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Everyday Mini Cards Assortments

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Packaged Notecards

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  • Packaged Notecards - 4.25"x5.5"; 8 notes (same design), 8 envelopes @$4.99 per pkg:
  • Re-sealable clear package! Printed on recycled paper.


Packaged Notecards - 8 Notes, 8 Envelopes per pack @$4.99 per pkg.

Size: 4.25"x5.5". Clear, re-sealable package; printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks. Blank inside.

Your True Nature Notecards

Advice from a Butterfly

[Image LT Nature Butterfly Notes #35846]

Boxed Notecards

"Let your true colors show; Change can be beautiful; Take yourself lightly; Look for the sweetness in life; Take time to smell the flowers; Catch a breeze; Treat yourself like a Monarch!"


Advice from a Horse

[Image LT Nature Horse Notes #35847]

Boxed Notecards

"Take life's hurdles in stride; Loosen the reins; Be free spirited; Keep the burrs from under your saddle; Carry your friends when they need it; Keep stable; Gallop to greatness!"


Advice from a Cat

[Image LT Nature Cat Notes #35848]

Boxed Notecards

"Be frisky!; Pounce on possibilities; Enjoy the night life; Always land on your feet; Stretch often; Delight in the simple joy of a long nap; Create your purr-fect day!"


Advice from a Dog

[Image LT Nature Dog Notes #35849]

Boxed Notecards

"Be loyal; Delight in the simple joys of a long walk; Unleash your talents; Hide your favorite snack; Make new friends; Learn new tricks, no matter your age; Always run to greet your loved ones!"


Advice from a Hummingbird

[Image LT Nature Hummingbird Notes #35850]

Boxed Notecards

"Sip the sweet moments; Let your true colors glow; Don't get your feathers ruffled over little things; Just wing it; Take yourself lightly; Good things come in small packages!"


Advice from a Tree

[Image LT Nature Tree Notes #35851]

Boxed Notecards

"Stand up tall and proud; Sink your roots into the earth; Be content with your natural beauty; Go out on a limb; Drink plenty of water; Remember your roots; Enjoy the view!"


Advice from the Earth

[Image LT Nature Earth Notes #35852]

Boxed Notecards

"Be well rounded; Keep a positive atmosphere; Have a magnetic personality; Celebrate diversity; Think globally; Be good to your mother; There's no place like home!"


Advice from a Wildflower

[Image LT Nature Wildflower Notes #35853]

Boxed Notecards

"Show your true colors; Delight in simple pleasures; Celebrate your natural beauty; Open up!; Spread seeds of joy; Blossom in your own season; Be wild and wonderful!"


Advice from a Rainbow

[Image LT Your True Nature #35934 Boxed Notes]

Boxed Notecards

"Live a colorful life; Be an inspiration; Bring unexpected joy; See beauty in life's curves; Be someone to look up to; Live in the moment; Reflect your true nature!"


Advice from a Honey Bee

[Image LT Your True Nature #35943 Boxed Notes]

Boxed Notecards

"Create a buzz; Sip life's sweet moments; Mind your own beeswax; Work together; Always find your way home; Bumbles happen now and then; Bee yourself!"


@$4.99 per pkg.

Jan Patrik Krasney

[Image LT Jan Krasney Wolves Notecards #35974]



Sand Scribbles

[Image LT Sand Scribbles Notecards #35972]

"Thank you"


Nel Whatmore

[Image LT Nel Whatmore Notecards Floral #35975]

"Thank You"


Kathy Fincher

[Image LT Kathy Fincher Notecards #35971]



Kathy Fincher

[Image LT Kathy Fincher Notecards #35970]

Toddler & Turtle


J. Charles

[Image LT J. Charles Notecards Cows #35967]



Jayne Oliver

[Image LT Jayne Oliver Notecards #35966]

"There's no such thing as a little kindness."

"Thank You"


Robbin Rawlings

[Image Robbin Rawlings Notecards #35965]

"Thanks... so very much."


Harriet Peck Taylor

[Image LT Harriet Peck Taylor Notes #35964]

(Moose, Fish, Mountains, Water)


Laurel Burch - Hummingbird

[Image LT Laurel Burch Notecards #35959]

"Thank You!"



David Behrens - Buffalo, Wolf, Eagle.


Shaggy Dog Press

[Image LT Shaggy Dog Press Notecards #35947]

"Thank You!"


Shaggy Dog Press

[Image LT Shaggy Dog Press Notecards #35942]

"Much obliged..."


