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New! Your True Nature by Ilan Shamir (Magnets, Tins - Advice & Appreciation Cards)

[Image Your True Nature Eagle Magnet Main]

"Keep a keen outlook; See the big picture; Cherish Freedom; Honor the earth and sky; Be Proud; Have your goals in sight; Fly high!"

Magnets & Mugs

Ilan Shamir "protector of the trees"

There's a lot to be learned from the nature around us - the strength of the mighty oak, the care-free flittering of a butterfly, or the healing power of a cleansing rain.

Ilan Shamir, the visionary author of the Advice From Nature series, shares his love of nature with us through his writings, art, and public speaking. Captivated by the beauty of a hundred-year-old cottonwood tree, Ilan was first inspired to write Advice from a Tree. His works have grown from there to include many, many other special friends of the Earth. So sip the sweet moments, go with the flow, climb beyond your limitations, and branch out! Each part of nature has amazing wisdom to share with us, to help us learn and live in harmony with all of life, Ilan's words encourage us to honor the Earth, honor ourselves, and to live "Your True Nature!"

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  • Size: 2.5" Square; bCreative, Inc.

  • Strong, full surfaced Magnets

  • @$4.99 each

[Image LT Your True Nature Wood Duck #26482]

Advice from a Wood Duck - "Dive into life; Enjoy a good swim; Let troubles roll off your back; Show your true colors; Look beneath the surface; Shake your tail feathers; Just wing it!"


[Image LT YourTrue Nature Sunset #26483]

Advice from the Sunset - "Be amazing; Savor special moments; Close the day with beauty; Have a glow about you; Keep your inner fire burning; Show your true colors; Look forward to a brand new day!"


[Image LT Your True Nature Mountain Lion #26484]

Advice from a Mountain Lion - "Stand your ground; Put your best foot forward; Find your inner strength; Climb to new heights; Be fearless; Keep a clear vision; Always land on your feet!"


[Image LT Your True Nature Magnet #26466]

Advice from a Garden - "Cultivate lasting friendships; Sow seeds of kindness; Listen to sage advice; Don't let the little things bug you; Be outstanding in your field; Take thyme for yourself; No vining!"


[Image LT Your True Nature Magnet #26467]

Advice from a Firefly - "Be full of bright ideas; Pulse with excitement; Have a healthy glow; Delight in summer evenings; Keep a childlike sense of wonder; Set a shining example; Lighten up!"


[Image LT Your True Nature Magnet #26468]

Advice from the Ocean - "Be shore of yourself; Come out of your shell; Take time to relax and coast; Look to the horizon; Sea life's beauty; Explore your own depths; Make waves!"


[Image Your True Nature Rainbow Magnet #26434]

Advice from a Rainbow - "Live a colorful life; Be an inspiration; Bring unexpected joy; See beauty in life's curves; Be someone to look up to; Live in the moment; Reflect your true nature!"


[Image Your True Nature HoneyBee Magnet #26435]

Advice from a Honey Bee - "Create a buzz; Sip life's sweet moments; Mind your own beeswax; Work together; Always find your way home; Stick close to your honey; Bee yourself!"


[Image Your True Nature Rabbit Magnet #26436]

Advice from a Rabbit - "Be a good listener; Eat plenty of greens; Let your dreams multiply; Hop to it!; Know when to be still; Spend time in nature; Don't worry., be hoppy!"


[Image LT Advice from a Lake Magnet #26321]

Advice from a Lake - "Be clear; Make positive ripples; Look beneath the surface; Stay calm; Shore up friendships; Take time to reflect; Be full of life!"


[Image LT Advice from a Moose Magnet #26322]

Advice from a Moose - "Think big; Spend time in the woods; Eat plenty of greens; Hold your head up high; Stay on track; Keep your nose clean; It's OK to be a little wild!"


[Image LT Advice Hummingbird Magnet #26323]

Advice from a Hummingbird - "Sip the sweet moments; Let your true colors glow; Don't get your feathers ruffled over little things; Just wing it; Take yourself lightly; Good things come in small packages!"


