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Ronnie Walter "Real Women Real Funny"

by My Friend Ronnie

Women everywhere are celebrating Real Women... Real Funny by Ronnie Walter, as an entertaining view of life at wit's end. Relevant to the times, the clever humor hits home and brings out the "Ronnie" in each of us! Real Women... Real Funny!

Ronnie Walter has known since she was a little girl what she wanted to do with her life - draw pictures. (And, of course, make smart-alec comments...) Despite her quick wit and penchant for telling it like it is, they let her hang around college long enough to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her designs can be found on hundreds of products in the marketplace, and with her My Friend Ronnie line, she continues to live her dream of writing and drawing funny pictures.

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Ronnie Walter Real Women Real Funny Organizer Pads & Magnets, Magnetic List Pad, Notepad

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Organizer Pads - size 8.5" x 11", 30 sheets per pad; printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks. @$6.95 ea.

A clever gift for busy women!

[Image LT RWAL Family Chaos Control #64050]

Family Chaos Control

#RWAL64050; retired; last of stock!

[Image LT RWAL Weekly Meal Planner #64051]

Weekly Meal Planner


[Image LT RWAL Babysitter Checklist #64052]

Babysitter Checklist

#RWAL64052; retired; sold out!

[Image LT RWAL Family Shop List #64053]

Official Family Shopping List


[Image LT RWAL Daily To Do List #64054]

Daily To Do List


[Image LT RWAL Hubby Honey-Do List #64055]

The Happy Hubby Honey-Do List

#RWAL64055; retired; sold out!

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Magnetic List Pad / Shopping List

Pad size 4"x9", 60 Sheets. Self-adhesive magnet included. Printed on recycled paper. $5.95 ea.

[Image LT Ronnie Walter MSL #61656]

Ronnie Walter Magnetic List Pad

"I shopped. Then I didn't. I like shopping better!" Artist Ronnie Walter.


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Small Notepad! Pad size: 4.5"x5.75", 60 Sheets. Printed on recycled paper. $4.95 ea.

[Image LT Ronnie Walter Small Notepad #63081]

Ronnie Walter Notepad

"Housework is so important. I always save some for tomorrow!" Artist Ronnie Walter.


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Magnets @$3.99 ea.

[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25873]

"Old is the new NEW! See? We're right on trend!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25874]

"We may never be skinny, but we'll always be shallow!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25875]

"I think life's just better in a new outfit!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25877]

"Must. Have. Coffee."


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25878]

"Maybe just one more pot?"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25876]

"I'll pretty much do anything to lose weight... well, except for diet and exercise!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25880]

"Cooking? I knew someone who did that once!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25881]

"Live, Laugh... Eat!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25882]

"I'd like to be a household name - at least in my own household!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25879]

"With the right planning, any hour can be happy hour!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25883]

"Don't mess with Mom."


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25884]

"Just a simple "Your Highness" will do."


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25885]

"Hey! I was thrifty before it was cool!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25886]

"Sisters... Just like friends! (only a little more complicated.)"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25887]

"There is nothing more important than family and friends! (particularly the ones with a house on the water)"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25888]

"I used to have a memory... and then I had kids!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #25889]

"So... when do I get a time-out?"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26303]

"Welcome to Planet Motherhood!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26304]

"Chocolate? Salad? Chocolate? Salad? wow... big decision..."


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26305]

"Remember the Good Old Days? When we actually had a metabolism?"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26306]

"Guess What? I changed my mind about growing up!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26307]

"Trying to look young is really getting old."


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26308]

"Full price?! Are you kidding me?!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26309]

"Oh, just one little old margarita - in a really big glass!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26310]

"Everything improves with a little wine!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26311]

"Just keep me caffeinated!"


[Image LT RWAL Magnet #26312]

"Wake up and slam down the coffee."


[Image LOT RWAL Magnet #26313]

"Shopping is the next best thing to... well... nothing!"


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What do you get when you blend a degree in Fine Arts, a background in commercial design, and a penchant for making smart-alec comments and telling it like it is? You get Real Women, Real Funny by My Friend Ronnie, a warm yet slightly irreverent take on timely topics by Artist Ronnie Walter.

Domestic Bliss by Ronnie Walter @$3.99 per Magnet

  • [Image LT Magnet Domestic Bliss #25821]#MAG25821 - "How did my Mom's Butt get back there?"
  • [Image LT Magnet Domestic Bliss #25822]#MAG25822 - "Housework is so important. I always save some for tomorrow!"
  • [Image LT Magnet Domestic Bliss #26170]#MAG26170 - "I'm having a good day... don't ruin it!"
  • [Image LT Magnet Domestic Bliss #26171]#MAG26171 - "I shopped. Then I didn't. I like shopping better!"

Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks.

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