Shaggy Dog Press

[Image LT Shaggy Dog Press Notecards #35941]



Laurel Burch - Cats & Butterflies

[Image LT Laurel Burch Notecards #35937]


Laurel Burch - Heart & Flowers

[Image LT Laurel Burch Notecards #35936]



[Image LT Bev Doolittle Notes Pinto #35930]

Bev Doolittle Notecards


"Native American"

[Image LT Bev Doolittle Notes NA #35926]

Bev Doolittle Notecards


"Native American & Eagle"

[Image LT Bev Doolittle Notes NA Eagle #35925]

Bev Doolittle Notecards


Laurel Burch - Colorful Butterflies

[Image LT Laurel Burch Notecards #35916]



[Image Barb Ann Kenney Notes #35915]

"Thank You!"

Artist Barbara Ann Kenney


Susan Wheeler

[Image LT Susan Wheeler Notes #35911]

"Thank you so much!"


Laurel Burch - Cat with Flowers

[Image LT Laurel Burch Notecards #35879]

"Thank You"


Laurel Burch

[Image LT Notecards Merci Laurel Burch #35486]

"Gracias Grazie Merci Thanks"


Charles H. Pabst

[Image LT Pabst Cowboy Notecards #35478]

Cowboy & Horses


[Image LT Pkgd Notecards J. Bergsma #35433]

#PNC35433; retired; last of stock!


Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image LT Pkgd Notecards D. Hahlbohm #35430]

#PNC35430; retired; last of stock!

"A prayer is love with wings to carry it to God."

Artist Danny Hahlbohm

[Image LT Pkgd Notecards James Coleman #35429]


"With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26.

Artist James Coleman

[Image LT Pkgd Notecards K. Denis #35419]


A Blessing For You

"God has not promised days without pain, joys without sorrow, sun without rain. But God has promised strength for each day, comfort for tears and light for the way."

Artist Kathleen Denis

[Image LT PNotecards Tina Wenke #35418]


"A friend's love is 24/7!" Proverbs 17:17.

Artist Tina Wenke

[Image LT Pkgd. Notecards J. Buswell #35417]


"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24.

Artist Judy Buswell

[Image LT PNotecards Sandra Bergeron #35416]

#PNC35416; retired; last of stock!

Birdhouses & Birds

Artist Sandra Bergeron

[Image LT Pkgd Notecards Anne Y. Gilbert #35415]


Artist Anne Yvonne Gilbert

[Image LT PNotecards Margaret Sherry #35409]


"Thanks!" Artist Margaret Sherry


"Many Thanks"

Grapes, Fruit, Wine

Artist Kathleen Parr McKenna

[Image LT Pkgd Notecards Connie Haley #35406]


"Thank You" Artist Connie Haley

[Image Fincher Notecards #35379 LT]


"Each day of life is a gift from the Lord with glimpses of heaven within it."

Artist Kathryn Andrews Fincher

[Image Hummingbirds Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35374]



Hummingbird, Floral, Petunia, Hybiscus

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Iris Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35372 LT]

#BNC35372 - retired


Floral, Bird, Iris, Swan, Grand Tetons, River, Mountain

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Eagles Jody Bergsma Boxed Notes #35370]

#BNC35370 - retired

Eagles & Flag

Eagle, Flag, Geometry, USA, America, Star of David, Patriotic

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Butterflies Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35369]

#BNC35369 - retired


Butterfly, Floral, Geometry, Symbol, Iris, Monarch

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Dragonfly Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35366]



Dragonfly, Oriental, Symbol, Geometry, Lily, Water

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Judy Buswell Notecards #35351 LT]


"An abundance of thanks!"

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace..." Galatians 5:22.

Artist Judy Buswell

[Image Buswell Notecards #35338 LT]


"A sunny note of thanks..."

Artist Judy Buswell

[Image Pabst Notecards #35320 LT]


Thank You "Give, and it shall be given unto you." (Luke 6:38)

Artist Charles H. Pabst

[Image Conner Notecards #35251 LT]


Mailbox & Hummingbird

Artist C. J. Conner

[Image Carolyn Shores Wright Notecards #35143]


"A note of thanks..."

Artist Carolyn Shores Wright

[Image Sea Cove Boxed Notecards #5114]


Lighthouse "Thank You" (Sea Cove)

Artist Jacqueline Penney***; hold!

[Image LT Notecards Kirk Reinert Kitty #35497]


"Kitty Land"

Artist Kirk Reinert; sold out!

