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Jan McLean Originals Lollipop Girls Dolls & Outfits

Lollipop Girls; 12 inch tall Vinyl Fashion Dolls: These wonderful Dolls feature soft rooted hair and can be posed at the knees, waist, shoulders and elbows!

All 1st Edition Outfits In Stock! $17.50 ea. Click on image below for a larger view!

[Small Image of Lollypop Girls Outfit]

[Small Image of Lollypop Girls Outfit]

[Small Image of Lollypop Girls Outfit]

Leather look pants, red boots & bustier, black lace top, black hat

order #jm6305; Sold Out!

Neon pink pants w/iridescent circles, orange boots, neon pink long sleeve lollipop girl top & shaggy neon pink/orange jacket.

order #jm6304; Sold Out!

Leather look chocolate pants, bronze & black long sleeve top, black wide brimmed hat w/bronze decor, dark aqua boots.

order #jm6301; Sold Out!

[Small Image of Lollypop Girls Outfit]

[Small Image of Lollypop Girls Outfit]

[Small Image of Lollypop Girls Outfit]

Lavender pants, lavender fringed accessory, pink iridescent boots, white wide brimmed hat with pink decor & neon pink scarf.

order #jm6306; Sold Out!

Pink leather look skirt & jacket; skirt adorned with pink lace, pink undergarment and top & silver boots.

order #jm6303; Sold Out!

Denim jeans w/attached red belt, red boots, denim jacket & white/navy top.

order #jm6302; Sold Out!

[Image BeBe Lollipop Girl Doll McLean]

BeBe (of Barbados)

Her dark brooding looks have held the world spellbound. Tall and slightly mysterious, Bebe is the reigning queen of cosmetics - an in-demand beauty, whose contracts are literally worth millions of dollars a year. Originally from Barbados, she now calls a huge loft in uptown New York home. The third daughter in a family of nine children, Bebe was 'discovered' working at a resort and brought to the States. Introduced to the top model agencies in the country, she has never looked back. Today, the 18 year old is booked every day of her working year for the next three years. But there's another side to this famous face that most people don't see. Bebe is also an animal lover and a devoted conservationist. "The rain forests are such a precious resource," she says. "We have to do all we can to allow humanity and nature to co-exist in harmony." $29.95 ea. Sold Out!

[Image Bridgette Vinyl Jan McLean 12 inch Fashion Doll]

Brigette (of Berlin)

Lithe and graceful, Brigitte's clipped accent belies a wicked sense of humour. An unabashed romantic, she loves flowers, poetry and chocolates. Originally from the south of Germany, 18 year old Brigitte is now based in Berlin, where she shares a roomy rooftop apartment with her brother and a tank of individually named fish.

She may be famous for her calendar and swimsuit work, but Brigitte is not one to lounge around. The spirited model owns every record of the Rolling Stones, and has a house in Umbria, Italy, which she travels to as often as she can in a black roadster, her fourth Porsche. "I'm blessed," she says. "One day I can be on a beach in Jamaica; the next I'm in Rome; the day after I'm relaxing in the Italian countryside... and then I'm back in Berlin, amidst some of the most beautiful buildings in the world." $29.95 ea. Sold Out!

[Image Cassie Lollipop Girl Doll McLean]

Cassie (of California)

She's a California girl in every sense of the word. Born and raised in LA, this bubbly beauty inherited her drop-dead looks from her modelling mother, then carved out her own career as a fashion model and cover girls across the States and in Australia. Today, she lives high in the hills overlooking her home 'town', with her two dogs. Cassie's secret is a careful diet, litres of mineral water, a rigorous daily workout with her personal trainer and plenty of sleep. She works 10 months of the year, and spends the rest of the time travelling, relaxing and enjoying time with her her man and her friends. For this West Coast beauty, the sea is an endless fascination. "One of the things I love the most," says Cassie "is a bunch of us sitting in the sand, with a bonfire roaring, singing our hearts out. It's funny how the simple things in life are always the most fun." $29.95 ea. Sold Out!

We offer no returns on Collectibles since they are kept in box away from the elements and handling!

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