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Effanbee, Zwergnase, Ruth Treffeisen, Phyllis Parkins & more. Some of these catalogs were for dealers only to be able to order only to place orders from. Great nostalgia! Catalogs near mint & above average. These are great to put with your collectibles or to check out names of Teddy Bears, Dolls, etc. You will have item numbers, etc. if you are on the search for items to add to your collection for years gone by.

Bunnies By The Bay Fall Winter 1998 Catalog. $14.95.
Bunnies By The Bay 2000 Small Catalog. $12.50.
Bunnies By The Bay 1997 Catalog. $24.95.
Bunnies By The Bay Spring Summer 1998 Catalog. $14.95.
Bunnies By The Bay June thru December 1999 Catalog. $14.95. (2)
Ruth Treffeisen Dolls Small Catalog; copyright 1996. $19.95. (1)
Ruth Treffeisen Dolls Catalog Year 1997. $24.95. (3)
Ruth Treffeisen Dolls Catalog Year 1998. $24.95. (1)
Winey Bears 1999 Product Color Catalog (Sally Winey Artist Teddy Bears) $24.95. (1)
Winey Bears 1998 Color Catalog (Sally Winey Artist Teddy Bears) $19.95 ea. (2)

Catalogs & Flyers!

Effanbee 1999 Catalog. Shows all the popular Dolls in full color from 1999. $10.00. (1)

Effanbee 1998 Collection @$15.00

Effanbee Doll Company '97 collection @$15.00

Effanbee Doll Company Catalog '96 @$15.00

Effanbee 2001 Catalog. Shows all the popular Dolls in full color from 2001. $10.00. ??????
Effanbee Bear Essentials Small Catalog Flyer introducing the Bear Essentials first bears. $3.00 (2)
Effanbee Special Flyer to show special editions & the Bear Essentials Bears on opposite side. $2.50 ea. (2)
Effanbee Bear Essentials Catalog. Shows Teddy Bears & Artists for Year 2000. $10.00. (2)
Effanbee Bear Essentials Catalog Year 2001. Shows the Bear Essentials Teddy Bears for Year 2001. $10.00. (5)
Effanbee presenting Brenda Starr Flyer with Dolls. $2.50. (1)
Effanbee presenting Abby Smith Flyer with Dolls & Clothing. $3.00. (1)
The Official Puffkins Collector's Guide First Edition. By Checkerbee Publishing. Copyright 1999. $39.95. (1)
Hen in the Holly

Holly Designs

Color Catalogs 1996, 1997, 1998! About 14 catalogs; duplicates within this package. Sold complete as is only. Above average to near mint condition due to store use.

This Company is no longer in business. Very hard to find these dealer catalogs or any plush anymore. $99.95. (1 only)