[Image LT Notecards Moon Babies Reinert #35494]


"Moon Babies" Bunnies; retired; sold out!

Artist Kirk Reinert

[Image LT PNotecards McElroy #35432]

#PNC35432; retired; sold out!

Artist Kim McElroy

[Image LT PNotecards Jan Taylor #35431]

#PNC35431; sold out!

Artist Jan Taylor

[Image LT PNotecards Valerie Tabor Smith #35423]


"A little note of thanks!"

Artist Valerie Tabor Smith; out of stock!

[Image LT Pkgd Notecards Pamela Palmer #35401]


Artist Pamela Silin-Palmer; retired; sold out!

[Image Eagle & Animals Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35377]

#BNC35377 - retired; sold out!

Eagle, Wolf, Bear, Buffalo

Bear, Eagle, Wolf, Buffalo, Geometry, Native American, Symbol, Mountain, Sky

Artist Jody Bergsma

[IMage Wolves Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35376]

#PNC35376; sold out!


Wolf, Snow, Dreamcatcher, Moon, Tree

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Buffalo Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35375]

#PNC35375; sold out!


Buffalo, Pipe, Snow, Native American, Symbol, Night, Star

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Dolphins Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35373]

#BNC35373 - retired; sold out!


Dolphin, Sealife, Symbol, Star

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Cats Jody Bergsma Box Notes #35371 LT]

#BNC35371 - retired; sold out!

Beautiful Cats

Cat, Star, Night

Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Horses Bergsma Notecards #35368 LT]

#PNC35368; retired; sold out!


Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image Horses Bergsma Notecards #35367 LT]

#BNC35367 - retired; sold out!


Artist Jody Bergsma

[Image LT Pamela Silin-Palmer Notes #35347]

#PNC35347; sold out!

Exquisite Bunny

Artist Pamela-Silin Palmer

[Image LT Pamela-Silin Palmer Notes #35346]

#PNC35346; sold out!

Floral Bouquet

Artist Pamela-Silin Palmer

[Image Horses, Girl & Cat Notecards #35343 LT]

#PNC35343; sold out!


Artist Don Crook

[Image Horses Notecards #35334 LT]


Horses; retired; sold out!

Artist Mark Keathley

[Image Blossoms Notecards LT5326]

#PNC35326; sold out!


Artist Linda Carter Holman

[Image Pegasus Notecards #35325 LT]

#PNC35325; sold out!

Artist Kim McElroy

[Image Unicorns Notecards #35309 LT]

#PNC35309; sold out!


Artist Danny Flynn

[Image Horses Notecards #35308 LT]

#PNC35308; sold out!


Artist Cynthie Fisher

[Image Horse Notecards #35307 LT]

#PNC35307; sold out!


Artist Jan Taylor

[Image LT Jennifer O'Meara Box Notecards #35299]

#PNC35299; sold out!

Artist Jennifer O'Meara

[Image Horse & Cat Notecards #35258 LT]

#PNC35258; sold out!

Horse & Kitten

Artist Sandy Rusinko

[Image Horse Notecards #35244 LT]

#PNC35244; sold out!


Artist Emilie Touraine

[Image Horses Notecards #35216 LT]

#PNC35216; sold out!


Artist Robert Vavra

[Image Horse Notecards #35214 LT]

#PNC35214; sold out!


Artist Robert Vavra

[Image Horses Notecards #35034 LT]

#PNC35034; sold out!


Artist Jim Warren

[Image LT Notecards Jack E. Dawson #35482]



"The Lord will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory." Isaiah 60:19

Artist Jack E. Dawson; sold out!

[Image LT Notecards Jay Brant Ward #35481]



"Under His Wing"

Artist Jay Brant Ward; sold out!

[Image Judy Gibson Notecards #35378 LT]


"He hath said, 'I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.'" (Hebrews 13:5)

Artist Judy Gibson; sold out!

[Image Larry K. Martin Notecards #35350 LT]


With Wings as Eagles

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31)

Artist Larry K. Martin; sold out!

[Image Horses Notecards #35033 LT]

#PNC35033; sold out!


Artist Chris Cummings

[IMage God's Arms Everlasting Notes #5282]



"The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms." (Deuteronomy 33:27)

Artist Danny Hahlbohm; sold out!

[Image Nathan Greene Notecards #35321 LT]


God with Lamb

Artist Nathan Greene; sold out!

[Image Hummingbirds Notecards Miller #5024 LT]

#PNC35024; sold out!


Artist D. Nicholson Miller

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