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[Image PawPalettes Pawcasso Gretchen]

Artist Gretchen Kish Serrano

"My dream is to create an art collection for all pet lovers to enjoy and share while benefitting the breeds portrayed and all their wonderful combinations."

Created from the original oil paintings and designs of artist Gretchen Kish Serrano, the Paw Palettes Art Collection is a tribute to all the pets who enrich our lives.

Paw Palettes Pet Art

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Pawcasso Note Cards with Colorful Envelopes

5"x7" Blank Note Card @$3.95 ea.

Paw Palettes note cards are sure to bring a smile whether sent to a friend or showcased in a frame.

Printed on quality uncoated paper, these award-winning cards truly are mini art prints. Information about the original inspirational artist is featured on the back.



[Image Pawcasso Beagle Dog Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso Boston Terrier Dog Notecard]

Boston Terrier

[Image Pawcasso Boxer Dog Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso Bulldog Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso Chihuahua Dog Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso Cocker Spaniel Dog Notecard]

Cocker Spaniel

[Image Pawcasso Dachshund Dog Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso German Shepherd Notecard]

German Shepherd

[Image Pawcasso German Short Pointer Notecard]

German Shorthaired Pointer

[Image Pawcasso Golden Retriever Notecard]

Golden Retriever

[Image Pawcasso Labrador Retriever Notecard]

Labrador Retriever

[Image Pawcasso Labrador Yellow Notecard]

Labrador - Yellow

[Image Pawcasso Maltese Dog Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso Pomeranian Dog Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso Poodle Dog Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso Pug Dog Notecards]


[Image Pawcasso Puggle Dog Notecards]


[Image Pawcasso Rottweiler Dog Notecards]


[Image Pawcasso Schnauzer Dog Notecards]


[Image Pawcasso Shetland Sheepdog Notecards]

Shetland Sheepdog

[Image Pawcasso Shih Tzu Dog Notecards]

Shih Tzu

[Image Pawcasso West Highland Terrier Notecards]

West Highland Terrier

[Image Pawcasso Yorkshire Terrier Notecards]

Yorkshire Terrier


[Image Pawcasso Orange Tabby Cat Notecard]

Longhaired Orange Tabby

[Image Pawcasso Tabby Cat Notecard]


[Image Pawcasso White Kittie Cat Notecard]

White Kittie

Inspired by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Master Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist best known as the co-founder of cubism, an art movement based on simplifying shapes and angles to create abstract figures with unexpected, exaggerated features.

The cubism period of Picasso's work inspires these Paw Palettes cards.

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