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Baby Suzy's Zoo Single Greeting Cards

[Image SZ Baby Stickers Page Witzy Loves]  [Image SZ Baby Witzy Loves Image Pages]

Little Suzy's Zoo Baby products!

Imprintables - 6 designs shrink-wrapped in packages

(Each card is 5" x 7" - 10 cards and comes with an envelope)

Create your invitations, announcements and thank yous @$5.99 per pkg.

[Image SZ Imprintables Patches #71001 Year 2006]

Patches Giraffe & Balloons Imprintables. By the package. #SZ71001 - $5.99 ea.

[Image SZ Party Patches Postcards pkg #55021]

Party Patches Giraffe #SZPC55021 Packaged Postcards. Shrink Wrapped Package of 10. Each postcard measures about "4.25x6".

@$3.75 per pkg.

8.5"x11" Stationery & Envelopes

[Image Witzy & Flowers Stationery 8.5x11 SZ 54001]

Witzy Holding Flowers 8.5x11 Stationery & Envelopes. 8.5"x11" Stationery in acetate package. Contains: 10 Stationery sheets, 10 matching envelopes. $8.95 per pkg.


Package of 50 Bulk Sheets and 50 Decorative Envelopes for $35.99. Order #SZBulk54001

Birth Announcements, Baby Shower Invites, Baby Thank You's

[Image Sz Pkgd. Thank You Cards #70052]

Joyful Boof Bear "Thank You!" #TYP70052

Folded card size: 3½" x 4"; shrinkwrapped packages of 10.

  • Packaged Thank You's (10 Cards & 10 envelopes) @$4.50 ea.

[Image announcment SZ #BAN7423]

Baby Announcements - Baby Girl Marmot - "I'm here!"

Vinyl Box of 12 Cards & Envelopes. Folded card size: 3.5"x4 7/8".

$4.95 per box (3)


[Image Invitation SZ #BTY7425]

Baby Thank Yous - Baby Girl Marmot

Vinyl Box of 12 Cards & Envelopes. Folded card size: 3.5"x4 7/8".

$4.95 per box (1)


Witzy's Backyard Flower Collection

[Image SZ Witzy's Flowers Gift Bag #760095]

[Image SZ Witzy's Flowers Gift Bag #760094]

Witzy's Backyard Flowers Tote Gift Bags:
  • Small 4 5/8" x 7" x 4.5" - #GBS760095 - $2.75 ea.
  • Medium 9.5" x 8 5/8" x 4.5" - #GBC760094 - $3.50 ea.

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Baby Scrapbook Page Kits - Suzy's 12x12 Paper, Stickers, Headliners, Page Decorators, Frames and Corners & Die-Cut Characters packaged by theme. Scrapbooking products are acid free, archival quality, die cut and lignin free. $6.99 per Kit unless noted!

[Image SZ Baby Scrap Page Kit #86530]Baby #SPK86530

[Image SZ Baby Shower Scrap Page Kit #86531]Baby Shower #SPK86531

Baby Gift Enclosures - Folded Card size: 2.5"x3 3/8". Blank inside. Card & Envelope @$.50 ea.
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Witzy Duck #9306]B9306 - Baby Witzy w/Ladybug LSZ "For Little One"
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Boof Joy #9307]G9307 - Boof Jumping "Jump for joy!" Little Suzy's Zoo
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Lulla Bunny #9308]G9308 - Lulla Bunny w/Dandelion LSZ "For you"
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Witzy Duck #9309]G9309 - Witzy w/Dandelion LSZ "Best wishes"
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Lulla Bunny #9310]G9310 - Lulla Waving LSZ "So happy for you!"
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Bear on Quilt #9317]B9317 - Baby Bear on Quilt "For Baby"
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Witzy in Basket #9323]B9323 - Baby Witzy in Basket "A Gift for Baby!"
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Witzy & Friends #9330]B9330 - Baby Witzy & Gang sitting on grass "For Baby!"
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Boof Umbrella #75005]B75005 - Baby Bear holding Umbrella "For baby!"
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Witzy in the Rain #75012]B75012 - Witzy in the Rain "For Baby's Shower..." Little Suzy's Zoo
  • [Image SZ Gift Enclosure Witzy & Patches #75013]G75013 - Witzy & Patches Hugging "You're Special!" Little Suzy's Zoo

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Suzy's Zoo Scrapbooking Theme Packs - Die-Cuts, Border Stickers, Decorators, Frames and Corners! @$3.50 ea.

Little Me includes: Witzy Duck Die-Cut, Patches Giraffe Die-Cut, Little Me Headliner, Little Suz's Zoo Toys & Clothes Page Decorator, Little Suzy's Zoo Blocks "Look at me!" Frames and Corners - Order #SZT6511

Sleepy Time includes: "Sleepy Time" Headliner, Quilted Stars & Moon Page Decorator, Blanket & Clouds "Baby sleeping" Frames and Corners, Witzy Baby Duck Sleepy Time Die-Cut - Order #SZT6513

Little Princess collection: Princess Lulla Bunny Die-Cut, Little Princess "Oh so sweet..." Victorian, Bluebirds, Butterflies Frames & Corners, Little Princess (Lulla Bunnies) Page Decorator, Little Princess Headliner - Order #SZT6516

Tea Time Collection: Tea Time (Teapot, Cups, Saucers, Sugar, Creamer, Cookies) Page Decorator, Tea Time "Getting Together" Frames & Corners, Tea Time Headliner, & Tea Time Elephant Die-Cut - Order #SZT6518

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