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Artist Dominique Vari

"Wild about Words"

@$2.99 ea.

Retired; last of stock on all Greeting Cards!

Where most artists use a pencil or paintbrush, Dominique Vari uses words to create her images. With wonderful economy and careful attention to detail, her work conveys meaning through a 'collage' of words and images. Her pure and natural style ranges from figurative to abstract, and from quirky to contemporary classic.

Belgian artist and designer Dominique Vari, explores the boundary between art and design, bringing more beauty into everyday life. With careful attention to detail, hidden messages and a splash of color, Wild about Words is guaranteed to raise a smile and brighten your day!

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Classic size Greeting Cards - 5"x7". Colorfully printed envelopes. Cards feature full-color interiors.

This unique art style uses typography to form interesting designs from meaningful words and phrases it contains.

[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29471]

American Classic Woody Car Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

Going Places, Going Places Together, American Classic, Good Times, Fun Fun Fun, Family & Friends, Freedom, New Journey.

"You may not be the latest model, but you'll always be a classic. Happy Birthday"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29472]

Top Dog, Man's Best Friend Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

top dog, man's best friend, every dog has its day, beware of the dog, K9, work like a dog, under dog, hot dog, dog-eat-dog, dog eared, dogs are people too, big dog.

"Happy Birthday to the Top Dog!" every dog has its day!


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29473]

Fishing Bobber Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

Ride the Wave, Happy Birthday, go with the flow, relax, unwind, happy times, lazy days, drift away, enjoy.

"Good things come to those who bait! Happy Birthday"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29474]

Party Swimsuit Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

birthday girl, top girl, fun, party, cool, splash, cool top, Sun, pool.

"Wishing you a day of fun in the sun! Happy Birthday" girl, fun, cool, sun, splash


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29475]

Vibrant Flower Vase Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

Happy Birthday, Graceful, Vibrant, Dazzling, Amazing, Have a Radiant Day!, Charming, Lovely, Lively, Natural Beauty, Sweet, Bright, Happy happy happy.

"Have a Glorious Birthday!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29476]

Airplane Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

Happy Birthday, Fly High, Fly, Fun, Fly High On Your Birthday, Reach for the Sky, let's take off, Have a Wild Time, Have Fun!

"The sky is the limit on your birthday!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29477]

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Happy Birthday, reach for the sky, up up and away!, Blue Skies!, Celebrate!, Have a Wonderful Day!, Fun & Adventure, New Horizons, rising star!

"Have A Wonderful Day!"

"Wishing you a day filled with fun and adventure. Happy Birthday"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29478]

Cupcake with Candle Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Happy Birthday!, Make a Wish!, another candle to blow out today!, with love, lovely, life is sweet, YUMMY!

"birthday Wishes"

"Life is sweet! Happy Birthday" Make a Wish!


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29479]

Cheers Beer Glass Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Cheers!, Sante!, Salud!, Chin Chin!, Prost!, Salute!, Bottoms Up!

"Happy birthday"

"Have a good one." CHEERS!


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29480]

Special Reserve Wine Bottle Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Special Reserve, Well Balanced, Fine Bouquet, Aging Well, Full bodied, Rich, Smooth, Another Classic Birthday, Grand, Enjoy!, Good Health, Gold Medal, Cheese.

"Happy birthday"

"Here's to another Vintage Year!" Fine Selection


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29481]

Disco Record Birthday Classic Greeting Card. disco replay, Happy Birthday, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!, It's a Big Hit!, Let's Dance! stereo 45 rpm A side collectable edition.

"Shake it, Baby!"

"See you on the dance floor! Happy Birthday"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29482]

Sunglasses Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

so chic looking good, hot, ooh la la, glamour, girlfriend, glow, shine, good looking, hot, shine on your birthday.

"You're just too fab for words! Happy Birthday" glamour glow hot shine girlfriend


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29483]

Magic Lamp Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

Happy Birthday, abracadabra, close your eyes & rub here!!!!!, may all your wishes come true!!!!!, let the magic begin!!!!!

"Wishing you a birthday that's pure magic! ...let the magic begin! abracadabra


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29484]

Cupcakes Treat Birthday Classic Greeting Card. freshly baked, Home Made, love, cupcake, naughty but nice, sugar 'n spice, full of goodness, 4 you, good 4 you, treat, fun in a cup, tasty, yum, yummy, fab, scrumptious, made with love, Make a Wish, sweet thing, life is sweet.

