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Inspirational Dogs & Cats Greeting Cards

Greeting Card Booklets - 16 page Booklets @ $8.99 ea.

[Image LT Greeting Card Booklets Page]

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Greeting Card Booklets are gorgeous in Artwork & give uplifting beautiful words from the sender to the giver!

All Retired; last of stock!


Encouragement/Inspiring Words Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT Greeting Card Book Bergsma #22694]

Jody Bergsma

"A Collection of Inspiring Quotes"

Inspiring quotes to bring strength to the heart and gladness to the soul.


[Image LT Rory Tyger Greet Booklet #22696]

Rory Tyger

"If Hugs Were Flowers, I'd Give You This Many!" A little book of cheer for someone who is very dear.

Send encouraging thoughts for a friend experiencing hard times.


[Image LT Greeting Booklet Getty Images #22704]

Getty Images

"In Every Need God Will Be There For You." God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." Hebrew 13:5.

Give hope and encouragement with comforting words of scripture promises.



Friendship/Care & Concern Greeting Card Booklets

[Image LT Greeting Book Celebrate Friend #22679]

Getty Images

"In Celebration of Friendship" A Collection of Thoughts from My Heart to Yours.

Express your appreciation of true friendship with heartfelt sentiment.

#GCB22679 (Connie Haley & Getty Images)

[Image LT Greeting Booklet Magnificats #22688]

Margaret Sherry

"Friends Matter" (Magnificats)

Express simple and warm sentiment and show appreciation to your special friend.


[Image LT Greeting Booklet Kitty Hale #22705]

Rachael Hale

"Kitty Wisdom: Words to Inspire Your Inner Felines of Happiness"

These cute and cuddly words will inspire, uplift, and brighten the day.


[Image LT Greeting Book Good Friends #22715]

Maggie Mae Sharp

"Good Friends Are Like Fine Wine...They Only Get Better With Time!"

Let an old friend know she's special - on her birthday or any day!

#GCB22715; low stock!

Get Well

Get Well Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT Greet Book Survive Being Sick #22710]

Cowboy Cartoonists

"How To Survive Being Sick" all the things they do to ya while you're busy BEING SICK.

Send a lively get-well message complete with "Sickness Survival Tips!"


[Image LT Greeting Book Get Well Activity #22716]

Stan Makowski

"I Don't Feel Good!" A Get Well Activity Book - Ways to Stay Healthy Tips.

Cheer up sick young ones with a "Get Well Activity Booklet". More than a child's get well card, this booklet is filled with fun activities which young children will enjoy for hours!



Sympathy Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT Greet Book Sorrow Bergeron #22706]

Sandy Bergeron

"Especially In This Time Of Sorrow"  The eternal God is your refuge, And underneath are the everlasting arms... Deuteronomy 33:27.

Send an encouraging message of sympathy with prayers, Scripture, and thoughts of love.



Love Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT Greet Book Love Count Ways #22712]

Masterfile Corporation

"Let Me Count The Ways" Confessions Of My Love For You "Love is a numbers game in which you should always round up." J.D. Jaynes.

Say "I love you" to him or her for making you so incredibly happy.



Wedding Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT Greet Book Wedding Wishes #22717]

Masterfile, Fotosearch, LT

"Wedding Wishes From A to Z for all that is today and all that is yet to be!".

Congratulate the special couple with special wishes of wedded bliss.



Anniversary Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT Greet Book Anniversary Husband 22699]

LT Studio

"For My Wonderful Husband on our Anniversary" "So be mine, as I yours forever." Robert Graves.

Express heartfelt love and appreciation for your husband on your anniversary.


[Image LT Greet Book Anniversary Wife #22700]

LT Studio

"For My Wonderful Wife on our Anniversary" "So be mine, as I yours forever." Robert Graves.

Express heartfelt love and appreciation for your wife on your anniversary.


New Baby

New Baby Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT Greet Book New Baby R. Walter #22686]

Ronnie Walter

"Best Wishes to the New Mommy!"

Congratulate the new mom with this funny and upbeat primer to motherhood.


Kids Birthday

Kids Birthday Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT Greet Booklet Kid's B'Day #22708]

Harvey Gariety

"Celebrating the Birthday of a Totally Awesome Kid!" WOO HOO! It's Party Time!

Kids will love this funny and lively birthday greeting.


[Image LT Greeting Booklet Kids B'Day #22714]

Viv Eisner

"It's Your Birthday! A Book of Activities and Fun for Kids."

Young kids will love this birthday greeting loaded with fun activities.



Birthday Greeting Card Booklet

[Image LT BDay Woman's Life Booklet #22680]

Maggie Mae Sharp

"Presenting... A Woman's Life A Birthday Journey"

Say "Happy Birthday" with this humorous look at women growing older!


