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Greeting Cards - (Easter)

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Classic & Deluxe Greeting Cards:
  • Classic size: 5"x7" @$2.99 ea.
  • Deluxe size: 5.5" x 7.25" @$3.29 ea.

[Image LT Easter Shari Jenkins #24338]

Shari Jenkins

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"Get out your bonnet and don it!"

"More is better. But over-the-top is best! Have a Super, Fabulous Easter!"

#SJS24338 @$2.99 ea. (Glitter)

[Image LT Easter Sue Zipkin #24336]

Sue Zipkin

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"Happy Easter"

" one good egg!"

#SZP24336 @$2.99 ea. (Glitter)

[Image LT Chiara Castellini Easter #24334]

Chiara Castellini

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"You have a special flare for bringing joy everywhere. Happy Easter"

#CCL24334 @$2.99 ea. (Glitter)

[Image LT Leslie Moak Murray Easter #24331]

Leslie Moak Murray

Laugh with Leslie

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"The Easter Bunny:"

"Proof that floppy body parts can be cute. Happy Easter!"

#LMM24331 @$2.99 ea. (Glitter)

[Image LT Easter Leslie Moak Murray #24330]

Leslie Moak Murray

Laugh with Leslie

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"I'm giving up chocolate for Lent."

"I wonder if a person can sleep for 40 days. Happy Easter!"

#LMM24330 @$2.99 ea. (Glitter)

[Image LT Easter Kevin Daniel #24326]

Kevin Daniel

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"Rejoice In The Radiance Of His Living Light"

"Wishing you... joy as we turn our hearts toward heaven in praise of the Risen Christ. Happy Easter"

(with Isaiah 49:6)

#KDL24326 @$2.99 ea.

[Image LT Easter Stacey Yacula #24324]

Stacey Yacula

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"Happy Easter... Happy Spring..."

"Happy, Hoppy Everything!"

#SYA24324 @$2.99 ea. (Glitter)

[Image LT Easter Jan Pashley #24323]

Jan Pashley

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"You're Somebunny Special!"

"In so many ways! Happy Easter"

#JPY24323 @$2.99 ea. (Foil Stamped)

[Image LT Sue Zipkin Easter #16572]

Sue Zipkin

Easter Classic Greeting Card.

"Happy Easter"

"Hope your day comes in every shade of happy."

#SZP16572 @$2.99 ea. (Glitter)

[Image LT Susan Wheeler Easter #14618]

Susan Wheeler

Easter Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Easter Blessings..."

"May there come to you... the precious things in life: Happiness and

#SWR14618 @$3.29 ea. (Glitter)

[Image LT Easter Chiara Castellini #14616]

Chiara Castellini

Easter Deluxe Greeting Card.

"You're nobunny till somebunny loves you..."

"Happy Easter from your somebunny!"

#CCL14616 @$3.29 ea. (Glitter)


Greeting Cards - each package contains 8 cards with colorful interiors.

[Image LT Easter Shelly Comiskey Pckgd. #92461]

Shelly Comiskey

"Happy Easter"

"You're as sweet as can be and so special to me."

#SCY92461 - $4.95 per pkg.

[Image LT Easter Robbin Rawlings Pkgd. #92460]

Robbin Rawlings

"Happy Easter"

Wishing you a day that blooms with joy!"

#RAWL92460 - $4.95 per pkg.

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