"Birthday Treat"

"Happy Birthday, my little Cupcake!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29485]

Sailboat Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Happy Times!, Catch the Wind, New Horizons, Have One Big Adventure, Reach for the Skies!, Happy Birthday!, Dream Big, Life is a Journey, Ride the Waves, Follow your Dreams, Set Sail, Good Race.

"Happy Birthday!"

"Set sail for a happy year ahead!" Reach for the Skies! Make One Big Splash! Follow Your Dreams.....


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29486]

Ballerina Dancing Birthday Classic Greeting Card. dancing star, Star, Happy Birthday.

"Star for the day!"

"A joy for always. Happy Birthday"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29487]

Colorful Butterfly Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Spread your wings, Gorgeous, Radiant, Fly High, Fresh Start, amazing, elegant, stylish, bright, natural beauty, New Beginning.

"The Sky is just The Beginning"

"You were born to fly! Happy Birthday" natural beauty


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29488]

Queen's Tiara Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Queen For A Day!, She Who Must Be Obeyed, Official Birthday!, By Royal Appointment, Happy Birthday!, Birthday Queen.

"fit for a Queen"

"Happy Birthday Your Highness"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29489]

Electric Guitar Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Happy Birthday!!, Rock Legend, Cool Sounds, Rock 'Til You Drop, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Let's Play.

"Epic birthday"

"It's your Birthday... ROCK ON!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29490]

Tie & Shirt Birthday Classic Greeting Card. Happy Times!, Celebrate!, ready to party, Sharp Dresser, stay sharp, fun together, good looking, good times, smile, smart, happy, fun, for fun.

"Let's Celebrate!"

"The tie is optional, but the fun is required! Happy Birthday!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29491]

Birthday Cake with Candle Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

Let's Eat Cake!, Spoil Yourself!, It's Your Birthday!, Go On! Have Your Cake And Eat It!, Delicious, Naughty But Nice, Make A Wish, Temptation, Yummy!, Yum!, Irresistible, Sweet, Let's Celebrate!, Another Candle to blow out today!, Treat Time!

"Wishing you a great big slice of everything nice! Happy Birthday!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29492]

Martini Glass Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

have a refreshing birthday!, With Love, Shake it!, Stir it!, Blend it!, Drink It!, Treat Yourself On Your Birthday!, celebrate, enjoy, sea breeze!, gin & tonic!, mojito!, caipirinha!, sangria!, paradise!, french connection!, cape cooler!, margarita!, long island iced tea!, tequila sunrise!, miami!, sunset boulevard!, salty dog!, martini!, pina colada!, indulgence.

"Older? ...maybe just a tini! Happy Birthday"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29493]

Cheers Glass Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

Health and Happiness, Cheers!, Celebrate, raise a glass, raise a toast! Happy Birthday!, XOXXoxxoxx, Something to Celebrate!!, enjoy, Fun & Laughter, Friends & Family, lots of love!, something special to celebrate, chin chin, with love, Good Times, fun, love.

"Let's raise a glass to a Happy Birthday!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay #29494]

Golf Clubs Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

Big Shot, Let's Swing, Game On!, Aim High!, Tee Time, Let's Roll.

"Celebrate your birthday with a big slice... of cake, of course!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay Kid's #29495]

Hoppy Frog Kid's Birthday Classic Greeting Card.

hoppy birthday, jump for joy!, hop hop hop hop.

"have an unfroggetable birthday!, 'hop' it's a good one!" jump for joy! hop hop hop


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay Sister #38629]

Fancy Purse Birthday Sister Classic Greeting Card. World's Best Sister!, Let's have fun together, happy times, birthday girl, you're amazing, World's Best Friend, Let's Party 'Til Dawn, fun & laughter, love to dance.

"happy birthday Sister"

"It's your special day! Hope you spend it just as you please."


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay Mom #38634]

Heart Birthday Mom Classic Greeting Card. loving, loving, loving, loving, loving.

"you're a great Mom"

"happy Birthday!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari BDay Dad #38637]

Champagne Bottle Birthday Dad Classic Greeting Card. Happy Birthday, It's Party Time!, Let's Celebrate Your Birthday, Another Excellent Year!, Happy Times, Sparkle, Together, Fun.

"Happy Birthday DAD!"

"You're The Greatest!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Friendship #29496]

Coffee & Cookies Friendship Classic Greeting Card. Coffee Tastes Better With A Good Friend, Warm & Strong Just Like Friendship, love coffee, sharing simple pleasures, to more coffees together, little treat, chit chat, simple pleasures, savor the moment.

