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[Small Image of Grandpa Munsters Promo Bear]

The Munsters Grandpa Promo Bear. This wonderful Teddy Bear Beanbag has an embroidered red "Grandpa" & Grandpa's image on the front of him. He wears a black cape that is lined in red that is embroidered on the back of it "THE MUNSTERS" & wears a white bowtie on him. He has in red embroidered PROMO on his left leg. He measures about 8.5 inches tall. He was by Dart Flipcards, Inc. $39.95. (1)

[Small Image of Snuggle Bean Bear]

Snuggle Fabric Softener Bean Bear. Born: October 12, 1982. Inside his tag reads: "Snuggle's wish for you is that your world always be soft and cuddly. It's a wish that always comes true, every time you hold him close to you." Measures about 7.5 inches tall. For ages 3 and up. 1999 Lever Brother Company. $24.95. (1)

Alfred Hitchcock Beanbag Set. You get the Royal Blue Bear that has a black bird and "The Birds" embroidered on the front of him; Black Bear that has a silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock & the words "Alfred Hitchcock" on the front of him; Red Bear that has large lettering in black "PSYCHO" on the front of him. By Universal Studios, Licensing, Inc. They have outstretched hands & are extremely soft and have wonderful larger ears! They measure about 8 inches tall each. $49.95 set. (1 set)

[Image Mary Bee Club Exclusive Beanbag Mary Beth's]

Mary Bee Mary Beth's Beanbag Club Charter Member Exclusive. Includes Lenticular Card, Beanbag Bee, Charter Member Club Pin, & Plastic Case. This was from 1999 and since Mary Beth's Beanbag Magazine is no longer in service it is a great collectible item! $39.95. (1)

[Image Bee Mary Beth's Beanie World Special Beanbag]

Mary Bee Mary Beth's Beanbag Limited 2000 Edition. This beanbag was created and presented exclusively to Mary Beth's Beanbag Club Members with gratitude for appreciation and support. Has an embroidered Bee on his chest, yellow ribbon around his neck and one foot is embroidered Limited Edition 2000. Comes with a Certificate and plastic case. Only removed from case for this picture. $39.95. (1)

Mary Beth's Bean Bag World Monthly Magazine March, 2000. Limited to 5000 pieces.

[Image Jackie O Classic Collecticritter 2 Beanbags]

Classic Collecticritter Teddy Bear Beanbags. $29.95 ea. (sold out!)

Classic Collecticritter Teddy Bear Beanbags. $24.95 ea. (sold out!)
[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]


[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]

The Dukester

[Image Classic collecticritter Beanbag]


[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]


[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]

The King

[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]


[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]


[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]


[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]


[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]


[Image Classic Collecticritter Beanbag]


Gabriel Angelic Beans Beanbag. Inside the tag is "Messenger of God". It is numbered but not sure how many were produced. Quote: "...I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, and was sent to speak to you and bring you these glad tidings". Lu 1:19. He is a white teddy bear beanbag dressed in a gown of dark lavender with a gold rope belt and double gold wings. 9 inches tall. $24.95. (1)

John the Baptist Lion & Resurrection Angelic Beans Beanbags.

Inside the tag of John the Baptist is "God's Gift". It is numbered of 5500 pieces worldwide. Quote: "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights". James 1:17. He was a special limited edition Lion Angel with gold wings on his back for purchasing large amounts of beanbags. 9 inches tall. $24.95. (1 in stock)

Inside the tag of Resurrection is "Raised to life Again". It is numbered but not sure how many were produced. Quote: "...I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live." Joh 11:2. He is a white teddy bear beanbag dressed in a wine colored gown with embroidered in gold "He is Risen". He also has gold wings on his back. 9 inches tall. $24.95. (1 in stock)

[Image Furby Buddies Set of 6]

Furby Buddies Set. This is one of the first Furby Buddies Sets put out with the first 6 colors. $39.95 set.

[Image Pet Alien Flip 200 pieces special]

Flip Pet Alien Beanbag. On the inside of his tag reads: Landed on Earth 11-1-98. Flip likes to catch rides on shooting stars. One day he missed his stop and landed here on Planet Earth. This is the first ever Pet Alien they had come out on their website that was Limited to 200 pieces worldwide. He comes with a certificate of authenticity. $29.95. (1 in stock)

[Image Moses Blue LOF Beanbag]

Moses Promo Legends of the Faith Blue Beanbag. Has PROMO embroidered on the back of his body & also LEGENDS OF THE FAITH. Only a sewn leg tag on this Teddy Bear Beanbag since it was a promo issue! Not sure of the numbered limitation on him. $24.95. (1 in stock)

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