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Siena by Flavia Greeting Cards - Flavia Weedn

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Artist Flavia Weedn

Flavia Magnets! $4.99 ea. Retired Magnets

[Image Wishes Flavia Magnet #F3100 LT]

Wishes Magnet.

"Send your wishes to the stars. The angels are always listening."

#MAGF3100; sold out!

[Image Shared Moments Flavia Magnet #F3101 LT]

Shared Moments Magnet.

"Of all the moments we gather in our lives, those we cherish most are moments shared."

#MAGF3101; sold out!

[Image Follow Your Heart Flavia Magnet #F3102]

Follow Your Heart Magnet.

"Cherish your dreams and your passions. Follow them and your heart will find joy."

#MAGF3102; sold out!

[Image Destiny Flavia Magnet #F3103 LT]

Destiny Magnet.

"If I could sit across the porch from God, I'd thank Him for lending me you."

#MAGF3103; sold out!

[Image Believe Flavia Magnet #F3104 LT]

Believe Magnet.

"Lift your face to the sun and do what makes you happy. Celebrate every moment in time."

#MAGF3104; sold out!

[Image of Imagine Flavia Magnet #F3105 LT]

Imagine Magnet.

"Each new day gives us the chance to love, to dream, and to become more than we ever imagined."

#MAGF3105; sold out!

[Image Dream Flavia Magnet #F3106 LT]

Dream Magnet.

"It's never easy reaching for dreams, but those who dream walk in stardust."

#MAGF3106; sold out!

[Image Forever Flavia Magnet #F3107 LT]

Forever Magnet.

"Some people leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same."

#MAGF3107; sold out!

[Image Love Flavia Magnet #F3108 LT]

Love Magnet.

"Love is everything. Love is all that matters."

#MAGF3108; sold out!

[Image Music of Life Flavia Magnet #F3109 LT]

Music of Life Magnet.

"Our hearts share steps in time. The music of life may be different to each of us, but how beautiful the dance."

#MAGF3109; sold out!

[Image Life's Journey Flavia Magnet #F3110 LT]

Life's Journey Magnet.

"May we always be reminded of the journeys we have taken and the people we have loved."

#MAGF3110; sold out!

[Image Celebrate Life Flavia Magnet #F3111 LT]

Celebrate Life Magnet.

"May your dreams sail high and wide and may the child in your heart stay forever."

#MAGF3111; sold out!

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