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Single Christmas Greeting Cards

Leanin' Tree Christmas Cards - Boxed Cards

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Retired; last of stock!

Boxed "Classic" Native American Christmas Cards @$14.99 per box (10 cards, 10 envelopes; card size 5"x7").

Bill Jaxon

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 70212]

"Indian Village in Snow"

"May the Season bring friends to your fireside, happiness to your heart, and good health throughout the New Year."


Dustin Lyon

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 70537]

"Indian on Horse by Indian Camp"

"May you always have good friends by your side and a warm fire waiting at the end of the trail.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"


Rogue Guirey Simpson

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 70546]

"White Buffalo"

"To the Great Spirit in this Season, a prayer:

That we may touch the earth with kind and gentle hands, That freedom will be found in this and other lands, and joyous peace shall reign throughout the world!

Peace and Good Will to You and Yours"


Bill Jaxon

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 71826]

"Indians, Camp, Horses, Sky Spirit"

"May our Father in Heaven bless our hearts and homes with the special spirit of this sacred season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"


Martin Grelle

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 72256]

"Native American Girl gathering wood"

"May the holidays be a gathering of happy memories you'll treasure forever."


Dustin Lyon

[Leanin Tree Boxed Cards 73540]

"Moon raising over lighted Teepee in the Snow"

"May the heavens paint a masterpiece of beautiful Christmas memories for you and those you love."


All Boxed Christmas Greeting Cards shown below are retired; last of stock!

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10 Christmas Cards/10 Designed Envelopes; $14.99 per box

[Leanin Tree greeting card xmas72955]

Traci Rabbit

Boxed Christmas Cards.

"Peace Love"

"May all the peace and love that Christmas brings come to you on angel wings."


[Leanin Tree greeting card xmas72954]

Bill Rabbit

Boxed Christmas Cards.

"May heaven and earth bestow their greatest blessings on you and those you love. Season's Greetings"


[Leanin Tree greeting card xmas72953]

Vel Miller

Boxed Christmas Cards.

"Rejoicing with you in the miracle of Chritmas!" (with Luke 2:10-11) KJV


[Leanin Tree greeting card xmas72645]

Dustin Lyon

Boxed Christmas Cards.

"May your home be aglow with the warmth and good cheer of the Holiday Season."


[Leanin Tree greeting card xmas71828]

Cat Corcillus

Boxed Christmas Cards.

"May gentle winds of happiness blow softly through your heart, and bless your spirit with all the joy that this season can impart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"


[Image Brotherhood Xmas Box Cards #70771 LT]

Sally J. Smith

Boxed Christmas Cards.

"One Brotherhood of Man, One Season of Togetherness, One Vision of Peace. Wishing You Blessed and Happy Holidays."


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