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Artists Holly Sierra, Paula M. Fitzpatrick & Harriet Peck Taylor

Greeting Cards & Magnets

Greeting Cards - Deluxe Cards; 5.5"x7.25"; colorfully printed envelopes; cards feature full-color interiors.

Holly Sierra

Whether wandering through the forest or an ancient crumbling castle, Holly Sierra finds inspiration all around her. Having lived for six years in Asia, she attempts to mix her marvelous multicultural memories with themes that influence and fascinate her today. Enchanted beings beckon the viewer to explore decorative fantasy worlds. With her endless penchant for detail, Holly hopes to encourage others to see life as she does: a tapestry of color, design, beauty and light.

[Image LT Holly Sierra BDay #14543]

Gaia Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"To someone who is a radiant and beautiful light in this world... Happy Birthday"

#HS14543 "Glitter" - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT Holly Sierra BDay #11692]

Enchanted Universe

Sirene Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card. Mermaid with Fish, Jelly Fish.

"Happy Birthday to someone who is a treasure to know, a joy to be around, and beautiful inside and out."

#HS11692 "Glitter" - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT Holly Sierra Friendship #11693]

Enchanted Universe

La Paloma Friendship Deluxe Greeting Card. Mystical Woman in Yoga Position.

"Wishing you beauty in each moment, harmony in your heart, and happiness in your soul."

#HS11693 "Glitter" - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT Holly Sierra Encouragement #15326]

Indian River

Navajo Weave Encouragement Deluxe Greeting Card. Indian Maiden.

No greeting. Oh, what beautiful dreams we may weave when we simply give our hearts the power to believe.

#HS15326 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT Holly Sierra Get Well #11696]

Enchanted Universe

Eden Get Well Deluxe Greeting Card. Woman with Dragonflies, Birds.

"Believe in the beauty of tomorrow, and know that you are surrounded by positive energy and healing thoughts, today and every day."

#HS11696 "Glitter" - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT Holly Sierra New Baby #11697]

Enchanted Universe

Madre Natura New Baby Deluxe Greeting Card. Mother Cradling Baby in Arms.

"Joy beyond words, love beyond measure... a baby is simply the world's greatest treasure. Congratulations"

#HS11697 "Glitter" - $2.95 ea.

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Magnet - Strong full-surface magnet @$3.99 ea.

[Image LT Holly Sierra Magnet #31299]

Holly Sierra

Indian Maiden Magnet.


Harriet Peck Taylor

Harriet Peck Taylor's interpretation of the natural world is both animated and whimsical. "My work reflects a playful approach to the world around me," she explains. "Bears dance under a moonlight sky, and fish may fly. My animals, perspectives and colors are more naive and primitive. They call out to the child in all of us." Peck Taylor works in the medium of batik, an Indonesian method of painting on fabric. She draws directly on the fabric with liquid wax, the applies dyes that layer and merge, creating brilliant and subtly-graded colors. The artist emphasizes the abstract patterns she finds in rocks, leaves, sky and water. She is the author and illustrator of several children's picture books which feature her delightfully stylized animals. Peck Taylor lives in Colorado, where she finds abundant inspiration for her work.

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[Image LT Harriet Taylor BDay #43868]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Catch a Falling Star Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card. (Bear, Birds, Fish, Moon, Stars)

"If I could catch a falling star I'd pass it on to you so that your fondest wishes would surely all come true! Happy Birthday"

#HPT43868 - $2.95 ea.


[Image LT Harriet Peck Taylor BDay #43850]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card. (Bear, Raccoon, Bird, Deer)

"Hope everything shines just a little bit brighter, Hope all of your cares are a little bit lighter, Hope everyone comes out to play and have fun, Hope this year is by far, a most memorable one! Happy Birthday"

#HPT43850 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT H.P. Taylor BDay #15547]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Desert Oasis Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Wishing you your very own little piece of paradise today. Happy Birthday"

#HPT15547 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT HP Taylor BDay #14659]

Storm Brewing in the High Country Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Wishing you mountains and mountains of blessings. Happy Birthday"

#HPT14659 - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT HP Taylor BDay #14518]

Life of the Desert Night Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"A Birthday Wish..."

"...for new stars to wish on and lots to dream about too!"

#HPT14518 - $3.29 ea.

[Image LT H. P. Taylor Wolves BDay #11951]

Harriet Peck Taylor

A Wild Place - Wolves Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Three birthday wishes just for you... happiness, health, and dreams-come-true!"

#HPT11951 @$2.95 ea.

[Image LT H.P. Taylor BDay #11699]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Mountains Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"May your heart be light and your dreams take flight as you celebrate this year. Happy Birthday"

#HPT11699 - $2.95 ea.


[Image LT Harriet Peck Taylor BDay #11440

Harriet Peck Taylor

Birthday Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Wishing you a birthday filled with the happiest moments and the best of friends."

#HPT11440 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT H.P. Taylor Thinking of You #11732]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Bighorn in the Beargrass Thinking of You Deluxe Greeting Card.

"If wildlife could drive cars, they would stop and take pictures of you. That's how cool you are."

