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[Image LT John Arthur Fairy Amy]

Illuminations Greeting Cards

  • Cards come with colorfully printed envelopes; colorful interiors; printed on recycled paper

  • Classic size: 5"x7" @$2.79 ea.

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Fairies Greeting Cards - Artist John Arthur

John Arthur began drawing and painting in his father's art studio as a child and has not stopped since. He began his career as a professional artist and illustrator more than twenty-five years ago and since that time his paintings have graced the covers of books, magazines, and periodicals across the globe. Sales of his limited edition prints also attest to his international appeal. Although John is primarily known for his romantic fantasy watercolors, he is a figurative artist whose passion for the human form has led him to experiment in a wide variety of mediums. "There is no greater subject," the artist says. "For me, the figure is a vehicle for the soul."

[Image LT Fairy John Arthur BDay Card #40905]

Birthday "Titania" Classic Greeting Card.

"May your heart dance with delight in celebration of a truly wonderful life! Happy Birthday"

(Shakespeare's Titania is "The Queen of the Fairies." From John Arthur's incredibly lush watercolor entitled "Titania's Dance." This a Faerie who spends her time in the Forest.)

#JA40905 - $2.79 ea.; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT Fairy John Arthur BDay Card #40913]

Birthday "Amy" Classic Greeting Card.

"Another year older and more enchanting than ever! Happy Birthday"

(Fairy Amy  is the Fairy of Color and Light and is in the throws of Spring. Everything that meets her touch shimmers with color. This is John Arthur's brightest watercolor to date.)

#JA40913 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Fairy John Arthur Thinking You #40918]

Thinking of You "The Gift" Classic Greeting Card.

"When you least expect it, may magic touch your life. Thinking of You"

("Wait! O wait! A gift . . . for you a gift!" And at once the faerie vanished having surprised the young girl with a single blossom from an unknown friend.)

#JA40918 - $2.79 ea.; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT John Arthur Fairy Blank Card #40921]

Blank "Raina" Classic Greeting Card.

Blank inside.

(Sitting, waiting, watching. The Princess Raina of the Kingdom Faer is caught in a moment of quiet reflection. It is brilliant autumn. Leaves cascade, and the butterflies pause as to listen to each peaceful breath of she whose grace is above all others who live in this realm.)

#JA40921 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT John Arthur Fairy Inspiring Card #40922]

Inspiring Words Classic Greeting Card.

"Dance free, love strong, dream wild, live long!"

(The Gypsy Dancer is a classic figure. From John Arthur's series of "Dancers".)

#JA40922 - $2.79 ea.; retired; last of stock!

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