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***Leanin' Tree Greeting Cards

Deluxe Notecards

Deluxe Notecards - For a limited time only; sets of cards below @$9.95 per set. These do not come in the padded box or with stickers as with the Deluxe Cards Padded Box sets. These are last of stock! Fine heavy paper stock; size 4 7/8"x6"H.

[Image The Menu Deluxe Notes #7127 Lang]

The Menu - 16 Deluxe Notecards & Envelopes. Art by Dan DiPaolo.


[Image Old Silk Hat Deluxe Notes #7132 Lang]

The Old Silk Hat - 16 Deluxe Notecards & Envelopes. Art by Kimberly Poloson.


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