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Classic Greeting Cards - 5"x7"; colorfully printed envelopes @$2.79 ea.

UDecide "Dare to Laugh" Greeting Cards

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[Image LT FDay Dare to Laugh Words #38646]

Dare to Laugh

Father's Day "Dare to Laugh" Classic Greeting Card.

"Happy Father's Day to the best..."

  • father.

  • stepfather.

  • grandfather.

  • godfather.

  • dog father.

  • cat father.

  • foster father.

  • father figure.

  • baby daddy.

  • cool daddio.

"You are the world's greatest..."

  • role model.

  • second father.

  • boo-boo kisser.

  • bug killer.

  • diaper changer.

  • life coach.

  • storyteller.

  • carpool driver.

  • meat griller.

  • lifesaver.

  • little league coach.

  • car mechanic.

  • toilet fixer.

  • secret keeper.

  • poop scooper.

  • litter-box cleaner.

  • advice giver.

  • couch potato.

  • farter.

  • meal ticket.


  • love.

  • appreciation.

  • awe.

  • gratitude.

  • angst.

  • apathy.

#FDay38646 - $2.79 ea.

[Image LT Graduation Dare to Laugh #38577]

Dare to Laugh

Graduation "Dare to Laugh" Classic Greeting Card.

"Congratulations on graduating from:"

  • high school

  • community "college."

  • a real university.

  • beauty school, truck driving school...whatever.

I hope you...

  • like the taste of mac-n-cheese.

  • start working now to pay the government back.

  • learn how to function with a hangover.

  • land a job. Seriously, good luck with that.

You should...

  • find a roommate with money... who cooks.

  • consider the fast food industry.

  • stock up on aspirin.

  • try to land a reality TV gig.

Wishing you...

  • happiness and home-cooked meals.

  • low interest rates.

  • a sober future.

  • luck. You'll need it.

#GRAD38577 - $2.79 ea.

Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks

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