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[Image Jody Bergsma Magnet #31158 lt]

Jody Bergsma Collector's, Select & Kid's World Cards, Greeting Cards Assortments

Jody Bergsma - Inspirational & Greeting Card Booklets

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Artist Jody Bergsma
  • Gift Bags
  • Stationery - 8.5 x 11
  • Notecards (Boxed Notes)
  • Magnets
  • Large Notepads

Gift Bags

Leanin' Tree Gift Bags
  • Each package includes a package of 3 tissue papers; Notecard with coordinated design included on bag; Decorative rope or ribbon handles

  • Large Gift Bags (10"W x 13"H x 4.75"D) @$4.95 ea.

  • Medium Gift Bags (7.75"W x 9.75H x 4.5"D) @$3.95 ea.

Jody Bergsma

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Large Gift Bag


#LBag53048 @$4.95 ea.

Jody Bergsma

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Medium Gift Bag

"Hummers Night Dream"

#MBag53403 @$3.95 ea.

Jody Bergsma

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Medium Gift Bag


#MBag53417 @$3.95 ea.


8.5"x11" Stationery & Envelopes are laser printer compatible and acid free.

18 Sheets & 18 Envelopes per pack. Colorfully designed matching envelopes. Printed on recycled paper. $12.95 ea.

All styles 8.5x11 Stationery; retired; last of stock!

[Image Bersgma Patriotic Eagle Stationery #6108]

Jody Bergsma Patriotic Eagle Stationery (18 Sheets & 18 Envelopes)



Notecards listed on Main Leanin' Tree Notecards Page!!!

Very limited stock!


Magnets - $3.99 ea.

[Image Jody Bergsma Magnet #31161 LT]

"For all the world... a prayer of peace." Magnet

Wolf, Wild Cat.


[Image Jody Bergsma Magnet Dolphins #31160]

"May wisdom, hope and inspiration always be your guides in life." Dolphins & Lighthouse Magnet


[Image Jody Bergsma Magnet #31159 LT]

"Together we're stronger than when we're apart." Wolves Magnet


[Image Bergsma Pink Magnet #31158 LT]

"There's so much in life to tickle us pink!" Magnet

Pink Flamingos.


[Image Bergsma Frogs Magnet #31157 LT]

"Frogs 'n' Kisses!" Magnet


[Image Jody Bergsma Magnet #31156 LT]

"Don't spend another day with your music still inside you." Magnet

People & Spiritual Icons, Native American

#MAG31156; retired; last of stock!

[Image Eagles Jody Bergsma Magnet #31139]

"May we always be free to follow our dreams." Magnet

Birds, eagles.


[Image Dragonfly Magnet Jody Bergsma #31138]

"Nothing is worth more than this day." - Goethe. Magnet

Dragonfly, Floral.


[Image Eagles Magnet Jody Bergsma #JLB31137]

"The power that elevates is found in a brave, determined spirit." - Mark Twain. Magnet

Birds, eagles.

#MAG31137; retired; last of stock!

[Image Sealife Magnet Jody Bergsma #31136 LT]

"May you always follow your heart, and may it lead you to the places of your dreams." Magnet

Fantasy, Mermaids, Sea Faeries


[Image Horses Jody Bergsma Magnet #jlb31135]

"Wisdom, Courage, Vision And Strength... May They Be Your Guiding Spirits." Horses Magnet

Horses, Inspired by the five winds


[Image Large Cat Magnet Jody Bergsma #31134 LT]

"Whatever you can do or dream you can do... Begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." - Goethe. Magnet

Cougars, Cats, Desert Southwest, Rocky Mountain, Symbol, Spiral, Native American

#MAG31134; retired; last of stock!

[Image Horses Jody Bergsma Magnet #31133]

"Love is a dream that two hearts share as one." Horses Magnet

Horses, Dreamcatcher

#MAG31133; retired; last of stock!

[Image Eagles & Native Magnet Jody Bergsma #31132]

"A Prayer for Peace... To all people in all lands for all time." Magnet

Eagles, Native American.


[Image Wolf Eagle Bear Buffalo Magnet #31131]

"Friends are powerful medicine for the soul." Magnet

Medicine Wheel of the Four Directions


[Image Wolf Eagle Bear Deer Magnet #31130]

"In your dreams, find the desires of your heart... In your heart, find the courage to pursue your dreams." Magnet


[Image Bergsma Butterflies Magnet #31129 LT]

"Follow your dreams; for as you dream, so shall you become." Butterflies & Iris Flowers Magnet


[Image Frog Jody Bergsma Magnet #26072 LT]

"Eat a bug every morning... and nothing worse will happen... for the rest of the day!" Magnet

Frog, Cat, Inspirational, Rain, Friend, Humor, Bug, Water, Leaf


[Image Wolves & Eagle Magnet Jody Bergsma #26071]

"To catch a dream, you must give chase... Run with the wind!" Magnet

#MAG26071; retired; last of stock!

[Image Wolves Magnet Jody Bergsma #26070 LT]

"Soulmates cherish each other's feelings and believe in each other's dreams." Wolves Magnet


[Image Dolphins Jody Bergsma Magnet #26069 LT]

"The journey is the reward." - George Bernard Shaw. Dolphins Magnet


[Image Rainbow Magnet Bergsma #26068 LT]

"Wishing you a rainbow with each new dawn to brighten your world and hang your dreams upon!" Magnet

Butterflies, Rainbow, Sprite


[Image Wolves Jody Bergsma Magnet #25657 LT]

"The Power of a Dream" Wolves Magnet


[Image Buffalo Magnet Jody Bergsma #25655 LT]

Buffalo Magnet

Native American Symbols

#MAG25655; retired; last of stock!

[Image Hummingbirds Bergsma Magnet #25653 LT]

"Where there is love, there is life." Gandhi. Hummingbirds Magnet



List Pad

Magnetic List Pad/Shopping List!

Pad size 4"x9", 60 Sheets. Self-adhesive magnet included. Printed on recycled paper. $5.95 ea.

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