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Pins & Magnets!

Collectible Pins! All Pins, Magnets, Charms & Keychains below are in Near Mint to MINT condition! Rings!
Disneyland 35 years of magic Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Round Pin. By the Walt Disney Company. Near mint; looks like small surface scratches hardly noticeable due to red background behind Donald Duck. As is. $24.95. (1)
Daydreams Collector Club Steele Originals Pin. Linda Steele Doll Club from 1997. Still in original plastic. The great thing about this pin to be sure, is that not sure if this Club continued or not. Other items from the first Linda Steele Club Newsletter will be forthcoming on our Dolls page soon!

$34.95. (1)

Gold Reindeer with Red Nose Enamel Gold-Colored Pin with red jewel eye, red inside mouth, green scarf, & green hat. Measures about 1.75 inches tall by a little over 1 inch across. Not sure of the age of this pin. $49.95. (1)

Christmas Tree Enamel Multi-Jeweled Gold-Colored Pin. Not sure of the age of this pin. Measures about 2.5 inches long by 2 inches across; nice and heavy. Back clasp a bit aged. Faux Jewels. A few tiny marks on star. Excellent. $49.95. (1)

Christmas Stocking Boot Enamel Multi-Jeweled Gold-Colored Pin. Not sure of the age of this piece. Measures about 2.25 inches long by 1.5 inches across at the widest point. Near mint. Nice and heavy. Faux Jewels. $49.95. (1)

Joan Rivers Classics Collection Bee Pin! Multi-Colored Faux Jewels. Still in box with Joan Rivers introduction piece card. Not used or displayed. $59.95. (1)

Christmas Wreath Gold-Colored Pin. Lights up when you push a button the the back of it. You can remove the lights feature. Measures close to 2.25 inches tall. Not sure of the age of this piece. Near Mint. Nice and heavy. Faux Jewels. $59.95.

Antique Enamel Green Set of 2 Pins. Forest green in color enamel. Pearls around the outside and in the middle as well as clear stones around the center pearl. The design is a bit different shaped. About 50+ years old. A little over an inch tall on each. I cannot tell you if any of the stones or pearls are genuine. Near Mint. $99.95 set.

If you love Pins and collecting them or working with them or wearing them these Christmas Pins are wonderful!

Floral Antique Curved Pins Set. Lavender flower, green leaves, pearl accents, silver backing on each. Each measures about 1.5 inches long. Ages 50+ years. $99.95 set.

Salamander Lizard Pin - Perfect! $74.95. (1)

Poodle Charm $14.95.

Frog Charm $14.95.

Unicorn Charm $14.95.

Antique Turtle Pin Soo Canada. This Turtle has a red gemstone eye; one gemstone is missing. It has an attached chain with a Leaf Soo Canada. Not sure of the age. May be 40-50 years old. Average; Estate. Turtle measures about 1.5 inches long. $24.95.

Gold-Colored Tac Foot Pin. The image shows a hint of red but this is all gold colored. About .75 inches tall. $4.95.

Brown Cat Pin with Green Eyes. Looks pretty good for it's age of 30+ years. Acceptable shape. Green faux gem eyes. Black tail. $9.95.

Cuckoo Clock Pin. This older pin has a lift up panel in back that has long prongs to be pinned on or use as a decoration. You may want to put something like vinyl or plastic on the ends. I don't know if this was the original way it came due to the age of 40-50 years. The little weights on the ends of the clock are discolored. The pendulum in the middle does move back and forth. $24.95.

Italian Sterling Bracelet. This is a thick bracelet that comes with a paper that says Italian Sterling Corp. Long Island City, NY. About 1.183 inches thick or tall. $49.95. Estate. Original value $150.00.

Mother of Pearl Guitar Pin. 3 strings on front. Pin clasp is missing from the back. Measures a little over 2 inches long. $4.95.

Heart with clear stones Pin. About 30 years old. $24.95. Measures a little less than an inch tall.

Round Gold-Colored Pin. Looks like sun rays. $9.95.

3/4 Carat Cluster Diamond Ring

Appraised in Year 2000. From an Estate, Gorgeous! This Diamond ring has 17 diamonds, 3/4 carat in diamonds, 14K Gold and has been appraised for $1600.00. It is clean and stunning!! Finger ring hole is approximately .635 inches in diameter. Inside of ring says 14KP H??

No certificate. All Sales are Final! Description given by appraiser for our insurance records so all is true. One owner. Will consider a 2 month layaway on this purchase, first payment due within 10 days. I only know what I've given as information as true knowledge through the appraiser for which info will be given to buyer. $749.99.

Pink Purple Ice Ring

There are 4 large pink ice gems, 3 purple ice gems, and 4 clear gems in this ring. The pink is the larger stones shown clear in the image. Pink is pretty hard to photograph. Not sure if the clear tinier ones are faux clear gems (swarovski crystals?). I didn't have this appraised; cost of the ring originally was about $100-$200. Also, not sure if the gold is 14 carat or 24 carat. No paperwork. Ring may have only been worn  once or twice and then packaged away. Number 925 is on the underside of the gold on the ring and a triangle with something in the middle of it. Clean and nice! Ring is .655 inches in the ring hole for sizing purposes.

What a fun gift for a new ring wearer or someone who loves costume jewelry. Also, for someone who loves the colors of pink or purple in their jewelry! $39.99

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