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Suzy's Zoo Vintage "The Copper Pig Antique Shoppe"

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Suzy's Zoo Vintage Magnets

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3 dimensional vintage magnets; not sure of the year. All in their plastic packages.

Suzy's Zoo Collector's will love these!!!

After these are gone, there will be no more! $17.50 ea. unless noted!

[Image SZ Vintage Magnet Willie Chef Bear #2052]

Willie Bear in Chef's Hat in kitchen #2052 @$19.99

[Image SZ Vintage Magnet Reindeer #2055]

Reindeer eating Christmas goodies #2055

[Image SZ Vintage Magnet Holiday Bears #2088]

Holiday Bears in Wagon #2088

[Image SZ Vintage Magnet Willie Bear #2064]

Willie Bear with Mistletoe #2064

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Vintage Pens - $14.95 ea.

New Mint in cellophane packages.

[Image SZ Vintage Pen Corky Turtle]

Corky Turtle

[Image SZ Vintage Pen Natasha Cat]

Natasha Kitty Cat

Suzy, Jack, Corky

Vintage Christmas Napkins Set of 3 pkgs. - Year 1986 @$29.95 set.

20 Beverage Napkins in each pkg. - 3 ply - 10" x 10"; Made in U.S.A. All in unopened pkgs.

[Image SZ Vintage Napkins 1986 Suzy]

[Image SZ Vintage Napkins 1986 Jack]

[Image SZ Vintage Napkins 1986 Corky]

[Image SZ Mug Willie Apples]

Willie's Basket of Apples Mug - "Willie admires big, red apples! The bigger, the better!" Year 1994. #5812. (1 only) @$24.99.

Comes in it's original gift box.

Vintage Gift Enclosures 1981-1987 - sold!

[Vintage Enclosures G9015]

[Vintage Enclosures G9074]

[Vintage Enclosures G9116]

[Vintage Enclosures G9116]

[Vintage Enclosures G9185]

[Vintage Enclosures G9186]

[Vintage Enclosures G9197]

[Vintage Enclosures G9199]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9014]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9020]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9021]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9022]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9023]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9024]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9044]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9047]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9054]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9135]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9139]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9140]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9143]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9150]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9154]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9157]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9158]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9160]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9168]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9172]

[Vintage Enclosures GE9173]

[Vintage Enclosures HB9105]

[Vintage Enclosures HB9176]

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