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Suzy Spafford Watercolor "Plein Air"

Dear Suzy's Zoo Friends,

Back in the '60's, transparent on-the-spot watercolor was my first art love, even before there was a "Suzy's Zoo." It was with my first watercolors that I joined the art mart organizations, and began selling my more serious work to the public, along with my whimsical animal art. But when a couple from Berkeley, California saw my pastels of frogs and ducks and wanted to help me start a greeting card company, I set aside my efforts to develop as a serious water-colorist. But I never lost the love of painting. I kept my hand in it, and over the years have gone out a few times each year to sit on the spot and watercolor. I paint exclusively from life, never from a photo.

I have had many friends, family, and customers tell me that the fans would love to see the more serious side of my artwork published in boxed note form. So it is with pleasure that I present to you in two separate assortments, six of the more recent Plein Air watercolors I have painted while on a trip to France. Each card has a description of where the place is, the time of day, and any intimate details about painting that particular subject. There are more paintings to come, of beautiful places here in The United States, and other parts on this lovely globe. This is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy them.

With love, Suzy Spafford

Watercolor Collection Boxed Assortments

Watercolor Boxed

Greeting Cards Assortments

Actual folded card size is 5" x 7"

Blank inside

6 each of 3 designs with 19 envelopes

Boxed Assortment #1

$14.95 ea.; sold out!

Boxed Assortment #2

$14.95 ea.; sold out!

Watercolor Individual Greeting Cards - Blank inside, packaged with a white envelope. $2.85 ea.

Actual folded card size is 5" x 7"

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[Image SZ Watercolor Cards #51000]

Rue de Larroque #SZW51000 ; sold out!

[Image SZ Watercolor Cards #51001]

The Gate into Barry's Garden #SZW51001; sold out!

[Image SZ Watercolor Cards #51002]

The Brown Door #SZW51002; sold out!

[Image SZ Watercolor Cards #51003]

French Farmland #SZW51003; sold out!

[Image SZ Watercolor Cards #51004]

Morning in the Marketplace #SZW51004; sold out!

[Image SZ Watercolor Cards #51005]

The Chair in the Garden #SZW51005; sold out!

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