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Jim Mazzotta

Deluxe card size: 5.5"x7.25"; colorfully printed envelopes; cards feature full-color interiors.

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Greeting Cards & Magnets

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #11671]

Parrot, Toucan, Turtle Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"YOU Look Like I've Been DRiNKiN'"

"...either that or you're another year older. Happy Birthday!"

#JMZ11671 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #11670]

Flamingo, Parrot Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

Front Row Seats.

"Whoa, those candles are bright! Happy Birthday"

#JMZ11670 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #11669]

Green Lizard with Drinks Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"STAY HIP! It Beats Having It Replaced!"

"You're not getting older, you're getting hipper! Happy Birthday"

#JMZ11669 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #11446]

Sunbathing Turtle Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"Turtlelly RELAXED!"

"It's your birthday--what the shell! Kick back and relax or party like hell! Cheers to You"

#JMZ11446 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10811]

Alligator Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"Greetings From FLORIDA!"

"Snappy Birthday"

#JMZ10811 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10812]

Girl Straw Hat Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"Girls Just Wanna HAVE SUN!"

"...and fabulous jewelry, ...and a fruity drink, ...and a sexy pool boy to slather on the lotion. Is that asking too much?! Hope you have the birthday of your dreams!"

#JMZ10812 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10813]

Lizard sitting in chair Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.


"Celebrate like the cold-blooded party animal you are! Happy Birthday"

#JMZ10813 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10814]

Pair of Turtles Dancing Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

(HAVIN' A SHELL OF A TIME!) "Here's to a Perfect Day"

"A little sun, a little sand, and a beach drink or two! Happy Birthday"

#JMZ10814 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10815]

Parrot Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"Goin' Coastal - Off The Road, Off The Clock!"

"The surf is up and your age is, too, but try not to let it make you feel blue-- 'cause there's ice in the cooler, fire in the grill, and it's the perfect occasion to party or just chill! Happy Birthday"

#JMZ10815 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10816]

Decorated Totem Pole Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.


"Party well on your birthday... for you do not wish to displease the gods!"

#JMZ10816 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10817]

Man sleeping in boat Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.


"...and remain that way till the end of the day! Best Wishes for a Great Birthday!"

#JMZ10817 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10818]

Adirondack Chair Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"Hope your day is so wonderfully perfect, you couldn't even imagine what else to wish for. Happy Birthday"

#JMZ10818 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta BDay #10819]

Pile of Turtles & Frog Birthday "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"Another Birthday?"

"They're really starting to pile up!"

#JMZ10819 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Friendship #10822]

Frog & Parrot Toucan celebrating Friendship "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"There is nothing that a good friend..."

" a margarita cannot cure."

#JMZ10822 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Get Well #11681]

Parrot Repair Get Well "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

Mac's Blender Repair - We Mend So You Can Blend!

"Might I suggest a frozen concoction to help you hang on? Feel Better Soon"

#JMZ11681 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Thank You #10828]

Blue Pail on Beach & Shells Thank You "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"Danke Shore! Merci Buckets! Grass-Sea-ahs! In other words... Thank You!"

#JMZ10828 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Anniversary #11679]

Parrots with Drinks Anniversary "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

"Great Minds CLiNK ALiKE!"

"And Then Live happily ever after! Happy Anniversary"

#JMZ11679 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Retirement #11683]

Fishing Boats & Shack Retirement "Deluxe" Greeting Card.

Gone workin' Be Back Soon.

"Retirement is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Congratulations!"

#JMZ11683 @$2.95 ea.

Holiday Greeting Cards

[Image LT FDay Jim Mazzotta #11833]

Father's Day "Lower Latitudes" Deluxe Greeting Card.

"It's Father's Day!"

"Hope you're feeling turtlelly relaxed! Cheers to You!"

#FDay11833 - $2.95 ea.

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Magnets @$3.99 ea.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Magnet #67059]

Girl Straw Hat & Innertube "Girls Just Wanna HAVE SUN!" Magnet.


[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Magnet #26459]

Parrot wearing sombrero "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!" Magnet.


[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Magnet #26463]

Five Adirondack Chairs on a Beach "RELAX" Magnet.


[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Magnet #26443]

Piles of Turtles & Frog "Some days it's just one thing on top of another!" Magnet.


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Greeting Cards Assortment - 20 "Greeted" Greeting Cards Designs for all Occasions - $24.99 per box.

Lower Latitudes

Better Attitudes

Lower Latitudes Better Attitudes - Jim Mazzotta "Greeted" Greeting Cards Assortment.

[Image Greeting Card Assortment 90766]

Front of box

[Image Greeting Card Assortment 90766]

Cards shown inside box

20 Designs for all Occasions

  • 17 - Birthday
  • 1 - Friendship
  • 1 - Get Well
  • 1 - Anniversary



Boxed "Classic" Holidays in the Sun Christmas Cards @$14.95 per box (10 cards, 10 envelopes; card size 5"x7").

"Santa in innertube with Dolphins"

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73474]

"May you celebrate the season with good friends by your side and contentment in your heart."


"Santa's Delight Fishing"

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73477]

"Just wanted to cast some holiday cheer your way!"


"Santa with Bucket of spilled Seashells"

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73478]

"May your holidays be a collection of warm and happy memories.

Season's Greetings"


"Santa Napping under Palm Tree"

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73480]

"Have the Christmas of your dreams!"


"Manatees wearing Santa Hats"

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73482]

"Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men Manatees"

"Greetings of the Season with lots of Good Cheer for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"


"Tree Built in the Sand"

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73483]

"May all the little things that make the season special be yours to enjoy this year! Happy Holidays"


"Dolphins  jumping through Wreath"

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73484]

"May your heart and home be decorated with all the joys of the season!"


Boxed "Classic" Holiday Sportsman Christmas Cards @$14.95 per box (10 cards, 10 envelopes; card size 5"x7").

"Santa Golfing with a Reindeer Caddy"

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73520]

"Wishing you many rounds of fun this Christmas season!"


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Boxed Christmas Cards - Classic card size: 5"x7"; 10 cards & 10 envelopes per box.

[Boxed Christmas Cards]

Lizard sitting on package "READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!"

"Iguana wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

#JMZ73329 @$14.95 per box; sold out!

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Single Christmas Cards - Classic card size: 5"x7"; full-color interiors; designed envelopes.

[Image LT Jim Mazzotta Moose Xmas #21972]

Moose with Walkman - Artist Jim Mazzotta.

"Merry Chrismoose!"

#XM21972 @$2.99 ea.

Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks

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