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Printed on recycled paper.

Artist Greg Giordano

An award-winning artist, Greg Giordano combines a passion for animals and birds with an exceptional eye and artistic technique. As a boy growing up in New York City, he attended the School of Visual Arts and spent countless hours sketching the dioramas of the Museum of Natural History. Today, he lives with his wife and daughter in rural Connecticut, where he enjoys spending much of the time outdoors. He also takes yearly painting trips throughout North America in search of inspiration and diverse subject matter. Over the years, Giordano has developed a unique style and mastered a variety of media, including pencil, gouache and oils. "I am always trying to do something new, to find a new way of approaching the ordinary," the artist explains. "I try to capture the majesty of nature and provoke an emotional response from the viewer; that's really one of the most powerful things art can achieve."

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Birds & Butterflies Greeting Cards


Birdhouse with Company Birthday Greeting Card.

"Wishing you a delightful day surrounded by those you love. Happy Birthday"

#GG10858 @$2.95 ea.


Birds on Wire Birthday Greeting Card.

"The word is getting around..."

"How wonderful you are, that is! Happy Birthday!"

#GG11729 @$2.95 ea.


& Butterflies

Hummingbirds & Arbor Birthday Greeting Card.

"Hope today will flutter by as gently as a butterfly, filled with beauty, joy, and love, and all that you've been dreaming of! Happy Birthday"

#GG11772 @$2.95 ea.


Monarchs Birthday Greeting Card.

"Hope your day is bright with fun times and sunshine! Happy Birthday"

#GG13854 @$2.95 ea.


& Butterflies

Birthday Greeting Card.

"Everywhere you look, may you find reminders of life's beauty, and your special part in it! Happy Birthday"

#GG13859 @$2.95 ea.


Birthday Love Greeting Card.

"Happy Birthday With All My Love - In sharing our lives, our hearts, our hopes, our dreams..."

"...I have found that life with you is even more wonderful than I imagined, more beautiful than I envisioned, and more amazing than I ever thought possible. Loving You Today, Tomorrow and Always"

#GG14639 #$3.29 ea.


& Butterflies

Field Gathering Birthday "Embossed" Greeting Card.

"To Someone Very Special... Here's lots of bright wishes for a beautiful birthday."

#GG80625 @$3.95 ea.


Bluebird Mailbox Blank Greeting Card.

Blank inside.

#GG11735 @$2.95 ea.


Spring Birdhouse Get Well Greeting Card.

"This is one get well wish that makes house calls! Feel Better Soon"

#GG11801 @$2.95 ea.


Garden Birds Get Well Greeting Card.

"A Get Well Wish..."

"Hope you're feeling bright and chirpy again real soon."

#GG15524 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Greg Giordano MDay #24356]

Premium Classic Mother's Day Greeting Card.

"TO MY Wonderful Wife... Today, I hope that you can feel how very much you are loved and appreciated."

"You're not just the heart and soul of what makes our family run smoothly and happily, you're everything that makes it beautiful. Happy Mother's Day With Love"

#GG24356 @$3.79 ea.

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Kittens, Bunnies, Puppies, Owls Greeting Cards

US Flag

Truck, Car

Road Signs

Route 66 - US Flag Birthday Greeting Card.

"The further down the road you get, the more treasured you become! Happy Birthday"

#GG10616 @$2.95 ea.


Wooden Wheelbarrow

Birds & Butterflies

Birthday Greeting Card.

"Here's to good friends, good fun, and all the stuff that keeps us young! Happy Birthday"

#GG11432 @$2.95 ea.



Kitty Outing Birthday Greeting Card.

"Wishing you an awwww-inspiring day! Happy Birthday"

#GG13499 @$2.95 ea.


Birthday Greeting Card.

"Happy Birthday"

"Hope this finds you cruising happily into another exciting year!"

#GG13701 @$2.95 ea.

US Flag



Route US 66

Route US 66 Birthday Greeting Card.

"May this find you on the road to another memorable year. Happy Birthday"

#GG13824 @$2.95 ea.



Friendship Deluxe Greeting Card.

"No matter how you look at it..."

"...friends like you are hard to come by."

#GG14641 @$3.29 ea.

Puppy Dog



The Missing Shoe Miss You Greeting Card.

"Missing shoe..."

"...very much."

#GG10978 @$2.95 ea.

Bunny Rabbits


Blank "Glitter" Greeting Card.

Blank inside.

#GG13420 @$2.95 ea.

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Notelet card size: 4.25"x5.5"; Click small image for open Folio Gift Box!

Mini Assortment! Designs in parentheses are the styles within! @$14.95 per box.

12 cards (3 each of 4 designs) & 12 colorfully designed envelopes per box

[Image LT Feathered Friends Mini Asst. #34670]

Feathered Friends Greeted Mini Assortment - Artist Greg Giordano


(Thank You)

#Mini34670 @$14.95 per box

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Packaged Notecards



Spring Birdhouse


Bluebird Mailbox


Route US 66



Birds Magnets

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"Bless This Home... And All Who Gather Here"

[Image LT Greg Giordano Magnet #31379]


Birds Bookmark

#GG54234 @$2.50 ea.

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Greeting Cards Assortment - 20 Greeting Cards Designs for all Occasions - $24.99 per box.

Wings and Wishes

Wings and Wishes - Greg Giordano "Greeted" Greeting Cards Assortment.

[Image Greeting Card Assortment 90762]

Front of box

[Image Greeting Card Assortment 90762]

Cards shown inside box

20 Fine Art Cards for all Occasions

  • 9 - Birthday
  • 2 - Friendship
  • 2 - Get Well
  • 1 - Miss You
  • 2 - Thank You
  • 3 - Blank Notecard
  • 1 - Anniversary

#ASTM90762 @$24.99 per box

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