[Image LT Advice Wildflower Magnet #26324]

Advice from a Wildflower - "Show your true colors; Delight in simple pleasures; Celebrate your natural beauty; Open up!; Spread seeds of joy; Blossom in your own season; Be wild and wonderful!"

#MAG26324; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT Advice Cactus Magnet #26325]

Advice from a Cactus - "Get plenty of sunshine; Accentuate your strong points; Be patient through the dry spells; Conserve your resources; Don't desert your friends; Wait for your time to bloom; Stay sharp!"

#MAG26325; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT Advice Butterfly Magnet #26326]

Advice from a Butterfly - "Let your true colors show; Change can be beautiful; Take yourself lightly; Look for the sweetness in life; Take time to smell the flowers; Catch a breeze; Treat yourself like a Monarch!"


[Image LT Advice Whale Magnet #26327]

Advice from a Whale - "Make a splash!; Move with grace and beauty; Explore the depths of your true nature; Go with the flow; Keep a song in your heart; Remember to come up for air; Think big!"


[Image LT Advice River Magnet #26328]

Advice from a River - "Go with the flow; Immerse yourself in nature; Slow down and meander; Go around the obstacles; Be thoughtful of those downstream; Stay current; The beauty is in the journey!"


[Image LT Advice Earth Magnet #26329]

Advice from the Earth - "Be well rounded; Keep a positive atmosphere; Have a magnetic personality; Celebrate diversity; Think globally; Be good to your mother; There's no place like home!"


[Image LT Advice Sea Turtle Magnet #26330]

Advice from a Sea Turtle - "Swim with the current; Be a good navigator; Stay calm under pressure; Be well traveled; Think long term; Age gracefully; Spend time at the beach!"


[Image LT Advice Wolf Magnet #26331]

Advice from a Wolf - "Trust your instincts; Be at home in nature; Keep your den clean; Stand fur what you believe; Stay on track; Howl with your friends; Be a leader; Pack life with good memories!"


[Image LT Advice Tree Magnet #26332]

Advice from a Tree - "Stand up tall and proud; Sink your roots into the earth; Be content with your natural beauty; Go out on a limb; Drink plenty of water; Remember your roots; Enjoy the view!"


[Image LT Advice Ladybug Magnet #26333]

Advice from a Ladybug - "Spot new opportunities; Spend time in your garden; Be well-rounded; Enjoy the wonders of nature; Don't let the small things bug you; Keep family close by; Be simply beautiful!


[Image LT Advice Otter Magnet #26334]

Advice from an Otter - "Take time to play; Keep your whiskers clean; Cherish clean water; Be spontaneous; Stay active; Don't be afraid to get your feet wet; Be otterly amazing!"


[Image LT Advice Bluebird Magnet #26335]

Advice from a Bluebird - "Rise early; Spread a little happiness; Keep a song in your heart; Think spring; Be colorful; Feather your nest with friendships; The sky's the limit!"


[Image LT Advice Elk Magnet #26336]

Advice from an Elk - "Don't get stuck in a rut; Cherish wide open spaces; Live large; Be at home in the woods; Make your voice heard; Know when to make tracks; Be magnificent!"

#MAG26336; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT Advice Deer Magnet #26337]

Advice from a Deer - "Look both ways before you cross the road; Be a good listener; Know when to lay low; Tread lightly on the earth; Take time to browse; Leap over obstacles; Don't pass the buck!"

#MAG26337; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT Advice Horse Magnet #26338]

Advice from a Horse - "Take life's hurdles in stride; Loosen the reins; Be free spirited; Keep the burrs from under your saddle; Carry your friends when they need it; Keep stable; Gallop to greatness!"


[Image LT Advice Bass Magnet #26339]

Advice from a Bass - "Find a new angle; Know when to keep your mouth shut; Don't take the bait; Prize clean water; Be lively and swift; Don't give up without a fight; Be a good catch!"

#MAG26339; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT Advice Bear Magnet #26340]

Advice from a Bear - "Live large; Climb beyond your limitations; When life gets hairy, grin and bear it; Eat well; Live with the seasons; Take a good, long nap; Stand tall!"