[Image LT BDay Girlfriend Booklet Card #22681]

Ronnie Walter

"Happy Birthday Girlfriend!"

Bring her a smile with this light-hearted birthday greeting focused on shopping, dieting, and chocolate!


[Image LT BDay Mom Card Booklet #22682]

Mike Scovel

"The Little Book of Mom"

Surprise Mom with a fun birthday greeting featuring the hilarious artwork of Mike Scovel.


[Image LT BDay Fishin' Card Booklet #22683]

Boots Reynolds

"All About Fishin'" A Handy Pocket Guide to Castin', Trollin', Nettin' and Fussin' while Sweatin', Swattin', Drinkin' and Cussin'.

Say "Happy Birthday" and bring a smile with this laugh-out-loud "fishin' guide".


[Image LT BDay Hubby Card Booklet #22685]

Ronnie Walter

"Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Hubby" "Forever"

Send a sentimental and light-hearted birthday greeting to your wonderful Hubby.


[Image LT BDay Sister Card Booklet #22687]

Bee Sturgis

"For My Sister on Her Birthday" "Chance Made Us Sisters, Hearts Made Us Friends."

Take a trip down memory lane with this warm birthday greeting to a wonderful and loving Sister.


[Image LT BDay Redneck Cookin' Booklet #22690]

Mike Scovel

"The Joy of Redneck Cookin'" Recipes for Goremay Grub Prepared in the Genuwine Down-Home Style.

Here's a special "Happy Birthday" to the "Master Chef" with 15 Redneck Recipes!

#GCB22690; sold out!

[Image LT BDay Daughter Card Booklet #22692]

Connie Haley

"One Special Daughter One Wonderful You!"

Celebrate your Daughter's birthday with this beautiful expression of love.


[Image LT BDay Son Card Booklet #22695]

Stan Makowski

"For a Great Son on His Birthday with Lots of Love (But Not So Much Mush)"

Fun animal facts highlight how much you love your young Son on his birthday.


[Image LT BDay Dad Jungle King Booklet #22698]

Mike Scovel

"Happy Birthday to Dad, the Undisputed King of the Jungle" (No one else has to put up with nearly as much monkey business!)

Delight Dad with a fun birthday greeting featuring the hilarious artwork of Mike Scovel.


[Image LT BDay Brother Card Booklet #22701]

Ronnie Walter

"Happy Birthday Brother"

Say 'Happy Birthday" to your Brother with a lighthearted trip through childhood memories.


[Image LT BDay Wonderful Mother Booklet #22703]

Judy Buswell

"With Love to My Wonderful Mother on Her Birthday"

Send warm and loving expressions of love to Mom on her birthday.


[Image LT BDay Wife Card Booklet #22707]

Masterfile Corporation

"To My Wife on Her Birthday"

Celebrate your amazing Wife's birthday with heartfelt expressions of love.


[Image LT BDay Grandmother Booklet #22709]

Judy Buswell

"With Love to My Wonderful Grandmother"

Give special thanks to your Grandmother on her birthday with lots of happiness and floral beauty.


[Image LT Dad BDay Special Booklet #22711]

Masterfile Corporation

"A Little Something Special... Especially for Dad"

Express your heartfelt love and gratitude for a wonderful Father on his birthday.


[Image LT BDay Outhouses Booklet #22713]

Various Artists

"The Little Book of Outhouses"

Say "Happy Birthday" to the Undisputed King of the "Throne" (complete with outhouse wit and wisdom)!


Below styles are sold out!

Josephine Wall

"Words to Dream By" A Collection of Inspirational Quotes.

Bring needed encouragement and inspiration with magical artwork and verse.

#GCB22684; sold out!

Jody Bergsma

"Words to Lighten Your Heart... Images to Brighten Your Spirit"

Lift the spirit with greetings of peace, love, and light that will encourage someone's day.

#GCB22689; sold out!

Josephine Wall

"There Are Angels All Around Us" "We shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds." Chekhov.

Uplifting expressions of comfort sent with hopes, wishes, and an angel's hug.

#GCB22697; sold out!

Rachael Hale

"How to Have a Great Birthday" A Manual of Doggie Wisdom.

Send cute and cuddly birthday greetings filled with doggie wisdom!

#GCB22691; sold out!

Gary Patterson

"How to Have a Pur-r-r-fect Birthday" A Manual of Feline Wisdom.

Wish someone "purrfect" bliss on their birthday with this manual of feline wisdom!

#GCB22702; sold out!

Personal Greetings for: Son, Dad, Hubby, Husband, New Mommy, Mom, Mother, Wife, Brother, Grandmother, Girlfriend, Daughter, Sister

Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks

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