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Masterpieces Puzzles

Artists Bonnie White, H.J. Gillespie, Donald Zolan, Dan Hatala

Highlights Puzzles, Bonnie White Heartland Puzzles, Donald Zolan Puzzles, Bonnie White Signature Series 2000 pieces.

Highlights Games for Children

New! Highlights Jigsaw Puzzles - (100 pieces - 11.5"x15") (24 pieces - 10.25"x14.25").

Highlights Hidden Pictures Puzzle

100 pieces

Intermediate 6+


Highlights What's Wrong? Puzzle

100 pieces

Intermediate 6+


Highlights High Five Hidden Pictures Puzzle

24 pieces

Beginner 3+


Highlights High Five That's Silly Puzzle

24 pieces

Beginner 3+


New! Highlights High Five 6-pack with Activity Book - Puzzle size: 8"x10".

6 Puzzles with Activity Book

12 piece Puzzles

Beginner 4+.

Book includes activities, play ideas, and more.


New! Highlights 5-pack What's Different Glow in the Dark - Puzzle size: 10.25"x14.25".

5-pack What's Different

Glow in the Dark

60 piece Puzzles

Intermediate 6+

Glow-in-the-dark reveals what's different.


Artist Bonnie White

Bonnie White has spent 30 years living on her families horse farm in upstate New York, neighboring mountains, valleys and historic villages. Inspired by her charming surroundings, Bonnie paints inviting old-world folk art. In 2007, Bonnie was chosen to design an ornament for the Blue Room Christmas Tree at the White House.

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World's Smallest 1000 piece Puzzles (Tin)

[Image Bonnie White Mermaids Cove #71124] 

Mermaids Cove #BW71124; sold out!

[Image Bonnie Whale Watchers #71128]

Whale Watchers #BW71028; sold out!

Colors of Fall #BW71029

Waiting to Cross #BW71123; sold out!

Bonnie White’s Heartland Series - 500 piece puzzles

[Image Sailor's Valentine Bonnie White #31104] 

Sailor’s Valentine - #BW31104

[Image Rolling Acres Bonnie White #31101]

Rolling Acres - #BW31101

[Image Counting Sheep Bonnie White #31102] 

Counting Sheep - #BW31102

[Image Fresh Baked Apple Pie Bonnie White #31103] 

Fresh Baked Apple Pie - #BW31103

[Image Four Seasons Bonnie White #31106] 

Four Seasons #BW31106

(3-D Pyramid) @$21.00

Bonnie White’s Heartland Series - 500 piece puzzles

[Image Meeting the New Calf Bonnie White #31231]

Meeting the New Calf #BW31231

[Image To the Rescue Bonnie White #31232] 

To the Rescue #BW31232

[Image Flying High Bonnie White #31233] 

Flying High #BW31233

[Image Coolin' Off Bonnie White #31234] 

Coolin' Off #BW31234; sold out!

Bonnie White’s Folk Festival Series - 1000 piece puzzles

[Image Blueberry Festival Bonnie White #71220]

 Blueberry Festival #BW71220; sold out!

[Image Lakeside Garden Bonnie White #71221]

 Lakeside Garden #BW71221; sold out!

 [Image Wishful Thinking Bonnie White #71222]

Wishful Thinking #BW71222; sold out!

 [Image Home for the Holidays Bonnie White #71223] 

Home for the Holidays #BW71223; sold out!

World's Smallest 1000 piece Puzzles (Tin):

  •  Afternoon Treats #BW71193

Bonnie White's 2000 piece Signature Collection puzzle:

  •  [Image Gently Down the Stream Bonnie White #81106] Gently Down the Stream #BW81106

Main Street Assortment (500 pieces per puzzle)

The Circus is Coming to Town #BW31243

After School Activities #BW31244

The Captain’s Return #BW31245

Morning in the Barnyard #BW31265

Masterpieces Puzzles - Artist H.J. Gillespie

Forever Young - set of 4.

[Image Master Pzl. Forever Young #31222]

Home is Where the Heart is


[Image Master Pzl. Forever Young #31221]

Hobby Horse


[Image Master Pzl. Forever Young #31220]

Fly Away Home


[Image Master Pzl. Forever Young #31219]

Carted Around


Pieces: 500 pc.; 19"x19"

Age Group: 13+; 1 of each puzzle! $99.99 set.

Masterpieces Puzzles - Artist Donald Zolan

1000 piece puzzles; Puzzle size: 25"x25".

Joys of Childhood - set of 4.

[Image Master PZL Donald Zolan #71245]

Sharing Secrets

While on a vacation to Nantucket Island, Zolan was sitting on a park bench waiting for his wife, Jennifer. He noticed two little sisters whispering secrets to one another and giggling with joy.


[Image Master PZL Donald Zolan #71244]

Trade Deadline

Every Summer Zolan, with his father and brother, would go to at least one Cub's game at Wrigley Field. And, always after the game, the Zolan brothers would sit on the front porch of their bungalow, trading cards.


[Image Master PZL Donald Zolan #71243]

Little Potters

Zolan's gardens were always overflowing with flowers and vegetables. It seemed that everything he touched bloomed profusely and forever. His passion for gardening and life inspired the idea for Little Potters portraying two children's tender loving care in making their garden grow.


[Image Master PZL Donald Zolan #71241]

Puppy Love

In Puppy Love, Zolan captures a tiny tot's gentleness and tender loving care toward his little puppies much in the same way that Zolan shared with his first puppy, Skipper.


Pieces:1000 pc.; 25"x25"

Age Group: 13+; 1 of each puzzle! $99.99 set.

Masterpieces Puzzles - Artist Dan Hatala

What is childhood without grand aspirations and dream-filled days? Spend a day in small-town America in these darling puzzles that perfectly captures just such dreams and the endless bounds of children's hearts and curiosity.

Childhood Dreams

[Image Master PZL Dan Hatala #71229]

On the Job


[Image Master PZL Dan Hatala #71106]

Firehouse Dreams


[Image Master PZL Dan Hatala #71107]

Whistlestop Dreams


[Image Master PZL Dan Hatala #71228]

Neighborhood Patrol

#DH71228; sold out!

Pieces: 1000 pc.; 19.25"x26.75"

Age Group:13+; @$34.99 each puzzle. Retired.

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