[Image LT Advice Dog Magnet #26341]

Advice from a Dog - "Be loyal; Delight in the simple joys of a long walk; Make new friends; Hide your favorite snack; When loved ones come home, always run to greet them; Learn new tricks, no matter your age; Unleash your talents!"


[Image LT Advice Cat Magnet #26342]

Advice from a Cat - "Be frisky!; Pounce on possibilities; Enjoy the night life; Always land on your feet; Stretch often; Delight in the simple joy of a long nap; Create your purr-fect day!"


[Image LT Advice Dolphin Magnet #26343]

Advice from a Dolphin - "Have a playful spirit; Be curious; Find someone you really click with; Sound out new ideas; Glide through the day with ease; Find your life's porpoise; Jump for joy!"


[Image LT Advice Owl Magnet #26344]

Advice from an Owl - "Stay focused; Be "hoo" you are; Trust in a wise friend; Live off the land; Glide through the dark times; Be observant; Life's a hoot!"


[Image LT Advice Woodland Magnet #26345]

Advice from a Woodland - "Find your path; Start from the ground up; Stretch your limbs; Branch out; Root for others; Make room for new growth; Recycle, recycle, recycle!"

#MAG26345; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT Advice Squirrel Magnet #26346]

Advice from a Squirrel - "Look both ways when you cross the road; Plan ahead; Stay active; Eat plenty of fiber; Spend time in the woods; Go out on a limb; It's OK to be a little nuts!"


[Image LT Advice Canyon Magnet #26347]

Advice from a Canyon - "Carve out a place for yourself; Aspire to new plateaus; Stand the test of time; Listen to the voice of the wind; It's OK to be a little off the wall; Don't get boxed in; Reach deep!"

#MAG26347; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT Advice Loon Magnet #26348]

Advice from a Loon - "Spend time at the lake; Enjoy a good swim; Call your friends; A little color goes a long way; Surround yourself with beauty; Enjoy time alone; Dive into life!"

#MAG26348; retired; sold out!

[Image LT Advice Mountain Magnet #26349]

Advice from a Mountain - "Reach for new heights; Rise above it all; There is beauty as far as the eye can see; Be uplifting; Build on a solid foundation; Get to the point; Enjoy the view!"


[Image LT Advice Eagle Magnet #26350]

Advice from an Eagle - "Keep a keen outlook; See the big picture; Cherish Freedom; Honor the earth and sky; Be Proud; Have your goals in sight; Fly high!"


[Image LT Advice Moon Magnet #26351]

Advice from the Moon - "Live life to the fullest; Be someone to look up to; Don't be phased by difficulties; Take time to reflect; Enjoy a little space; Honor the cycles of nature; Light up the night!"


[Image LT Advice Bison Magnet #26352]

Advice from a Bison - "Stand your ground; Have a tough hide; Keep moving on; Cherish wide open spaces; Have a strong spirit; Roam wild and free; Let the chips fall where they may!"


[Image LT Advice from the Sun Magnet #26391]

Advice from the Sun - "Keep it light; Rise to the occasion; Look on the bright side; Set your sights high; Renew your energy; Keep a sunny disposition; Be brilliant!"


[Image LT Advice from a Dragonfly Magnet #26392]

Advice from a Dragonfly - "Spend time near the water; Be colorful; Enjoy a good reed; Zoom in on your dreams; Appreciate long summer days; Keep your eyes open; Just wing it!"


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Your True Nature Mugs @$9.95 ea.

Sturdy, stoneware mug is dishwasher safe. Each mug is packaged in a ready-to-wrap gift box.

[Image of Mug]

Advice from an Eagle "Keep a keen outlook; See the big picture; Cherish Freedom; Honor the earth and sky; Be Proud; Have your goals in sight; Fly high!"


[Image of Mug]

Advice from a Dog "Be loyal; Delight in the simple joys of a long walk; Unleash your talents; Hide your favorite snack; Make new friends; Learn new tricks, no matter your age; Always run to greet your loved ones!"



New! Advice from a Garden "Cultivate lasting friendships; Sow seeds of kindness; Listen to sage advice; Be outstanding in your field; Take thyme for yourself; Don't let the little things bug you; No vining!"


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