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Nascar Stock Cars 1/24 Scale  & 1/43 Scale - Assorted Drivers

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Nascar Stock Cars & more - Assorted Drivers

Bill Elliott Collectibles

Awesome Bill Elliott

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Nascar Pit Stop Showcases, Dolls & more! Small quantities; unopened in excellent, above average & average shape for box due to the age and storage.

1/24 Scale

1/24 Scale

Bill Elliott #11 Pit Stop Showcase; 1/24 Scale Die-Cast Replica; Racing Champions; Nascar; item #09060, Year 1992. (2)*

#11 Bill Elliott Stock Car, 6 Man Crew, Driver in Car, Tires, Display.

1/43 Scale

1/43 Scale

Bill Elliott #11 Pit Stop Showcase; 1/43 Scale Die-Cast Replica; Racing Champions; Nascar; item #07060, Year 1992; box in average condition. (1)*

#11 Bill Elliott Stock Car, 6 Man Crew, Driver in Car, Tires, Display.



2 Sets*

Bill Elliott Porcelain Dolls Set (Brittany & Billy) "Fan Doll" Dolls are about 13" tall each. Dressed in Bill Elliott #94 Fan Clothing & Accessories.

Year 1997; The Hamilton Collection; Certificate of Authenticity, Numbered, Porcelain, Mint in Boxes. $99.95 per set.

Bill Elliott McDonald's Racing Team 12" Collector Figure Doll (includes Driver, Helmet, Trophy, Fleer Ultra Collector Card), fully poseable, highly detailed; special edition; Toy Biz, Inc.; item #55043; Year 1997; statistics on back of box "Million Dollar Bill". (1)*

Nascar Official #94 Barbie Doll; Collector Edition; McDonald's Drive Thru, Coca-Cola, Bosch Spark Plugs, Reese's, Super 8 Motel; shows an image of Bill Elliott's Car & Bill Elliott in the background; Mattel #22954; Year 1999. (1)* $24.99.

Contents: 11.5" Barbie Doll, racing uniform, helmet, cap, shoes, jewelry, doll stand, certificate of authenticity. Since Barbie joined the ranks of stock car racing, she hangs out with the champs. One of her faves is 'Awesome Bill from Dawsonville', #94, Bill Elliott, voted the most popular driver in Nascar racing, over and over again! He's given her some racing tips and now she's ready to roll!

Nascar 50th Anniversary Barbie Doll; Collector Edition; shows an image of Kyle Petty & his car in the background; Mattel #20442; Year 1998. (1)* $24.99.

A fan of stock car racing, and a big fan of champion Kyle Petty, it had always bee her dream to qualify for a race. Barbie is right on track with an authentic uniform complete with the Nascar 50th Anniversary logo and other official sponsors. Making sure her racing helmet is in place over her long, honey blond hair, she lowers her working visor and straps herself into the car for the race of a lifetime.

Contents: 11.5" Barbie Doll, racing uniform, helmet, baseball cap, shoes, jewelry, doll stand, reply card, Certificate of Authenticity.

Scuderia Ferrari Barbie Doll; Barbie Collectibles; Collector Edition; Mattel #25636; Official Licensed Product; Year 2000; (1)* $24.99.

Barbie Doll tributes the supreme excellence of Ferrari and Formula One racing dressed in her driver's uniform of authentic team colors and logos. She carries a protective helmet with a working visor. An official red cap with a Ferrari logo shades her head of long blond hair. She's ready to race! Could it be her heart holds a Grand Prix winner's dream?

Contents: Barbie Doll, racing suit, tennis shoes, helmet, doll stand, certificate of authenticity.

Bill Elliott Dodge Goodyear; Nascar Genuine Hand Painted Bobble Head Doll; Collectible Series; Animation in Motion; Year 2001; about 7.5" tall. (2)*

Bill Elliott #9 Dodge Mini Bobblehead Doll; Bobble Dobbles; Year 2003 Evernham Motorsports; marketed by Walmart Stores; by Alexander Global Promotions, WA.; about 3.75" tall. (2)*

Bill Elliott #9 Racing Superstars Racing Champions; Stock Car, Collector's Card, Display Stand & Figure; Year 1991; item #09007. (2)*

Bill Elliott Figure about 3.75" tall; helmet, & cap (Bill Elliott Melling).

Bill Elliott Superstars of Racing Nascar; Special Edition; Highly detailed 5" Figure, Stock Car Display Stand, Trophy, Helmet, Fleer Ultra Collector Card; Toy Biz Inc.; Year 1997; statistics on Bill Elliott "Million Dollar Bill" on back of box, item #55033. (3)*

Some boxes in average condition.

Over the Wall Action Warriors Figures set of 4; Year 1996; McDonald's #94; Action Performance Companies Inc.; Nascar; figures measure about 3.75" tall each. (1 set)*

Can be used with an action racer car.

  • Gas Man #30044
  • Crew Chief #33044
  • Tire Man #31044
  • Jack Man #32044


Special Banks

Bill Elliott #94 Die-Cast Bank with Key; 1/24 Scale Premier Edition; 1957 Ford Ranchero; limited edition 1 of 5,004; 1995 edition; Racing Champions; Nascar; item #00900-00534; serial numbered. (1)*

Die-Cast Body, Die-Cast Key, 100% Tampo Graphics, Rubber Tires.

Bill Elliott #94 McDonald's Die-Cast Bank F-16 Falcon; 1/32 Scale Die-Cast Bank; limited edition 1 of 3,000; item #00523; Year 1995. (1)*

Bill Elliott #11 Budweiser Racing Airplane Bank; Bill Elliott Collectors Series; Coin Bank with Lock; Die-Cast Metal; Racing Champions; Year 1993; item #00374. (1)*

Trading Cards

Trading Cards

Bill Elliott #9 Playing Cards; Two Decks of Playing Cards in a Collectible Tin; Nascar; Year 2002; item #742-M2. (1)*

This highly detailed embossed tin celebrates Bill Elliott's career and contains two decks of customized playing cards, suitable for all card games. Bicycle Playing Cards. Evernham Motorsports.

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