 Thinkin' of Ya]

Angelstar "A Star For Luck An Angel For Guidance" For folks who are reachin' for the stars and following their dreams! This light beige guardian angel bear features gingham quilted wings and matching paw pads. 8"H. $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B903076

[Image Li'l Dickens Thinkin' of Ya #903070]

Li'l Dickens - Hey, nobody's perfect and Lil' Dickens can relate! This rust angel bear features quilted gingham wings and halo and holds a "90 % Angel" message cloud! 8"H. $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B903070

[Image Angel B. Blessings Thinkin' of Ya #903047]

Angel B. Blessings "Count Your Blessings" Inspire a special someone with Angel, a cream bear that is bean-filled and features pale blue "angel eyes," a gold halo, satin gold-thread-quilted wings, a gold belt, and an embroidered satin pillow. 8"H. $13.95 ea.

Boyds Teddy Bear #B903047

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Boyds Heaven Sent Teddy Bears "A prayer in its simplest definition is merely a wish turned Godward." - Phillips Brooks.

An Insbearational Collection from the folks at Boyds!

Inspirational Set Pastel Colored Bears each holding a heart with sayings; These are 8"H. Below is a scanned image of one of the Teddy Bears; it is retired and no longer in the Boyds database. Great to give for someone in the hospital, not feeling well, children, grandchildren, church functions, & more!

Click small image! Outstanding BUY!!! These Teddy Bears are floppy and fuzzy!

[Image Boyds Praying For You Bear Inspire #4823]

  • YOUR FRIEND IS PRAYING FOR YOU - Powder Pink; sold out!
  • I AM PRAYING FOR YOU - Cream/Off White; sold out!

Were $6.99 ea. Now $4.99 ea.

[Image Angelica Boyds Hug Mug #390534]

Boyds Angelica... Wish Upon A Star Hug A Mug. Wish you may...wish you might...Angelica will help you wish upon a star tonight...right after this cup of coffee! Two piece set features detailed resin coaster and a coordinating mug. Order #B390534; $16.95 ea.

Little Blessings



Sometimes all it takes is a little friendly inspiration as a reminder that each and every day is a truly blessed event! Happiness... Smiles... and a reminder that there's someone watching from above! Each comes packed in a colorful and fun gift box!

Boyds Little Blessings Smiles From Above Resin Angels - RETIRED!

$8.95 ea.

[Image Boyds Little Blessings Sarah #282400]


Smile God Loves You

"God loves each of us as if there were only one of us."

Sarah brings smiles, happiness and a reminder that God loves you! 

#B282400 - 3 3/8"H

[Image Boyds Little Blessings Ruth #282401]


God Bless You

"... may God send many blessings to you."

Ruth brings smiles, happiness and a heart-felt wish to you!

#B282401 - 3 3/8"H

[Image Boyds Little Blessings Faith #282402]


Let us Pray

"Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you."

Faith brings smiles, happiness and a reminder to give thanks and praise!

#B282402 - 3 3/8"H

[Image Boyds Little Blessings Theresa #282403]


You are a Blessing to me!

"Good friends are like stars... You don't always see them, but you know they're always there."

Theresa brings smiles, happiness and a warm and sincere thought to someone special!

#B282403 - 3.5"H

[Image Boyds Little Blessings Mary #282404]


Moms are Angels in Diguise

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

Mary brings smiles, happiness and warm thoughts about motherhood!

#B282404 - 3.25"H

Boyds Precious Angel Teddy Bears that spread good will and special blessings! Each made of cold cast resin.

God's Little Angels - Displayer only available @$15.00

WWJD What Would Jesus Do? Board Game. The thought-provoking Game of Tough Questions and Reflective Answers! Ages Teen & Up. This group discussion game challenges you to look at the role of Jesus in your life as you explore over 600 thought-provoking questions. Each question deals with life's everyday dilemmas and provides answers on how you might respond to them. Would you take the easy route in these situations or ask the ultimate question - What Would Jesus Do?


  • 600 questions
  • 16 response cards
  • 16 WWJD tokens
  • 40 scoring chips
  • Gameboard
  • 4 pawns
  • Die
  • Spiritual Guide

Year 1998. @$49.99.

Letter From A Friend

I am writing to say how much I care for you and to say how much I want you to know me better.

When you awoke this morning I exploded a brilliant sunrise through your window hoping to get your attention, but you rushed off without even noticing.

Later, I noticed you were walking with some friends, so I bathed you in warm sunshine and perfumed the air with nature's sweet scent, and still you didn't notice me. As you passed by I shouted to you in a thunderstorm and painted a beautiful rainbow in the sky and you didn't even look.

In the evening, I spilled moonlight onto your face and sent a cool breeze to rest you. As you slept, I watched over you and shared your thoughts, but you were unaware that I was so near.

I have chosen you and hope you will talk to me soon. Until then I will remain near. I am your friend and love you very much.

Your Friend, Jesus

Patty Duke Angel Bears & Helen Steiner Rice

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[Small image of ]

[Small image of ]

[Small image of ]

Patty Duke Mohair Teddy Bears - Handmade of 100% German Mohair with hand blown glass eyes. The head of each bear has a special "Bobble" joint that moves when the bear is moved. This movement is intentional. By Patty Duke & Ann Inman-Looms

Faith, Hope & Charity Mohair Teddy Bear Set. Every teddy bear is made of imported mohair, 11 inches tall, with hand blown glass eyes. They are fully jointed and wonderfully detailed down to the handstitched nose. Each bear will be wearing a charm to symbolize their name, with a small collar. Each Teddy Bear Signed & Same Numbered as a set. Click on each image to the left to see all 3 Teddy Bears.

Faith is a heavenly white bear made wearing a charm to symbolize faith and devotion, the charm is an Angel with hands clasped in prayer.

Hope is a radiant creamy sunshine color symbolizing a new beginning to every day - there is always a way out of the darkness. The charm is of the Sun - to warm your soul.

Charity is symbolized by a heart. True giving comes from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

Each and every one of this premier edition, is personally signed by Patty Duke. What a very beautiful gift to give to one friend or family member or 3 different gifts; one for each person. $349.95 for the set.

Charlton Heston presents The Word Audio Series. NEW; still in ship box. Twelve Audiotapes: In the Beginning, The Stories of Joseph and Daniel; Exodus, The Fall of Jericho, The Story of King David, The Story of King Solomon, Proverbs, The Stories of Jacob and Job, Women of the Bible, The Great Prophecies, Visions of the Apocalypse, Spreading the Gospel.

As a special gift for buying the entire series included is a copy of his hardcover book (Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: A Companion for Families). This book contains Charlton's personal retellings of and reflections on the greatest stories from the Old and New Testaments. It is enhanced with 150 full-color photos, paintings, and historical maps of the Holy Land, plus an easy-to-use reference section.

Year 1998. $74.95. (1 only)

Charlton Heston presents The Bible package. NEW; still in ship package. $49.95. (1 only)
  • Four Videocassettes (Genesis, The Story of Moses, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Passion).
  • A Companion Folio "Preaching the Bible"
  • Leonard Roseman's extraordinary soundtrack from the Exodus to the passion of Christ
  • Selected Psalms Audiocassette which recreates the immediacy of the Bible as the Living Word with readings of dozens of Biblical passages
  • A handsome 100% Leather Bookmark embossed with the Ten Commandments

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