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These Dolls & Clothing items are for those that love Doll Collecting!

Heartless Madra Outfit #92288

Wearing this in a supporting role in "Somewhere Summer" makes Madra's green eyes just a little greener ... Green dress, white log-o' mutton sleeve blouse with black polka dots, bolero-style vest. Includes heart-shaped green hat, flower ornament, heart-shaped handbag, necklace, earrings, shoes and hosiery.

Fits a 15.5 inch Doll. $59.95.

[Image Gene Book]

"Gene Marshall: Girl Star" Hardback Book by Mel Odom. $39.95.

This fun, richly illustrated fictional biography of Gene Marshall captures all the glamour and excitement of an era long gone as it reveals Gene's humble past, her amazing discovery by a famous Hollywood director, and her meteoric rise to fame. Peppered with first-person reminiscences of real and imagined celebrities, and filled with line drawings, memorabilia, and stunning photographs of Gene in her drop-dead outfits including two costumes that are displayed here for the first time this classic star is born story will enthrall Gene's growing cadre of fans hungry for the details of her spectacular ascent.

[Image Gene box]

Gene Hat Box. The outside edges are in lavender & black. The top is adorned with a photo of Gene in Blonde wearing a big lavender bow. $19.95.

[Image Gene pin]

1957 Coca-Cola Gene Calender Girl Metal Pin. $14.95 each. (2 in stock)

Broadway Medley Gene Doll 1998 Convention Package. Included in this package are the Broadway Medley Doll who is Never Removed From Box, her signed certificate of authenticity by Mel Odom, a magnet that matches and so much more! Broadway Medley is a show-stopping, dazzling ballgown of emerald green satin and tulle with a plunging back. Circa 1948. The skirt evokes the mood of a soft Irish mist, with its multiple layers of cool blue and emerald tulle over satin. Rows of glimmering sequins cast multi-faceted emerald hues in the spotlight. Includes a matching crinoline with gathered ruffle, a brooch and earrings of "emerald and gold", matching lace-up shoes, hose. Her auburn hair is swept up in a gleaming high twist with an off-center roll on the forehead. Designed by renowned fashion designer Tim Kennedy.

Also in this package, are a copy of the Dolls Magazine (Sixteenth Anniversary) dated September 1998, a portfolio with a Gene Broadway Medley tablet, a Gene Book by Ashton-Drake, a large Program Book signed inside and out by Joan Greene,Vince Nowell, Christine Curtis, Lynne Day, Douglas James, a limited edition print limited to 1000 pieces, a Gene Schedule for the convention, a special totebag, pen, South Pacific Necklace package not put together, straw hat, hangers (to put together especially for Gene), 2 Gene pin badges, a Dressing Room case signed by Mel Odom which includes a mirror and four drawers and some hangers, pink polka-dotted hat box, broadway medley pin, New York Times paper, Gene Star Pin in black velvety bag, a gorgeous South Pacific tea set (platter, 2 cups, and teapot), picture frame, perfume bottle. What a very special convention package indeed! $995.00; layaway option!

[Small Image of Gene Destiny]

Gene Destiny Doll signed. This was the Las Vegas first signing numbered under the first 200 pieces. $199.95.

This is the Destiny Gene Doll. Her honey-blonde hair is styled in a flirtatious sweep, cascading into one soft curl at the bare shoulder. She is dressed in a sumptuous strapless ballgown of dusky green taffeta bordered in gold lame' lace. The attached gold mesh underskirt is double-layered at the hem, allowing the fitted bodice to elegantly flow into the belled skirt. With evening gloves, gold barrette, necklace and earrings, and matching shoes. She is circa 1954, and was designed exclusively for Gene by Mark Esposito, a winner of the 1997 Young Designers of America Award. She was the 1998 Annual Edition Doll (first in the Annual Edition Series).

Gene Goodbye New York Outfit.

This wonderful outfit is cut of browncrepe and houndstooth tweed, the jacket has the wide shoulders of classic '40's fashion, lavishly trimmed with faux fur. The crepe skirt has inverted pleats. Color flourishes at the suit's neckline, with the bright russet jersey blouse...and matching russet gloves truly help "make" the outfit. Gene's "fur" hat and muff are an unexpected, luxurious gift from the producer (the muff has a secret pocket for her hanky). Her hatbox declares her new "star" name: Gene. But the most touching goodbye gift of all is the teddy bear, Gene's childhood companion, brought to the station by her father to remind Gene forever of her family's love. Also includes: earrings, pantyhose, & shoes. ADDED BONUS: Letter from Doug James with the New York Central System Time Tables booklet, Letter from Dad, & Ticket. $59.95.

[Image Alex Doll Outfit]

Pashmina Accessory Pack # 27075 for 16 inch Alex Doll. Value $29.95.

Includes pashmina shawl, crochet purse and sunglasses.sold out!

We offer no returns on Collectibles since they are kept in box away from the elements and handling!

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