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Suzy's Zoo Vintage "The Copper Pig Antique Shoppe"

[Image SZ Xmas Image Teddy Bears Group Older]

Die-Cut Ornament Christmas Cards

Ornament Cards - $.60 per card & envelope (pick and choose style) - these will not be boxed but loose.

Suzy's Zoo Ornament Christmas Cards! Folded card size: 4.5"x5".

Christmas Ornament Cards

Silver cord attached to each card for fun and easy hanging! Same colorful design printed on both the front and back! Red richly fills the inside of every card!



#COB58041; sold out!

Suzy with Present


Bear in Sweater

#COB58034; sold out!

Ollie & Lamb

#COB58033; sold out!

[Image Sleigh Ride Orn. Cards #58032 SZ]

Sleigh Ride Ornament Cards

"Wishing you Happy Holidays!"


Suzy Gang



#COB58030; sold out!

[Image Santa Bear Xmas Orn. Cards #58029 SZ]

Santa Bear Ornament Cards

"Merry Christmas to you!"


Suzy Angel


[Image Bears & Snowman Ornament Cards #58016]

Bears & Snowman Ornament Cards

"May your Christmas be filled with joyful songs!"


[Image Cozy Christmas Kitten Orn. Cards #58015]

Cozy Christmas Ornament Cards

"Warm and cozy wishes for a very Merry Christmas!"


[Image Teddy Bear with Wreath Ornament Cards SZ]

Teddy Bear with Wreath Ornament Cards

"Wishing you a merry beary Holiday Season!"


[Image Woodland Moose Ornament Box Xmas Cards SZ]

Woodland Moose Ornament Cards

"Bringing you Christmas Cheer!"

#COB58005; only ones left are ones with no strings, but you can use your own with thread!

[Image Polar Bears Ornament Cards Boxed Xmas]

Polar Bears Ornament Cards

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!"


[Image Natasha Cat Ornament Box Xmas Cards SZ]

Natasha Cat Ornament Cards

"Santa Claws is coming! Merry Christmas"




[Image Nativity Scene Ornament Box Xmas Cards SZ]

Nativity Scene Ornament Cards

"Christmas Blessings!"

#COB58001; sold out!

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