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TK's Snoopy & Peanuts Gang

[Image Snoopy Not Your Average Dog HB Book]

Snoopy Not Your Average Dog Hardback Book in plastic. This keepsake book shows the lovable beagle's many personalities - from Joe Cool to the World War I Flying Ace, Golf Pro, Literary Ace and so many more. Whether he's piloting his Sopwith Camel, leading the Beagle Scouts on retreat or simply waiting for a filled supper dish, you can always count on Snoopy to be entertaining. In the foreword, Schulz describes his inspiration for Snoopy and the growth of this popular beagle into the character that the world knows today. The introduction features the art and words of Tom Everhart, a close friend of Schulz, an artist authorized to draw and paint the "Peanuts" characters. This book is a delightful treat for any Snoopy lover. By Schulz.


[Image Charlie Brown Blockhead Hardback Book]

Charlie Brown Not Your Average Blockhead Hardback Book in plastic. With a foreward by Andrea Podley, the founder and editor of the world-wide Peanuts Collectors Club & an introduction by Charles M. Schulz, this treasury is a must for Charlie Brown and Peanuts fans everywhere. By Schulz.


[Image Lucy Not Just another Pretty Face HB Book]

Lucy Not Just Another Pretty Face Hardback Book in plastic. With an introduction by Charles M. Schulz, you'll learn more about Lucy & her unique personality and how it has changed over the decades. This book is an outstanding treasury for every Lucy lover's library. By Schulz.


[Snoopy Stickers]

Snoopy Joe Cool My Sticker Album. #45113. Bonus Pack includes over 100 Stickers & Sticker Album. Shows stickers of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, & Friends.

$14.95 ea.

[Image Dogs are Worth It! PB Snoopy 75636]

Dogs Are Worth It! by Charles M. Schulz. Peanuts Treasury. Softback. Dogs Are Worth It...Most of the Time. A big, new collection of Chuck, Snoopy, Sally, and the Peanuts gang from the dailies! A HarperResource Book. $14.95.

[Image Snoopy CBrown Being a Dog is Full-Time Job #17462]

Being a Dog Is a Full-Time Job by Charles M. Schulz. A Peanuts Collection. Softback book. This book is an all-new collection of Peanuts strips, filled with the timeless humor that has gained a daily readership of 200 million worldwide. $14.95.

[Image Charlie Brown World with Mondays BK 75643]

The World is Filled with Mondays by Charles M. Schulz. Peanuts Treasury. Softback. A collection of Peanuts daily strips! A HarperResource Book. $14.95.

[Image Now that's Profound Charlie Brown PB 75612]

Now, That's Profound, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz. Peanuts Treasury. Softback. A whole year of the peanuts gang! Now, that's profound, Charlie Brown. A HarperResource Book. $14.95.

[Image Around World 45 years SB 17667 Snoopy CBrown]

Around the World in 45 Years. Large Softback Book by Charles M. Schulz. Charlie Brown's Anniversary Celebration. "Pages are mixed in black & white and color". $19.95.

[Image Golden Celebration Art & Story Peanuts 702449]

PEANUTS A Golden Celebration. The Art and the Story of the World's Best Loved Comic Strip. Gold colored cover. By Schulz. This book honors the momentous 50th anniversary of Charlie Brown and the gang with over 1,000 carefully selected strips that tell the story of Peanuts like no other book before. From the debut of Peanuts on October 2, 1950 to the golden jubilee here are 50 years of the favorite episodes and the "firsts," such as the first time Lucy pulled the football away from Charlie Brown. Hardback. $59.95.

[Image Snoopy Fan Club Print]

Snoopy Fan Club Certificate and "The Flying Ace" Matted Color Print. Overall, measures 20"x16", Fan Club Certificate measures 8.5"x11". Print in original plastic wrap in mint condition, mat is fair, with visable creases and a pinhole 1/8" from the top edge and 1/8" from the bottom edge where someone had displayed the print. $49.95.

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