"Treasured Moments..."

"Thank You for being such a Special Friend." little treat, friends forever


[Image LT Dominique Vari Friendship #29497]

Cheers Glasses Friendship Classic Greeting Card. Happy Memories, Forever Friends, I'll be there for you!, Cheers!, Good Times!, Lean On Me I'll Be There, Cheers To Friendship!

"Here's to friendship"

"I'll drink to that!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Friendship #29498]

Busy Bees Friendship Classic Greeting Card. Friendship is Forever, Busy Bees, Bee Loved, Bee Friends, Bee the Best.

"Bee Together"

"Let's bee forever Friends" bee together....


[Image LT Dominique Vari Friendship #29499]

Flowers Friendship Classic Greeting Card. Caring Thoughts, XOX, With Love XOX, Take Care, With Love & Affection, Forever Friends.

"thinking of You"

"With warm wishes for a happy day."


[ImageLT Dominique Vari Encourage #38388]

Rainbow Encouragement Classic Greeting Card. Brand New Day!, Bright Future, Seize the Day!, Blue Skies, Happiness is on the way.

"Happiness Is On The Way"

"A little less rain, a little more rainbows... That's what I'm wishing for you."


[Image LT Dominique Vari Encourage #38389]

Umbrella Encouragement Classic Greeting Card. Shelter From The Storm, Safe & Warm, Be Strong, Don't Give Up, Keep Going, hold on tight, wind, rain, believe, hope, dance, be strong through wind and rain.

"Shelter From The Storm"

"My forecast is that better times are coming!" Safe & Warm


[Image LT Dominique Vari Encourage #38390]

Dragonfly Encouragement Classic Greeting Card. Magical, Amazing, Up up & away, spread your wings, fly high, Wonderful World, brilliant, beautiful day, beautiful nature, dazzle me.

"Live Happy"

"life is Beautiful!" beautiful nature


[Image LT Dominique Vari Get Well #38391]

Cup of Tea Get Well Classic Greeting Card. having a cup of tea....., calming, soothing, cosy, sending you warm feelings with love, warm & comforting....., have a nice cup of tea, treat yourself, take care.

"get Well"

"Treat yourself to an extra cup of kindness and care, and feel better soon!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Get Well #38392]

Green Apple Get Well Classic Greeting Card. rest, relax, restore, recover,  revive, recharge soon, thinking of you, on the mend.

"get Well"

"Hoping you get well Soon"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Congratulations #38387]

Star Congratulations Classic Greeting Card. You're the best, fantastic, wow!, well done, super, with love, thank you, You're a star, amazing, great!

"You're a Star"

"Congratulations!" You're a Star


[Image LT Dominique Vari Thank You #38395]

Flower Thank You Classic Greeting Card. Thank You, Thank You, With Love, Thanks a Million.

"Thank You"

"... again and again!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Thank You #38396]

Tulips Thank You Classic Greeting Card. thank you so much!, you're wonderful, you're amazing, thanks again, XOX, special something, something special, lots of love, thanks a million.

"thank You..."

"... so much!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Thank You #38397]

Sun and Bird Thank You Classic Greeting Card. You're great, Thank You, Eternally Grateful, Thanks a Million, so wonderful!, so good!, with love, XOX.00

"thank You"

"You made my Day!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Congrats #38398]

Congratulations Glasses Wedding Classic Greeting Card.

Congratulations!!!!!, Him, Mr., Her, Mrs., To the Perfect Couple!, The Best Is Yet To Come!, Happily Ever After, I do.

"Here's to the new Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations"


[Image LT Dominique Vari New Home #38393]

Birdhouse & Bird New Home Classic Greeting Card. New Home, Home Sweet Home, Welcome Home,Home is Where the Heart Is, Good Luck In Your New Home!, let's move. 

"New Home"

"May your home be a perfect nest of happiness!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Anniversary #38383]

Love Birds in Nest Anniversary Classic Greeting Card. Happy Ever After, love!, joy!, happiness!, love birds!, such a perfect day!, remember?, always & forever, true romance, happy, XOX.

"Happy anniversary"

"You've feathered your nest with lots of love!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Anniversary #38384]

Heart & Cherries Anniversary Classic Greeting Card. love story, always & forever, let's celebrate, the perfect pair, to love and be loved, loved in return, xox!, true romance, me & you, you & me, with love.

