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Artist Lori Siebert

Greeting Cards & Magnets

Artist Lori Siebert

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When asked to define her artistic style, Lori Siebert will tell you she likes to be a bit of a chameleon. Finding inspiration from her kids' drawings, and old quilt, or an off-beat piece of folk-art, Lori creates her designs using everything from acrylics and watercolor to fabric and clay. Experimentation with different styles and mediums, coupled with Lori's insatiable curiosity, her whimsical design sense and fresh approach to color, give each collection its own unique personality. Lori holds a degree in graphic design from the University of Cincinnati and has operated her own design studio since 1987.

Greeting Cards

[Image LT Lori Siebert BDay Qube #23407]

Collage Flowers & Butterfly Birthday Qube Greeting Card.

"What a wonderful World!"

"What a wonderful you! Happy birthday"

#LS23407 @$2.79 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert BDay #21910]

Life is Crazy Good Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"Life is Crazy Good"

"And you're a wonderfully Crazy part of it! Happy Birthday"

#LS21910 @$2.79 ea. "Glitter"

[Image LT Lori Siebert BDay #18768]

Pink and Red Whimsical Flowers Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"You make the world a better place just by being in it."

"Happy Birthday"

#LS18768 @$2.79 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert BDay #18758]

Friends are Flowers Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

"Friends are like flowers..."

"...just the thought of them Makes you smile. Wishing you lots to Smile about today. Happy Birthday"

#LS18758 @$2.79 ea. "Glitter"

[Image LT Lori Siebert Blank #18773]

Live Joyfully Blank Classic Greeting Card.

"Live joyfully Love freely Laugh often"

Blank inside.

#LS18773 @$2.79 ea. "Glitter"

[Image LT Lori Siebert Blank #13864]

Fantastique Shoe Blank Deluxe Greeting Card.

Tres Chic

Blank inside.

#LS13864 @$2.95 ea. "Glitter"

[Image LT Lor Siebert Blank Qube #23300]

Long Stemmed Orange Flower Blank Qube Greeting Card.

Blank inside.

#LS23300 @$2.79 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert Blank Qube #23418]

Collage Butterfly Live Happy Blank Qube Greeting Card.

"LIVE happily, LOVE generously, LAUGH daily"

Blank inside.

#LS23418 @$2.79 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert Thank You #18954]

Elephant Holding Flowers Thank You Classic Greeting Card.


"...a great big bunch!"

#LS18954 @$2.79 ea. "Glitter"

[Image LT Lori Siebert Thank You #18783]

Just a Little Thank You Classic Greeting Card.

"Just a little note... With lots of Thanks!"

Blank inside.

#LS18783 @$2.79 ea. "Glitter"

[Image LT Lori Siebert Congrats #95280]

Way to Go Stars and Stripes Congratulations Notions Greeting Card.



#LS95280 @$1.95 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert Congrats #21917]

I'm Ecstatically Happy Congratulations Classic Greeting Card.

"I'm ecstatically Happy for you"


#LS21917 @$2.79 ea. "Glitter"

[Image LT Lori Siebert Get Well Qube #23302]

Three Colorful Vases with Flowers Get Well Qube Greeting Card.

"Rest well and feel better soon"

"...and the sooner, the better!"

#LS23302 @$2.79 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert Get Well #97317]

Flowers Two Birds Perched Get Well Notions Greeting Card.

"Take Care!"

"Here's some bright and cheerful get well wishes."

#LS97317 @$1.95 ea.

[Image LT Graduation Lori Siebert #38572]

Graduation Greeting Card.

"Wonderful, Congratulations"

"I thought someone should toot your horn! Way to Go, Graduate!"

#GRAD38572 - $2.79 ea.

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Magnets - Strong full-surface magnet @$3.99 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert Crazy Good Magnet #67089]

"Life is Crazy Good" Magnet.

#MAG67089 @$3.99 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert Magnet #31410]

"HOME is the happiest place on all the earth"

#MAG31410 @$3.99 ea.

[Image LT Lori Siebert trust Magnet #31322]

"trust - Joyful times...PRAISE GOD, tough times...Seek GOD, Quiet times...Worship GOD, painful GOD, All the time...thank GOD" Magnet.

#MAG31322 @$3.99 ea.

"kindness - Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness." Mother Teresa. Magnet.

#MAG31283 @$3.99 ea.

[Image LT Magnet Lori Siebert #26445]

"Live Happy, Love Generously, Laugh Daily" Magnet.

#MAG26445 @$3.99 ea.

Pela Studio

Pela Studio

[Image LT Pela Studio BDay #23504]

Birthday Qubes Greeting Card.


"And you're super special to me. Happy Birthday"

#Pela23504 - "Glitter" @$2.99 ea.

[Image LT Pela Studio Thank You #23510]

Thank You Qubes Greeting Card.


"I'm still glowing!"

#Pela23510 - "Glitter" @$2.99 ea.

[Image LT Pela Studio New Baby #23442]

New Baby Qubes Greeting Card.

GROW, SWEET, 123, HAPPY, HUGS, ROCK-A-BYE BABY, pitter patter of tiny feet, learn, babies, BUNDLE OF JOY, GIGGLES, ABC, Born, cutie, Special Delivery, tiny little ones, STORK'S SPECIAL DELIVERY, LOVE, TOYS, SWEETIE PIE.

"Everything you could imagine and MORE than you could hope for. CONGRATULATIONS on Your new Baby"

#Pela23442 - @$2.79 ea.

Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks

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