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Everyday Stickem's @$2.95 ea.

40 note sheets per pad. Pad Size: 3" x 4".

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Polly loves to read!

"I love to read!"

Die-Cut Stickem's


Corky Turtle

"What's cookin'"

Die-Cut Stickem's


[Image SZ Die-Cut Stickems #24011 Moose]


"Well, Hi!"

Die-Cut Stickem's

#STKM24011; sold out!

[Image Die-Cut Frog Stickem's SZ #24008]


Die-Cut Stickem's


[Image Ballerina Mouse Stickem's SZ #24006]

Tilly Ballerina Mouse

Die-Cut Stickem's

#STKM24006; sold out!

[Image Stars & Stripes Stickems Suzy's Zoo]

Suzy Stars & Stripes

"Forever in peace may it wave!"


#STKM5419; sold out!

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