"Happy anniversary"

"I Love You cherry much!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Baby Girl #38385]

Baby Girl Pink Stroller New Baby Classic Greeting Card. Joy, Love, Precious, Lovely Little Darling, Lovely Little Girl, Wonderful, Gorgeous, Happiness, New Arrival, Amazing, Unique.

"baby Girl"

"Congratulations on your Little Bundle of joy!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Baby Boy #38386]

Baby Boy Blue Stroller New Baby Classic Greeting Card. baby boy, angel, lovely, baby, magical, little angel, bubbly, unique, amazing, little boy, lively, joyful, gorgeous, new arrival, welcome little baby.

"baby Boy"

"Congratulations on your Little Bundle of joy!"


[Image LT Dominique Vari Sympathy #38394]

Tree Sympathy Classic Greeting Card. Caring Thoughts!, Fond Memories!, Peaceful & Quiet!, Thinking of You!, Hope!, Be Strong!, Remember!, Forever In Our Hearts!, Always There For You!, With Love!, Love.

"With Sympathy"

"My Thoughts and Prayers are with You"


Holiday Greeting Cards

[Image LT FDay Dominique Vari #38647]

Father's Day "Wild About Words" Classic Greeting Card.

"GREAT Dad" GREAT DAD!!, Mr. FIX!!!, HOLD TIGHT, MR. HANDY MAN, Fine Detail, Bang On!, GOOD FIT!

"Building a happy home might just be your most impressive project ever! Happy Father's Day"

#FDay38647 - $2.99 ea.

[Image LT Graduation Dominique Vari #38575]

Graduation "Wild About Words" Classic Greeting Card.

"ready for Success" success, proud moment, AIM HIGH, Make Your Dreams Come True, Congratulations, SMART, GREAT EFFORT, passion.

"Congratulations on your Graduation" success, Congratulations, chasing a dream, ambition, The Graduate.

#GRAD38575 - $2.99 ea.

[Image LT Graduation Dominique Vari #38583]

Graduation "Wild About Words" Classic Greeting Card.

"The Sky is just The Beginning" spread your wings, bright, radiant, Fly High, stylish, gorgeous, natural beauty, Fresh Start.

"Celebrating with You the great things you have accomplished, the wonderful person you have become, and the exciting adventures that await you as you continue on your journey. Congratulations, Graduate"

#GRAD38583 - $2.99 ea.

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Greeting Cards Assortment - 20 "Greeted" Greeting Cards Designs for all Occasions - $16.95 per box.

20 cards, 22 envelopes per box; in a beautiful portfolio box.

Wild about Words

Wild about Words - Dominique Vari "Greeted" Greeting Cards Assortment.

[Image LT Wild About Words Asst. #90770]

Front of Box

[Image LT Wild About Words Asst. Inside #90770]

Cards shown inside box

20 Cards for all Occasions

  • 8 - Birthday
  • 1 - Kid's Birthday
  • 2 - Friendship/Loving Thoughts
  • 1 - Anniversary
  • 2 - Encouragement/Inspiring Words
  • 2 - Get Well
  • 1 - Sympathy
  • 2 - Thank You
  • 1 - Wedding

#ASTM90770 @$16.95 per box.

Year 2014

Notelet Boxed Holiday Christmas Cards @$9.95 per box (12 Notes, 12 envelopes; card size 4.25"x5.5"). Full-color interiors.

[Leanin Tree Boxed Christmas Card 92392]

Notelet Boxed Holiday Christmas Cards.


"And a New Year that simply sparkles!"

#DV92392 @$9.95 per box

Click image!

Boxed "Classic" Holiday Cheer Christmas Cards @$14.95 per box (10 cards, 10 envelopes; card size 5"x7").

[Boxed Christmas Cards]

Shooting Star Boxed Christmas Cards. Make A Wish!, Celebrate, Shooting Star!, Guiding Star!

"Heavenly Christmas"

"Wishing you a bright and beautiful holiday season!"

Dominique Vari #XM73305

[Boxed Christmas Cards]

Angel Blowing Trumpet Boxed Christmas Cards. Christmas Comes But Once A Year!!, Goodwill To All Men!, Celebrate!!, Peace on Earth, Happy New Year.

"Peaceful Christmas"

"Joy to the world and especially to you!"

Dominique Vari #XM73304

[Boxed Christmas Cards]

WISH Boxed Christmas Cards.

"We WISH You A Merry Christmas"

"And a New Year that simply sparkles!

Dominique Vari #XM73295 - Glitter

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