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Select Greeting Cards - 6 5/16" Square, full color interiors, colorfully printed envelopes @$2.75 ea.

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Debra Jordan Bryan

[Image LT Select Debra Jordan Bryan Card #36243]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Birthday Blessings Great and Small "Select" Greeting Card.

"She Who Plants Kindness Gathers Love"

"It's been said that life is a garden with blossoms of love, hope and cheer - You must have your own Gardenin' Angel 'cause you just grow better each year! Happy Birthday"

#DJB36243 - $2.75 ea.

[Image LT Debra Jordan Bryan Notions #95224]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Thank You "Notions" Greeting Card.

"You Bee Thoughtful"

"I Bee Thankful"

#DJB95224 - $1.95 ea.

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Qubes Greeting Cards - $2.79 ea.
  • 5"x5" Square; Designed rectangular envelopes - no additional postage

  • Cards feature full-color interiors; Printed on recycled paper

[Image LT Qube BDay Card #23152]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Birthday Qube Greeting Card.

"You're smart. You're pretty. You've got a style all your own..."

"If we weren't so much alike, I just might resent you! Happy Birthday"

#Q23152 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Qube BDay Card #23141]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Birthday Qube Greeting Card.

"Everyone's entitled to my opinion."

"And I think you're great! Happy Birthday"

#Q23141 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Qube Belated BDay Card #23142]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Belated Birthday Qube Greeting Card.

"I have an open mind... My memory keeps falling out of it."

"Now, where was I again??? Oh, yeah... Happy Belated Birthday!"

#Q23142 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Qube Just for Fun Friendship #23145]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Friendship/Just for Fun Qube Greeting Card.

"We're told to have two to four servings of fruit each day..."

"I wonder how many drinks with lime slices that's gonna take?"

#Q23145 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Qube Friendship  Card #23144]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Friendship Qube Greeting Card.

"A little wining is good for the soul..."

"... especially with a good friend like you!"

#Q23144 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Qube Thank You Card #23146]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Thank You Qube Greeting Card.

"Mochas Gracias!"

"Or in other words, thanks a latte!"

#Q23146 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Halloween D. J. Bryan Card #59258]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Halloween Classic Greeting Card.


"Happy Halloween to someone who's so sweet it's spooky!"

#HWN59258 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Halloween Debra J. Bryan #36891]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Halloween Select Greeting Card.

"Happy Halloween to the cutest pumpkin in the patch!"

#HWN36891 - $2.75 ea.

[Image LT Halloween Classic Card #16363]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Halloween Classic Greeting Card .

"Purrfectly Scary Halloween"

"Wishing you the whole kitten ka-boot-le of spooky Halloween fun!"

#HWN16363 - $2.79 ea.

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Christmas Greeting Cards Value Pack - 24 cards & 24 envelopes/box

New larger card size - 5.5" x 7.25" @$12.95 per box

[Image LT Value Pack Xmas Bryan #10604]

Debra Jordan Bryan

Value Pack Christmas Cards Box .

"Give your Heart Christmas Blessings"

"May you embrace every joy the season has to offer! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

#Xmas10604; retired; last of stock!

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Cheryl Welch

[Image Welch Select BDay Card #36442 LT]

Cheryl Welch

Birthday Artistry in Bloom "Select" Greeting Card.

"Happy Birthday"

"Wishing You a Wonderful Day"

Count your garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your days by the golden hours, don't remember clouds at all. Count the nights by stars, not shadows, Count your life by smiles, not tears. And with joy on every birthday, Count your age by friends, not years.

#CW36442 - $2.75 ea.

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Valorie Evers Wenk

[Image LT Valorie Evers Wenk BDay Card #36649]

Valorie Evers Wenk

Birthday "Select" Card.

"For all you are, for all you do, may the joy you give to others be the joy that comes back to you. Happy Birthday"

#VEW36649 - $2.75 ea.

[Image LT Valorie Evers Wenk Select Card #36661]

Valorie Evers Wenk

Sympathy "Select" Greeting Card.

"May you find comfort in the many loving memories that live on in your heart. With Deepest Sympathy"

#VEW36661 - $2.75 ea.

Gift Bags

Leanin' Tree Gift Bags
  • Each package includes a package of 3 tissue papers

  • Notecard with coordinated design included on bag

  • Decorative rope or ribbon handles

Large Gift Bags (10"W x 13"H x 4.75"D) @$4.95 ea.

Medium Gift Bags (7.75"W x 9.75H x 4.5"D) @$3.95 ea.

Jeff Tift

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Medium Gift Bag @$3.95 ea.

"Mountain & Flowers"


William Lesch

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Medium Gift Bag @$3.95 ea.



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