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Suzy's Zoo Scrapbooking Holiday
  • [Image SZ Halloween Scrapbooking Idea 2004]Suzy's Zoo Halloween
  • [Image SZ Thanksgiving Scrapbook Idea 2004]Suzy's Zoo Thanksgiving
  • [Image SZ Christmas Scrapbook Idea 2004]Suzy's Zoo Christmas
  • [Image SZ Christmas Cat Scrapbook Idea 2004]Suzy's Zoo Cozy Christmas Cat

[Image SZ Halloween Scrapbooking Idea 2004]

"Suzy's Zoo Halloween"


[Image Pumpkin Patch Scrap Paper #80038 SZ]

Pumpkin Patch Scrapbook Paper #SBP80038

[Image Halloween 2004 Paper Scrap #80020 SZ]

Orange with Black Dots "Halloween" Scrapbook Paper #SBP80020

[Image Halloween Teaser Scrapbook Paper Candies SZ]

Halloween Candy Scatter Scrapbook Paper #SBP80001

[Image Suzy Scrapbooking Pumpkins Page SZ]

Pumpkins Halloween Scrapbook Paper #SBP5769

The Happy Halloween


Scrapbooking Theme Pack @$3.50 ea.

Contents: 1 Sheet of Frames and Corners, 1 Sheet of Page Decorators, & 1 Headliner.


[Image Border Sticker Halloween 2003 SZ Teaser]

Pumpkin Patch Halloween Scrapbook Border Stickers @$2.75 ea.


[Image Pumpkins Border Stickers 2002 #9881 SZ]

Pumpkins & Candy Scrapbook Border Stickers @$2.75 ea.


[Image Halloween Headliner #83058 SZ]

Happy Halloween Headliner

Approx. size 2.25"x8" @ $.50 ea.


[Image Halloween Frames & Corners #83059 SZ]

Trick-or-Treat Goodies Frames & Corners @ $1.00 ea.

(Each design contains 4 pop-out corners, 1 frame and 1 title phrase; approx. size 5"x6.75")


[Image Halloween Page Decorators #83060 SZ]

Trick-or-Treat Goodies Page Decorators @ $1.00 ea.

(Each decoration easily pops out and separates; approx. size 5"x6.75")


Halloween Stickers

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