Madame Alexander 1999 Dolls Collection. $24.95.
Madame Alexander 2000 Dolls Collection. $19.95.
Madame Alexander Preview Collection 1999 Small Color Catalog. $14.95.
Madame Alexander Alex Flyer Catalog introducing Alex for the first time. $9.95.
Ashton-Drake Dealer Catalogs Year 2000 include Bride Dolls, Teddy Bears, Precious Moments, Gene, & more. 3 catalogs. $24.95. (1)
Knickerbocker Portfolio with many products including Teddy Bears: Fairy Friends Collection by Pat Lyons, Bear Blossoms Collection by Donna Burns, Angel Collection by Karen Rundlett, Judy Antonelli, Stephanie Daniels, Marsha Friesen, AromaBearaby by Peggy Zenglein, Pandas, Faithful Friends , Fuzzy Confections, Cubcakes, Porcelain Dolls, Tiny Tots Dolls, Marie Osmond Dolls, Flowering Angels Dolls, Pawberry's Bears, Dream Angels Bears, Somers Field Dolls, Terri Lee Dolls. Full color flyers all in one. $34.95. (1)
Knickerbocker Spring 1999 Products Catalog. Includes Annette Funicello, Candy Spelling, Richard Simmons, Marie Osmond, Edith Head Dolls, Georgetown Dolls. $24.95. (2)
Knickerbocker Catalog featuring many Artists & Dolls & Bears. Year 2000? $29.95. (1)
Knickerbocker Magic Attic Club Dolls Fall 1998 Catalog, Winter Issue 2001, & more. $14.95. (sold out!)
Georgetown Collection Dolls Holiday 1996 Catalog. $2.50. (1)
Georgetown Collection Holiday Dolls 1998 Catalog. $2.50. (2)
Georgetown Collection Fall Dolls 1998 Catalog. $2.50. (1)
Annette Funicello Teddy Bears Angel Checklist Flyer small book (shows Teddy Bears from 1 to 23) - $10.00. (1)
Edith Head Knickerbocker Dolls Flyers. $2.50 ea. (8)
Zwergnase Puppen 2001 Calendar. Great for the big beautiful images of gorgeous Dolls! Photo collection by Rose Borner. Includes Annelotte, Loco, Bente, Imelde, Ava, Donja, Jonna, Alice & Ronja, Nane, Chiara, Ava. July month & image is not shown in the Calendar; made this way. Colorful and made of heavy cardstock. A great collectible! $24.99; sold out!
Zwergnase Flyers that show Hansel & Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. Heavy cardstock. $2.50 ea. (2)
Zwergnase Christmas Card signed by all the gals at Zwergnase for year 2000 showing Augusta the 2000 Christmas Doll on the front. Inside written in German. $5.00; sold out!
Zwergnase Flyer that shows Snow White, Rose Red & Lucky Jack. Heavy cardstock. $2.50 ea. (1)
Zwergnase Club News Set $55.00; sold out!:
  • July 1999 (Vol. 1, Iss. 3)
  • October 1999 (Vol. 1, Iss. 4)
  • January 2000 (Vol. 2, Iss. 1)
  • April 2000 (Vol. 2, Iss. 2)
  • July 2000 (Vol. 2, Iss. 3)
  • October 2000 (Vol. 2, Issue 4)
  • January 2001 (Vol. 3, Issue 1)
  • April 2001 (Vol. #, Iss. 2)
  • July, 2001 (Volume 3, Issue 3)
  • October, 2001 (Volume 3, Issue 4)
Zwergnase Collector's Club Flyers (Gesine or Kunigunde) - $2.50 ea.
Zwergnase Artline 1998 Doll & Teddy Bear Catalog (Softback) - (some of these might be dusty, dings, etc. due to storage & store move) $14.95 ea. (3)
Zwergnase Signed Hardback Catalog 1999 Doll, Teddy Bear & Mixed Pickles Catalog. $24.95. (1)
Zwergnase Unsigned Hardback Catalog 1999 Doll, Teddy Bear & Mixed Pickles Catalog. $19.95 ea. (3)
Zwergnase 2001 Winter Catalog Signed Large Softback. Shows all the special Teddy Bears and Dolls. $24.95. (1)
Zwergnase 1997 Play Dolls & Dolls/Teddy Bear Clothing Softback Catalog. $24.95 ea. (2)
Ganz Cottage Collectibles Artist designed Miniatures Catalog. This is the first one they ever put out in 1997. Shows the Artist and the Mini Teddy Bears & Animals. $15.00 ea. (3)
Zapf 2001 Collection Handcrafter Play Dolls & Designer Collection. Both Catalogs. $12.50 ea. (1)
Robert Tonner Tyler Wentworth Collection Year 1999. $7.50 ea. (1)
Phyllis Parkins The Collectable 2001 Collection Catalog. Full color with popular dolls for that year. $7.50. (3)
Richard Simmons Collection of the Masters Flyer from the Knickerbocker Company. 1st flyer put out for the introduction of this line. $2.50. (1)
Cooperstown Zoology 101 Small Catalog for the introduction of all the new plush in the wildlife series of Zoology. Offered only to dealers. $24.95. (1)
The Boyds Bear Retail Inquirer Newspapers. These are in above average to average condition due to age but well worth collecting. $14.95 ea.
  • Spring Edition 1998
  • Fall Edition 1998
Susan Wakeen 2001 Collections Catalog. Shows Dolls popular for that year. $7.50. (1)
Susan Wakeen The Art of Fashion All About Eve Catalog. $7.50.. (2)
Susan Wakeen 2001 All About Eve portfolio with Doll pages about newer Dolls. $7.50. (1)
Susan Wakeen The Art of 2000 Collection. Full color catalog with popular dolls for this year. $7.50; sold out!
Susan Wakeen The Art of Collectible Play Dolls Part Two. Flyer Catalog. Year 2000 or 2001. $7.50; sold out!
Susan Wakeen The Art of Part One Signature Series. Volume 3, Copyright 1999. $7.50; sold out!