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Teddy Bears Note Sheets with Envelopes (8 Note Sheets, 8 Envelopes).

Assorted Country Favorites - Memo Pads, Magnets

Assorted Mixed Magnets

Bagged Gifts-to-Go: Be Patient, The Best Friends, What a Special, Put Your Trust, All Things, You Are Special, Will of God, Always in Style.

Pass It On Cards: Whoooo Loves You, God thinks You're, Jesus Loves Every, You are a Treasure, Every Little One, Shine Our Light, May Rich Blessings, Happy Thanks, May God Give, Remembering, Thanksgiving, God is Good, God's Love is, Merry Christmas, Here's a, God's Love is for, So Sweet to Know, Christmas Means.

Bagged Gift: Live Well Laugh, Live a Happy Life, Jesus is the Best, Jesus Loves You.

Key Tags: Special People, Nothing is Impossible, Someone Special.

Pass It On Cards: The Best Friends, Rest In Him, Cherished Friend, Just a Little Smile.

Magnet: Follow, Jesus Changes, Giving It's All, Be Brave He Will, Faith is the, For God So Loved, Live a Happy Life, Live Well Laugh, Jesus is the Best, Jesus Loves You.

Pass It On Cards Carrying Cases

Verse Cards: God Bless America, Sing Help Me Lord, God is Able, Waiting.

Postcards: Promise, Open Your Heart, God is Good Owl, Wisdom Rocks.

Strength for the Journey Scripture Bottles.

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Pass It On Cards - Dogs & Cats

Verse Cards - Dogs & Cats

Dogs & Cats themes & Holiday

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