#HPT11732 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT H.P. Taylor Blank Deluxe #43770]

Harriet Peck Taylor

My Music Will Tell The Story Blank Southwest Images Deluxe Greeting Card.

Blank inside.

#HPT43770 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT H.P. Taylor Blank Deluxe #13118]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Canyon Sunrise Blank Deluxe Greeting Card.

Blank inside.

#HPT13118 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT H.P. Taylor BlankDeluxe #11734]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Moose on Trout Creek Blank Deluxe Greeting Card.

Blank inside.

#HPT11734 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT HP Taylor Anniversary #14642]

Meeting in the Moonlight Anniversary Deluxe Greeting Card.

"When I got you, I got the sun, the moon, and all the stars too. Happy Anniversary"

#HPT14642 - $3.29 ea.

Holiday Greeting Cards

[Image LT FDay Harriet Peck Taylor #11830]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Father's Day Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Wishing a truly magnificent Father's Day to a truly spectacular Dad!"

#FDay11830 - $2.95 ea.

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Packaged Notecards - 8 Notes, 8 Envelopes per pack @$5.99 per pkg. Size: 4.25"x5.5". Clear package; printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks. Blank inside.

[Image LT Harriet Peck Taylor Notecards #35981]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Packaged Notecards



[Image LT Harriet Peck Taylor Notes #35964]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Moose Packaged Notecards

(Moose, Fish, Mountains, Water)


[Image LT Harriet Peck Taylor notes #35526

Harriet Peck Taylor

Bear & Raccoon Packaged Notecards


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Blank Mini Assortments

[Image LT Harriet Taylor Mini Asst. #34671]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Mountain Wildlife (Moose, Wolves, Deer)

Blank Mini Greeting Cards Assortment - "Blank" - $14.95 per box! Notelet card size: 4.25"x5.5"

3 each of 4 designs.

#Mini34671 @$14.95 box

[Image LT Mini Asst Bear Necessities #34642]

Harriet Peck Taylor

Bear Necessities - Harriet Peck Taylor (Bears)

Blank Mini Greeting Cards Assortment - "Blank" - $14.95 per box! Notelet card size: 4.25"x5.5"

<<(Click image to see designs) - 3 each of 4 designs.

#Mini34642 @$14.95 box

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[Image LT Magnet H. P. Taylor #31180]

"There are stars enough to make every dream come true." Magnet.

#MAG31180 - $3.99 ea.

Harriet Peck Taylor

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Large Gift Bag @$4.95 ea.



Paula M. Fitzpatrick

A native of North Carolina, Paula Fitzpatrick's fondness for animals and the outdoors began as a child and had a great impact on her development as an artist. Today, her early childhood memories help her create the delightful moods present in her paintings. The artist, who describes herself as a watercolor realist, uses clear transparent washes to create the vibrant contrasts in her paintings. Although her style may vary from the very loose, using wet-on-wet techniques, to the tightness of exquisite detail, her subject matter always includes nature. Landscapes, seascapes, florals and even animal portraits have been subjects for her work. She is also known for her paintings of the Carolina coastline, which she enjoyed so much as a child. More recently, her work has included some architecture, showing nature's reflections on man's habitats. Paula exhibits her work nationally and participates in many professional shows. Her originals and prints are included in many private and corporate collections from Canada to Australia. She continues to exhibit and participate in juried shows.

[Image LT Paula Fitzpatrick BDay #44760]

Birthday "Sea Cove Gallery" Deluxe Greeting Card.

"It's the little things we remember... an act of kindness, laughter shared, a word of encouragement. It's the warm memories of special moments gathered day by day that we carry with us in our hearts..."

"Everyday moments shared with you are some of my most special memories. Happy Birthday" The little things that are the treasures of life are not so little after all!

#PMF44760 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT Paula Fitzpatrick BDay #43894]

Summer Garden Birthday "Wildlife Gallery" Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Birthdays... Count your garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your days by the golden hours, don't remember clouds at all. Count the nights by stars, not shadows. Count your life by smiles, not tears." P.M. Fitzpatrick

"And with joy on every birthday, Count your age by friends, not years. Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday!"

#PMF43894 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT Paula Fitzpatrick Love #43937]

Woodland Courtship Love "Wildlife Gallery" Deluxe Greeting Card.

"Love is giving and receiving, touches of tenderness, patience, loyalty and trust, gentle boundaries, hearing what's not being said, sharing sorrows and joys, freedom, comfortable silence, harmony, smiles and laughter, a shelter in a storm, letting go and holding on, heart-to-heart talks, forgiving and forgetting, unconditional." P.M. Fitzpatrick

"Love is seeing miracles together."

#PMF43937 - $2.95 ea.

[Image LT Paula Fitzpatrick Sympathy #43939]

Peaceful Pond Sympathy "Wildlife Gallery" Deluxe Greeting Card.

"For now and always may your sorrow be softened by the presence of caring friends, nature's tranquility, and your own inner strength. May the healing power of memory visit you in quiet moments and nourish your soul." P.M. Fitzpatrick

"With Sincere Sympathy"

#PMF43939 - $2.95 ea.

Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks

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