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More Laughing Bear Greeting Cards

Jeffrey Severn Laughing Bear

Greeting Cards

  • Classic 5" x 7" @$2.99 ea.

  • Deluxe 5.5" x 7.25" @$3.29 ea.

  • Full-color interiors, Colorfully printed envelopes

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Jeffrey Severn knew he was destined to be an artist when he got back a college math test he had doodled on. His professor commented, "Lousy score, Severn, but nice duck!" Living in the rustic foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, has inspired watercolorist Jeffrey Severn as he creates his whimsical and endearing images of bears and other forest creatures. Jeffrey is an avid outdoorsman and fisherman and finds his mission in art is to make people laugh. He has combined his love of wildlife and with his training as a book illustrator into an award-winning style of woodland art that has delighted and amused collectors of his original art and prints. Jeffrey's imagery is spreading his message of fun and helping us all find that "happy place" in our lives.

[Image LT J. Severn BDay #14636]

New! Teddy Bear Musicians Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"A one an' a two an' a how old does this make you? Happy Birthday"

#JS14636 - @$3.29 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay #59315]

Taking Care of Business Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"It's that time again..."

"Gotta wash out the old birthday suit and see if it needs ironing. Happy Birthday"

#JS59315 - $2.99 ea.; sold out!

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay #59316]

Suds & Buds Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"Hope good times are a-bruin on your birthday!"

#JS59316 - $2.99 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay #59317]

Snooze Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"Celebrate with some shots! (One kind or the other... but never both at once.) Happy Birthday"

#JS59317 - $2.99 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay #59318]

Moon River Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"May your birthday be the most fun you've had in many moons!"

#JS59318 - $2.99 ea.; sold out!

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay #59319]

The Big One Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"Those big ones can be a real pain in the butt! Happy Birthday"

#JS59319 - $2.99 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay #59321]

Hugs Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"Happy Birthday to my huggy bear! XOXOXO"

#JS59321 - $2.99 ea.; sold out!

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay 44930]

Pull My Finger Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Pull my finger."

"Have a rip-roarin' good time on your birthday!"

#JS44930 - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay 44931]

Nice Rack Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"You deserve the best seat in the house. (Or out!) Happy Birthday"

#JS44931 - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay 44781]

Mine's Bigger Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"It ain't from the water, it ain't from the wind, or the weather growin' colder..."

"What makes it shrink 'n' shrivel up is the thought of gettin' older! Have no fear - have a Happy Birthday."

#JS44781 - $3.29 ea.; sold out!

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay 44782]

Nice Hooters Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"We may not be too old 'n' grizzly yet..."

"But we're gettin' to be that age where our hooters might need a little extra support! Happy Birthday"

#JS44782 - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay 44783]

Teed Off Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Hope you're on course..."

"... for a very Happy Birthday!"

#JS44783 - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay 44784]

Wake Up Belated Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"I can't believe I hibernated through your birthday! Hope It Was Happy"

#JS44784 - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear BDay 44785]

Gotta Go Birthday Relative Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Dad, if you were a bear, you'd deserve the best seat in the woods..."

"Another year older? That's rough! Happy Birthday"

#JS44785 - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT Severn Laugh Bears BDay #11952]

Happy Campers Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Hope you're one happy camper today! Enjoy Your Birthday"

#JS11952 @$3.29 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear Encouragement #59322]

Tippecanoe Encouragement/Inspiring Words Classic Greeting Card.

"Just when you finally have a paddle, someone moves the creek on you. Hang in there."

#JS59322 - $2.99 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear Love #59320]

That Lovin' Feelin' Love Classic Greeting Card.

"I wanna kiss you ALL over! (You taste kinda like chicken.)

#JS59320 - $2.99 ea.

[Image LT Laughing Bear Anniversary #44786]

Kodiak Moment Anniversary Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Another year has passed and we're hotter than ever. Happy Anniversary to My Bear Necessity"

#JS44786 - $3.29 ea.

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Greeting Cards Assortment - 20 "Greeted" Greeting Cards Designs for all Occasions - $24.99 per box.

Laughing Bear Art

Laughing Bear Art - Artist Jeffrey Severn "Greeted" Greeting Cards Assortment.
[Image Leanin Tree Assortment] [Image Leanin Tree Assortment]

20 Designs for all Occasions

  • 14 - Birthday
  • 1 - Belated Birthday
  • 1 - Friendship
  • 2 - Encouragement
  • 1 - Get Well
  • 1 - Anniversary


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Magnet Qubes Greeting Cards - Greeting Cards with removable Gift Magnet!

Cards feature removable Flex Magnets, full-color interiors; colorfully designed square envelopes

Extra postage required when mailing due to weight; Individually wrapped in recyclable#5 bag

Card size: 5" x 5" square (Qube) Cards @$5.95 ea.

[Image LT Magnet Card BDay #24029 J. Severn]

Birthday Magnet Qube Greeting Card - Magnet reads: "I'm pacing myself."

Outside cards reads: "Nappy Birthday!" Inside card verse: "May opening this card be the most strenuous thing you do all day."

Artist Jeffrey Severn



Magnets by Jeffrey Severn:
  • [Image LT Magnet #26353]"The only thing that gets killed around here is TIME!" #MAG26353
  • [Image LT Magnet Jeffrey Severn #26128]"Just when you finally have a paddle, someone moves the creek on you." #MAG26128 - $3.99 ea.; sold out!
  • [Image LT Magnet #25983]"A HUG Can Turn AGrizzly Into A Teddy!" #MAG25983 - $3.99 ea.
  • [Image LT Magnet #25982]"It's a Nuthouse around here!" #MAG25982 - $3.99 ea.
  • [Image LT Jeffrey Severn Magnet Bear #25779]"I'm pacing myself." #MAG25779 - $3.99 ea.

List Pad

Magnetic List Pad / Shopping List

Pad size 4"x9", 60 Sheets. Self-adhesive magnet included. Printed on recycled paper. $5.95 ea.

[Image LT Jeffrey Severn Mag Shop List #61637]

"I'm up a creek if I don't get this done!"

Artist Jeffrey Severn.


Printed on recycled paper

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